Intel Core i3-2328M

Intel 2328M

The Intel Core i3-2328M is a dual core processor for laptops. It is based on the Sandy Bridge architecture and offers Hyperthreading to handle 4 threads at once (for a better usage of the pipeline). Compared to the faster Core i5, the i3 does not offer the Turbo Boost technique for the CPU part and is therefore clocked at 2.2 GHz (max). Compared to the Core i3-2310M, the 2328M offers only 100 MHz more core clock rate. The CPU is similar to the Core i3-2330M, but does not support Intel's Small Business Advantage tools, such as USB blocker, PC health check, data backup and wireless display.

Sandy Bridge is the evolutionary successor of the Arrandale architecture. The most noteable improvements are the new 256Bit AVX instructions, the improved Turbo Boost 2.0 (not enabled for the processor part of the 2328M) and the integration of the graphics card into the 32nm CPU core.

The i3-2328M offers an integrated graphics card (Intel HD Graphics 3000) which is clearly faster then the older Intel HD Graphics in the Arrandale CPUs. As the new GPU is included in the CPU, it is also manufactured in 32nm and shares the fast level 3 cache with the CPU cores (using a new ring bus). In the 2328M it is clocked from  650-1100MHz (with Turbo Boost). The faster Sandy Bridge CPUs are clocked up to 1300 MHz (like the i5-2520M).

Furthermore, an improved dual-channel DDR3 memory controller is included on the CPU die that is used by the CPU and GPU part.

Due to the improved architecture, the average performance of the Core i3-2328M is higher than a similar clocked Arrandale Core i3 without Turbo Boost. In synthetic benchmarks, the performance is about on par with the faster clocked Core i3-380M (2.5 GHz) and therefore adequate for most applications.

The 35W TDP rating includes the integrated GPU and memory controller.

SeriesIntel Core i3
CodenameSandy Bridge
Series: Core i3 Sandy Bridge
Intel Core i3-2370M (compare)2400 MHz2 / 43 MB
Intel Core i3-2350M (compare)2300 MHz2 / 43 MB
Intel Core i3-2348M (compare)2300 MHz2 / 43 MB
Intel Core i3-2330M (compare)2200 MHz2 / 43 MB
» Intel Core i3-2328M2200 MHz2 / 43 MB
Intel Core i3-2312M (compare)2100 MHz2 / 43 MB
Intel Core i3-2310M (compare)2100 MHz2 / 43 MB
Intel Core i3-2308M (compare)2100 MHz2 / 43 MB
Intel Core i3-2377M (compare)1500 MHz2 / 43 MB
Intel Core i3-2375M (compare)1500 MHz2 / 43 MB
Intel Core i3-2367M (compare)1400 MHz2 / 43 MB
Intel Core i3-2365M (compare)1400 MHz2 / 43 MB
Intel Core i3-2357M (compare)1300 MHz2 / 43 MB
Clock Rate2200 MHz
Level 1 Cache128 KB
Level 2 Cache512 KB
Level 3 Cache3 MB
Number of Cores / Threads2 / 4
Max. Power Consumption (TDP = Thermal Design Power)35 Watt
Transistor Count624 Million
Manufacturing Technology32 nm
Die Size149 mm2
FeaturesHD Graphics 3000 (650-1100MHz), DDR3-1066/1333 Memory Controller (max 8GB), HyperThreading, AVX, Quick Sync, Virtualization
GPUIntel HD Graphics 3000 (650 - 1100 MHz)
64 Bit64 Bit support
Announcement Date10/02/2012
Product Link (external)Intel Core i3 2328M


Cinebench R11.5 - CPU Multi 64Bit
2.1 Points (5%)
Cinebench R11.5 - CPU Single 64Bit
0.9 Points (44%)
Cinebench R10 - Rendering Single 32Bit
min: 2764     avg: 2864     median: 2880 (30%)     max: 2912 Points
Cinebench R10 - Rendering Multiple CPUs 32Bit
min: 6098     avg: 6433.4     median: 6475 (10%)     max: 6551 Points
Cinebench R10 - Rendering Multiple CPUs 64Bit
min: 7398     avg: 7793.9     median: 7826 (10%)     max: 7981 Points
Cinebench R10 - Rendering Single CPUs 64Bit
min: 3414     avg: 3560.4     median: 3582 (35%)     max: 3600 Points
wPrime 2.0x - 1024m *
min: 777     avg: 845.4     median: 800 (9%)     max: 1065 seconds
wPrime 2.0x - 32m *
min: 24     avg: 26.7     median: 25 (5%)     max: 32 seconds
3DMark 06 - CPU
min: 2638     avg: 2694.4     median: 2697 (18%)     max: 2741 Points
Super Pi mod 1.5 XS 1M *
min: 17     avg: 18     median: 17 (4%)     max: 18 Seconds
Super Pi mod 1.5 XS 2M *
min: 39     avg: 40.4     median: 40 (2%)     max: 41 Seconds
Super Pi Mod 1.5 XS 32M *
min: 924     avg: 932.6     median: 927 (4%)     max: 951 Seconds
SiSoft Sandra Dhrystone (MIPS)
min: 37460     avg: 39556.7     median: 37820 (18%)     max: 43390 MIPS
SiSoft Sandra Whetstone (MFLOPS)
min: 26610     avg: 26836.7     median: 26900 (21%)     max: 27000 MFLOPS
Windows 7 Experience Index - Processor
min: 5     avg: 6.2     median: 6 (86%)     max: 6 points
3DMark Vantage - P CPU no PhysX 1280x1024
min: 6842     avg: 6995.7     median: 7032 (10%)     max: 7052 Points
3DMark 11 - Performance Physics 1280x720
min: 2277     avg: 2508     median: 2508 (13%)     max: 2739 points
3DMark - Ice Storm Standard Physics 1280x720
min: 22765     avg: 23525.7     median: 23131 (15%)     max: 24681 Points
3DMark - Cloud Gate Standard Physics 1280x720
min: 2035     avg: 2044.3     median: 2041 (5%)     max: 2057 Points
3DMark - Fire Strike Physics 1920x1080
min: 2821     avg: 2861     median: 2861 (9%)     max: 2901 Points
- Range of benchmark values for this graphics card
- Average benchmark values for this graphics card
* Smaller numbers mean a higher performance

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