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Qualcomm threatens to ban all Apple products in the US. (Source:

Qualcomm CEO thinks Apple will settle in latest lawsuit

Apple is expected to adhere to the contract and pay up the patent royalties it owes to Qualcomm, else the court expanses would be too high, says Qualcomm CEO.
Your next iPhone might have a mirror-like finish

Your next iPhone might have a mirror-like finish

An unconfirmed leak suggests that the iPhone 8 will feature a reflective finish as one of its color options. A trio of standard colors will also be available, but it is unknown which colors they are.
Will the Touch ID fingerprint scanner disappear from the next iPhone? A recent report claims that Apple has a new authentication technology in the works. (Source: Apple)

Rumor: Apple to scrap Touch ID with the iPhone 8

Seeing its debut on the iPhone 5S, Apple's Touch ID has become a staple feature across the company's lineup of devices. However, a recent report suggests that the company is looking to introduce a new form of authentication with the next iPhone.
An artist's rendition of the iPhone 8 shows what its new wall charger might look like. (Source: Benjamin Geskin via MacRumors)

Rumor: iPhone 8 to have faster charging with a 10W wall charger

Apple's next iPhone is rumored to come with a 10W USB-C wall charger, giving users a faster charging experience. Still, consumers should not expect to see a USB-C port in place of the company's signature Lightning port on the device itself.
The front looks good, yet there is no doubt many will be disappointed by their high expectations for the device. (Source: reddit/kamikasky)

Leak purports to show the first real face of the iPhone 8

A reddit user has allegedly revealed the front panel of the iPhone 8, and it looks more like the Essential Phone than a Galaxy S8 or iPhone.
Apple finally passed the $800 billion mark in market cap at closing on Tuesday. (Image: Apple)

Apple hits $800 billion market valuation

The Cupertino Giant set a record at market close on Tuesday by eclipsing $800 billion in market capitalization, a first for any U.S. company.
The new report says that Foxconn, Winstron, and Pegatron are accelerating the recruitment and training of new workers in China in preparation of the new iPhone. (Source: BGR)

New iPhones on track to go on sale in October

A Economic Daily News report claims that production of iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s are on track for the new iPhones to be announced by Apple in September and go on sale in October.
The alleged multi-core score for the iPhone 8 was 8975, 41% faster than the new Galaxy S8. (Source: 9to5Mac)

New iPhone 8 benchmarks debunked

New iPhone 8 benchmarks show the phone beating the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 by a significant margin, but upon further investigation, the benchmarks have been proven false.
The latest unconfirmed render of the iPhone 8. (Source: BGR)

Apple might launch only two iPhones instead of three this year

The rumors surrounding Apple's iPhone production drama seem to never end. The latest unconfirmed news suggest that there are only two iPhones currently being worked on, instead of three.
A concept image showing the iPhone 8's rumored curved display. (Source: Express UK)

Touch ID issues may delay production of the iPhone 8

Apple's reluctance to compromise on Touch ID may prevent the upcoming iPhone from launching on schedule. The company sees the feature as a prerequisite for getting rid of its device's physical buttons.
Manufacturers may be having issues with the laminating of OLED panels and 3D-sensing system implementation. (Source: Mac Rumors)

iPhone launch may be delayed until end of year

Apple may much back the release date of its revamped iPhone with a 5.8-inch OLED display until October or even November, according to a new Chinese report.
A concept rendering of a curved iPhone 8. (Source: TechConfigurations)

Apple has ordered 70 million bendable OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 will have a curved display, hence the reason for Apple's large bendable OLED order. The company has contracted Samsung to produce the panels for the device which is expected to launch later this year.
 All three upcoming models will feature wireless inductive charging, echoing recent reports by Ming-Chi Kuo. (Source: Value Walk)

Wireless charging on iPhone 8 may ultimately be a letdown

Analyst Christopher Rolland spoke to suppliers and tech companies in Asia in order to research more about the latest info along Apple's supply chain. According to his sources, wireless charging on the new iPhones is not exactly fast.
iOS 10.3 is now available for download. (Source: Apple)

Apple iOS 10.3 now publicly available

The update brings a shift to Apple's new APFS file system, which should increase overall system performance and better allocate storage space. There are a few other changes as well.
An artist's rendering of what the iPhone 8 may look like. (Source: Oscar Luna Martinez)

Apple's iPhone 8 should launch in September, but in limited quantities

Barclays analysts believe that although the upcoming iPhone (generally known as the iPhone 8) will launch in September, a limited initial supply will force Apple to ship the majority of devices later in the year.
The original iPhone. (Source: iDownloadBlog)

Apple's iPhone 8 will look similar to the original iPhone

Industry officials claim that Apple's next iPhone will have a curved, all-glass back case. This design resembles the original iPhone, whose back case was also curved but made of aluminum. The new iPhone is expected to be larger and slimmer than the original though.
The Powermat standard includes the ability to log things like how much time a user spends charging, so it's more popular among businesses. (Source: 9to5mac)

Wireless charging company Powermat pledges compatibility with upcoming iPhones

Powermat says it intends to support whatever wireless charging system Apple comes up with, reassuring businesses and consumers that it would not leave iPhone users high and dry if Apple was to go an unconventional route.
Even as the smartphone market slows down, iPhone sales have bounced back due to its loyal customer base. (Source: Nikkei Asian Review)

Apple's iPhone refresh details get further confirmation

In light of new information, Nikkei Asian Review now states that Apple's iPhone 8 will feature three configurations, one of which is the 5.8-inch OLED version. In addition, we're also getting two smaller versions of the iPhone 8 sometime this year.
Even though the information about the iPhone 8 comes from the supply chain, take all information with a grain of salt. (Source: Mac Rumors)

iPhone 8 to feature iris scanner, insider sources say

This latest news confirms a number of features that Apple insiders and users have said will almost certainly be in the next iPhone. Most interestingly, the sources mentioned an iris scanner, a feature that appeared in the Galaxy Note 7 and will appear in the upcoming Samsung flagship devices.
Speculators are still debating whether the anniversary iPhone will be called the iPhone 8 or the more dramatic iPhone X. (Source: Fast Company)

Upcoming anniversary iPhone could set buyers back upward of $1000

The new OLED screen that stretches across the entire front of the phone is the primary reason for the price hike, sources say, as it may be costing Apple twice as much as the LCD used in current iPhones.
Apple is rumored to be working with wireless charging tech startup Energous. (Source: Apple Insider)

iPhone 8 will support wireless charging, reports say

"Industry sources" have provided further confirmation that Apple's next flagship will allow for wireless charging, though it remains to be seen how the company will implement the feature.
Gartner predicts that a rebound of iPhone sales will primarily drive Apple to overtake Microsoft. (Source: Apple)

User-share of Macs may have hit a five-year-low, but Gartner predicts future Apple domination

Despite missed sales expectations and a five-year-low user share, research firm Gartner is predicting that iOS and macOS devices will overtake Windows in terms of devices shipped per-annum.
Apple may be the most affected by the low yields of 10nm chips, as TSMC is producing chips for both the next iPhone and iPad. (Source: Apple)

Major chip foundries having trouble with 10nm chip production

Sources say that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), responsible for producing chips based on Samsung's 10nm design, is having issues with a lower-than-expected yield from the manufacturing process.
Rumors and anticipation build for Apple's upcoming iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. (Source: Korea Herald)

iPhone 8 rumors: Plastic, not glass?

The latest rumor out of South Korea regarding the iPhone 8 says that Apple has ordered all plastic OLED displays from their supplier, Samsung.
Apple's wireless AirPods can be purchased for $159 USD. (Source: Apple)

Apple's wireless AirPods now available for purchase

After several delays, Apple's AirPods are now listed on Apple's online store.
According to Japanese fan site Macotakara the next iPhone may come in red color but will not change much.

Apple iPhone 2017: iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s or both?

A weird rumor was brought to our attention today suggesting that next year's iPhones may only receive a minor update and may be called iPhone 7s after all. Does that mean, Apple will introduce both iPhone 7s and iPhone 8 next year?
Experts believe there will be a component shortage for flexible OLED panels in 2017 and beyond. (Source: LG)

Afraid of Apple hogging all the OLED screens, top China vendors cooperate to establish new supply chain

Chinese smartphone vendors Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and BBK are working together with Royole, specialist in thin, flexible panels, to secure a new OLED supply chain.
It might not be a good idea to save a few bucks on a cheaper charger. (Source: International Configurations, INC)

Study shows over 99% of counterfeit Apple chargers dangerous: watchdog group

UK watchdog Trading Standards tested 400 counterfeit "Apple" chargers for basic safety violations. Only 3 passed.
Apple's iPhone 7 series may not have sold as well as expected (Source: Wikipedia Commons)

Apple working on "more than 10" designs prototypes for next iPhone

Distinct new features include curved and OLED displays.
An early concept render of a possible iPhone 8. This is how the iPhone 8 with OLED display may look like next year.

Apple iPhone 8: Wrap-around OLED display and two regular models?

A new report from KGI suggests that Apple may add a third iPhone to the lineup in 2017. This third model will be the most interesting one containing an OLED-display that apparently wraps around the edges of the iPhone.
iPhone assembly lines may soon become a rarity in Asia. (Photo Source: Cult Of Mac)

iPhone manufacturing might be moved to USA

"iPhone: Made in the USA?" Apple may ask iPhone manufacturers to move production to the United States in the future.
Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to get two 5.5-inch successors

Two 5.5-inch iPhone models coming in 2017

According to a KGI Securities analyst, Apple is planning to add three new iPhone models in 2017 - one with a 4.7-inch display, the other two being 5.5-inch variants. One of the larger models will feature an LCD touchscreen, while the premium variant will become the first iPhone to use the OLED display technology.
Earlier concept renders already predicted a largely bezel-less design for the next iPhone.

Apple iPhone 8: Barclays thinks, there will be a bezel-less 5 and 5.8 inch design

Another group of analysts at Barclays Research believe, that the iPhone 8 will be a largely bezel-less phone with increased displays areas. However, there is disagreement over the way the Home Button will be implemented in the next iPhone.
Sharp's president Tau Jeng-wu affirmed Apple's switch to OLED (Image: Debby Wu, Nikkei)

Apple iPhone 8: Sharp's president confirmed switch to OLED panels

Sharp's president Tau Jeng-wu recently affirmed Apple's switch to OLED panels for their next generation iPhone in a speech held before students at Tatung university in Tapei. Apple is said to release at least one iPhone 8 model with curved OLED screen next year.
Foxconn is developing Wireless Charging moduls for next years iPhone. (Image:

Apple iPhone 8: Foxconn is developing wireless charging modules

According to Nikkei Asian Review, Foxconn is currently in the process of developing and testing wireless charging modules for next year's Apple iPhone. However, yield rates are not satisfactory so far, the source says.
One of the many concept renders of next year's iPhone 8. (Bild:

Apple iPhone 8: Three models in development, all with glass backs?

Apple may have three iPhone-models in development according to Nikkei Asian Review. All of them will have glass backs and differ in size between 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch.

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