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CardinalCommerce corporate logo, Visa acquires CardinalCommerce

Visa acquires CardinalCommerce

The company specialized in payment technology across browsers, apps and devices has just joined Visa as the result of a transaction whose terms were not released to the public.
Incipio Moto Mod smart car dock accessory for Lenovo Moto Z

Incipio announces Moto Mod smart car dock

This $64.99 USD accessory for the modular Lenovo Moto Z handset provides a way to mount the smartphone in a car, charge its battery, and also connect it to the car’s audio system.
Seagate Duet external hard drive with Amazon Drive cloud support

Amazon and Seagate unleash an external hard drive

The Seagate Duet external hard drive only offers 1 TB of internal storage and uses USB 3.0 connectivity, but comes with one free year of Amazon Drive Unlimited Storage and automatic cloud backup support, all for just $99.99 USD.
An additional layer of light-modulating cells allows per-pixel brightness. (Source: Panasonic)

Panasonic claims OLED-like contrast and brightness with new IPS technology

Not yielding to OLED, Panasonic unveils designs for new IPS display technology with improved brightness, contrast, and color range.
IDC estimates over 1 billion 4G smartphones sold by end of 2016

IDC estimates over 1 billion 4G smartphones sold by end of 2016

4G LTE smartphone sales are finally crossing the 1 billion mark this year due in part to rising demand in Asia-Pacific territories and lower entry-level prices.
HMD Global currently uses the Nokia brand on a line of feature phones. Android powered smartphones are expected in 2017. (Source: Nokia)

Nokia smartphones officially returning in 2017 under HMD Global

The Nokia brand will live on through HMD manufactured and distributed smartphones.
Virgin Media's new TellyTablet is a TV focused Android tablet with access to the Google Play Store. (Source: Virgin Media)

Virgin Media releases TellyTablet and 4K-capable V6 Box

Virgin Media has announced two new products in the UK, the TellyTablet and V6 Box. Both devices will run Virgin's TV services, including their updated TV Anywhere and TV kids apps.
Cyber Monday 2016: Amazon, eBay & Walmart are the U.S. top retailers

Cyber Monday 2016: Amazon, eBay & Walmart are the U.S. top retailers

Cyber Monday 2016 hits $2.67 Billion in desktop online sales to rank as top U.S. online spending day in history. Holiday weekend buying was up 15 percent. 5-day Thanksgiving-Cyber Monday Period with strong growth rate of 17 % (YoY).
Fitbit Charge 2 fitness tracker, Pebble might soon join Fitbit

Fitbit might buy Pebble

Insiders familiar with the matter claim that Fitbit is close to signing a deal to acquire the troubled wearable maker and, unfortunately, it looks like the Pebble brand will disappear.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units still in the wild will not be allowed to connect to mobile networks

Samsung to cut network access for the Note 7 units still in the wild

Although Samsung has decided to take back all Note 7 phablets sold and destroy them due to the notorious battery problems, there are still a few lurking around. To be sure no units remain in use, the company now works with carriers to cut network access to these last Note 7 users.
The malware can gain root access on Android phones, exposing the entire device to the hackers. (Source: Android Recovery Mode Screen)

Hackers compromise over 1 million Google accounts

Malicious software disguised as legitimate Android apps have breached over 1 million Google accounts. The software can then install additional apps or even post content online.
CyanogenMod logo, Cyanogen Inc. to close its Seattle office and lay off staff

Cyanogen might shut down Seattle office

Although this has not been confirmed yet, it seems like Cyanogen is currently planning to close its Seattle office by the end of the year, laying off some employees in the process as well.
Samsung Gear S3 BALR. special edition smartwatch launching in Netherlands December 2016

Netherlands-exclusive Gear S3 BALR. edition coming this Friday

More than a year after the Gear S2 BALR. special edition smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S3 gets the BALR. treatment as well. The new BALR.-customized Gear smartwatch has a price tag of €499 EUR.
Sony Xperia X Performance Android smartphone gets Nougat update

Sony Xperia X Performance gets Android Nougat

Not long after the first LG G5 and HTC 10 flagships received Android 7.0 in the US, the Sony Xperia X Performance joins them. The new firmware rolls out to both the single- and dual-SIM variants of this handset.
Samsung Pay in use, launch in the UK delayed for 2017

Samsung Pay UK launch pushed to next year

Although its arrival to the UK was expected for this December, it looks like Samsung's mobile payment service will only make its debut in the area in 2017. Unfortunately, no accurate release date has been unveiled yet.
LeEco Le Max Pro Android phablet coming soon to the US via multiple online retailers

LeEco phones coming to Amazon, Best Buy, and Target

Although the company initially planned to have flash sales in the US, they are now dropping the idea and opening the web store 24/7. However, LeEco will sell its products in the US via other retailers as well.
Lenovo Moto M teaser image, Lenovo sales in India via Flipkart reached 13 million units

Lenovo has sold over 13 million smartphones on Flipkart so far

Since teaming up with the Indian online retailer back in 2014, Lenovo managed to sell more than 13 million handsets on the local market, including Moto devices. Now, Lenovo is the second smartphone brand by value and volume in India.
LG G5 Android flagship on T-Mobile gets Nougat update

LG G5 on T-Mobile gets Android Nougat

One week after Sprint released the Android Nougat firmware for the LG G5 flagships on its network, T-Mobile does the same. The update has 1.2 GB in size and rolls out via OTA, packing the usual features and the November security patches.
Apple's iPhone 7 series may not have sold as well as expected (Source: Wikipedia Commons)

Apple working on "more than 10" designs prototypes for next iPhone

Distinct new features include curved and OLED displays.
HTC 10 Android flagship now gets Nougat update in the US

HTC 10 gets Android Nougat in the US

Not long after introducing the Android Nougat-powered Bolt/10 Evo, HTC has finally released the new firmware for the HTC 10 flagships in the US. The 1.1 GB update brings Android 7.0 and the November security patch.
Google Pixel family expected to sell over 9 million units by the end of 2017

Google expected to sell 9 million Pixel handsets in 2016 and 2017

According to the financial firm Morgan Stanley, Google will sell around 3 million Pixel handsets by the end of 2016, followed by over 6 million during 2017. These sales are expected to bring in almost $6 billion in revenue.
(Source: Samsung)

Samsung not leaving the PC market: official statement

Samsung has officially denied rumors it would sell its PC division to Chinese juggernaut Lenovo.
Samsung Pay mobile payment service in use, not working on Gear S3 with Google Pixel smartphones

Samsung Pay on Gear S3 not working with Google Pixel handsets

Although the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch comes with Samsung Pay support out of the box, it seems the Google Pixel devices are the only major Android handsets not compatible yet.
Samsung cancels the Magneti Marelli acquisition

Samsung reportedly dropping the Magneti Marelli deal

As a side effect of the Galaxy Note 7 failure and its impact on the company's finances, Samsung decided to drop its plans to purchase both Harman and Magneti Marelli, picking only the first one.
Samsung corporate logo, Samsung to split in two

Samsung might split in two

An unnamed source quoted by a South Korean newspaper revealed that Samsung Electronics could follow the advice of US activist hedge fund Elliott Management and split in two, but nothing is official yet.
Star Wars mobile phones by Sharp to debut in Japan in December

Two Star Wars Mobile handsets coming next month

The handsets are made by Sharp and will hit the Japanese market packed with Star Wars-related content. The specs are quite strong, including a Snapdragon 820 processor, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage, a 22.6 MP main camera, and more.
Huawei G9 Plus Android smartphone, Huawei most profitable Android brand

Huawei now most profitable Android brand

While Apple continues to dominate the market with a record 91 percent share of all smartphone profits worldwide, Huawei grabs the second place but ranks as the most effective Android brand as well.
Lenovo smartphones may return to profit by 2017

Lenovo smartphones may return to profit by 2017

The Chinese manufacturer is having high expectations for its smartphone division due in part to the company's superior international presence compared to Vivo, Oppo, and others.
Sprint-exclusive HTC Bolt Android smartphone gets free headphone adapter

HTC Bolt buyers can get a free headphone adapter

Owners of this Sprint-exclusive handsets can get a free headphone adapter, since it was not included in the retail box so far. Even more, future HTC Bolt batches will come with the USB Type-C to 3.5 mm jack adapter in the box.
Samsung Chromebook Pro Chrome OS notebook, Lenovo to buy Samsung PC business

Samsung might sell its PC business to Lenovo

Not long after selling its printer business to HP for about $1 billion, it looks like Samsung is now in talks with Lenovo, a giant apparently interested in acquiring its PC business.
Samsung Gear S3 Classic smartwatch gets new software November 2016

Samsung Gear Fit 2 and Gear S3 get minor software updates

The new software for Samsung's smart wearables only brings minor changes but succeeds in improving the user's experience. The list of new features includes auto pause and indoor set exercises support (Gear Fit 2), as well as speedometer support for the Gear S3 (not confirmed yet).
Microsoft Solitaire Collection now for iOS and Android devices

Microsoft Solitaire Collection hits Android and iOS

Spider, Freecell, Klondike, Pyramid and Tripeaks Solitaire are now available via both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.
Huawei Honor 8 Android smartphone gets Nougat Beta

Huawei Honor 8 gets Android Nougat Beta

Not long after the new Android version for the Huawei Mate 8 surfaced online, the Honor 8 owners who are part of the Nougat beta program receive the new firmware that integrates EMUI 5.0.
Google Play Services got updated dropping support for Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb

Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb to lose Google Play Services support

With the update to version 10.2.0, Google Play Services will get minimum API level 14, so it will require at least Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately, this means Gingerbread and Honeycomb will no longer be supported, but this is expected to happen in early 2017.
HP Announces new HP EliteBook 705 G4 series of notebooks

HP Announces new HP EliteBook 705 G4 series of notebooks

The business oriented laptops are powered by AMD's 7th generation PRO APUs.
ZTE Axon 7 premium Android smartphone with 6 GB RAM debuts in the US

ZTE Axon 7 with 6 GB RAM hits the US

This limited edition ZTE Axon 7 model features 6 GB RAM, 128 GB internal storage, and Force Touch. The other specs are identical to those of the regular Axon 7 - Snapdragon 820, 20 MP main camera, 5.5-inch AMOLED display.
OnePlus 3 Android flagship killer to get updates as long as OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 3 to get updated as long as OnePlus 3T

Although OnePlus 3T arrived six months after the original OnePlus 3, both handsets will get the same end of the update life cycle. This way, OnePlus 3 owners will not be left behind those using the more recent 3T handset.
LG G5 Android flagship gets Android Nougat update on Sprint

LG G5 on Sprint gets Android Nougat

Not long after the unlocked variant received the update, Sprint unleashes Android Nougat for the LG G5 flagships on its network. The update has 1,275 MB in size and incorporates the November security update, as well as LG’s built-in DPI changer.
Qwiklabs online learning platform joins Google Cloud

Google Cloud acquires Qwiklabs

This startup founded in 2012 that offers lab-learning environments joins Google to enhance user training across all products on Google Cloud, including Google Cloud Platform and G Suite.
Chase Pay mobile payments system launches in the US November 2016

Chase Pay launches in the US

This new mobile payments service and the companion Android app only work in Starbucks and Best Buy retail locations in the US for now, but Chase Pay has plans to reach other retailers in the future, including Walmart, Shell gas stations, and more.
The Airport Extreme has been one of Apple's most popular routers. (Source: Apple)

Apple rumored to stop producing wireless routers

Users of Apple's WiFi routers hoping for a refresh may be out of luck.
Samsung Galaxy S7 lineup not having battery problems

Samsung says the Galaxy S7 lineup is safe

A few incidents involving Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge handset made Samsung step forward with a statement that reassures its customers this lineup of handsets is not affected by the same battery issues that plagued the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7.
TAG Heuer Connected luxury smartwatch, Intel does not leave the wearables market

Intel lays off most staff, but keeps the wearables business

Not long after insiders familiar with the matter unveiled that Intel is laying off a large number of its New Devices Group employees, the IT giant issued a statement that highlights the company "is in no way stepping back from the wearables business."
Sony Xperia Ear wireless earbuds coming to the US December 13 2016

Sony Xperia Ear coming to the US next month

Although the waterproof Xperia Ear wireless earbuds are already available in European stores, those interested in this accessory who are located in the US should wait a few weeks. The US market is scheduled to get this product on December 13.
Symantec acquires LifeLock for over $2 billion

Symantec acquires LifeLock

This corporate purchase is worth $2.3 billion and, according to the two companies involved, its target is "to form world’s largest digital safety platform for consumers and families."
Intel Coffee Lake: Hexacore Notebook CPUs available in 2018

Intel Coffee Lake: Hexacore Notebook CPUs available in 2018

For Intel, the step from Single-Core CPUs to Dual-Core based chips was a major step forward in the mainstream area, which also coincided with the end of Netburst. For 2018, Intel plans another big step: The first Hexacore CPUs for laptops.
The grey bar at the top of an iPhone 6 (Plus) indicates a problem with the touch controllers.

iFixit criticizes Apple's iPhone 6 Plus multi-touch repair program

Apple started their worldwide repair program for iPhone 6 Plus users who suffer from the dreaded Touch disease but iFixit calls it too little, too late and states that Apple is not acknowledging issues with the structural stability of the case.
$299 for the Apple Book, a catalog of past and present Apple designs inspired comedy and ironic tweets.

The $299 Apple Book: The #AppleBook-Community makes fun of it

Apple released a catalog of past and present Apple product designs, called it Apple Book and sells it for $299. Inspiration for ironic or sarcastic comments on Twitter and for Stephen Colbert to do a short parody for the Late Show.
Fujitsu unveils new U series notebooks with Kaby Lake

Fujitsu unveils new U series notebooks with Kaby Lake

The new lightweight Lifebook U7x7 series spans 12.5-inch to 15.6-inch screen sizes designed for mobility without sacrificing full-size ports.
Dell Latitude 14 Rugged 5414 Notebook Review

88% Dell Latitude 14 Rugged 5414 Notebook Review

Robust. This robust 14-inch laptop from Dell will thrive in harsh conditions. The very bright IPS screen and the whopping 97 Wh battery ensure that this laptop is ready for wherever your work takes you.
Intel Core i5-6300U | AMD Radeon R7 M360 | 14" | 3 kg

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