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Qualcomm Snapdragon 460

Qualcomm SD 460

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 (SM4250) is a lower mainstream SoC for (Android based) smartphones and tablets. It features eight cores in two clusters. A performance cluster with four ARM Cortex A73 cores and a efficiency cluster with four small ARM Cortex A53 cores. All cores can reach up to 1.8 GHz.

The integrated Qualcomm X11 LTE modem can reach Cat. 13 (400 Mbps max) download and Cat. 12 (150 Mbps max.) upload speeds. The SoC also integrates WiFi 6, however only MIMO 1x1 and therefore the top speed is not very good.

The SD460 is manufactured in the modern 11nm process and should be very energy efficient.

SeriesQualcomm Snapdragon
CodenameCortex-A73 / 53
Clock Rate1800 MHz
Number of Cores / Threads8 / 8
Manufacturing Technology14 nm
FeaturesAdreno 510 GPU, X11 LTE Modem (Cat 13 / 12)
GPUQualcomm Adreno 610
64 Bit64 Bit support
Announcement Date06/28/2017
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Performance Rating - Geekbench 5.5, PCM Work, Sling Shot Physics, Antutu v8 CPU
0.4 pt (32%)
Mozilla Kraken 1.1 - Kraken 1.1 Total Score *
min: 5433     avg: 6178     median: 5532.5 (6%)     max: 8215 ms
Octane V2 - Octane V2 Total Score
min: 4832     avg: 6708     median: 7240.5 (6%)     max: 7517 Points
AnTuTu v8 - AnTuTu v8 GPU
min: 18941     avg: 21283     median: 21129.5 (4%)     max: 23931 Points
AnTuTu v8 - AnTuTu v8 CPU
min: 56737     avg: 58369     median: 57626 (21%)     max: 61488 Points
AnTuTu v8 - AnTuTu v8 Total Score
min: 143097     avg: 147126     median: 145284 (14%)     max: 154839 Points
Antutu v9 - AnTuTu v9 Total Score
148855 Points (9%)
- Range of benchmark values for this graphics card
- Average benchmark values for this graphics card
* Smaller numbers mean a higher performance

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