29.07.2008 14:49

10 Dell models may have defective Nvidia GPUs

By: Klaus Hinum

10 models of the series Precision, Insprion, Vostro, and Latitude can be affected by defective Nvidia GPUs. Therefore, Dell offers new BIOS versions for these notebooks to reduce the risk.

The fan regulation was changed in the new BIOS versions (first users report that the fans do run more often - even in Idle mode) because rumors say that rapid temnperature changes of the graphics card may lead to a defective GPU. The Inquirer even assumes that more graphic chips may be affected by this problem, altought Nvidia states that only a small percentage is affected. Furthermore, Nvidia told us that the problem depends on a combination of environmental conditions, configuration and usage model.

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Author: Notebookcheck, 2005-09-20 (Update: 2011-05- 3)