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Samsung Exynos 9825

Samsung Exynos 9825

The Samsung Exynos 9 9825 is a mobile SoC for smartphones and tablets. It was announced in the Samsung Note 10 line in August 2019. The processor integrates three clusters of processor cores with different architectures. Two big Samsung custom M4 cores clock up to 2.73 GHz and deliver peak performance. Two additional ARM Cortex-A75 are also for performance tasks and clock at up to 2.4 GHz (up from 2.3 GHz in the 9820). Finally, four small and power efficient ARM-Cortex A55 cores clock at up to 1.9 GHz are in the third cluster. The different clusters can run simultaneously thanks to DinamIQ.

The integrated LTE modem supports LTE-Advanced Pro Cat.20 (8CA 2 Gbps download, 3CA 316 Mbps upload). The integrated graphics card is a ARM Mali G76MP12 with 12 cores. Thanks to higher clock rates, the G76 is now a bit faster compared to the Exynos 9820.

The performance of the CPU part is positioned in the high end segment for smartphone processors. Due to the slight changes in clock rates, it is very comparable to the older Eynos 9 9820. Maybe in longer load phases, the improved 7nm process helps to maintain clock speeds a bit better. The direct competitor Snapdragon 855 can be left behind in single-core benchmarks like Geekbench and operates on par in multi-core benchmarks.

The SoC is produced at Samsung in the new 7nm LPP (with EUV) process that should improve power efficiency compared to the Exynos 9820.

SeriesSamsung Exynos
CodenameExynos M3 / Cortex-A55

Series: Exynos Exynos M3 / Cortex-A55

Samsung Exynos 9825 « 1.9 - 2.73 GHz8 / 8 cores Exynos M3 / Cortex-A55
Samsung Exynos 9820 compare1.9 - 2.7 GHz8 / 8 cores Exynos M3 / Cortex-A55
Samsung Exynos 9810 compare - 2.9 GHz8 / 8 cores Exynos M3 / Cortex-A55
Clock Rate1900 - 2730 MHz
Number of Cores / Threads8 / 8
Manufacturing Technology7 nm
FeaturesARM Mali-G76MP12 GPU , 2x Samsung Mongoose Custom CPU, 2x Cortex-A75, 4x Cortex-A55 big.LITTLE, LPDDR4x Memory Controller
GPUARM Mali-G76 MP12
64 Bit64 Bit support
Announcement Date02/22/2019
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3DMark - 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited Physics
min: 31908     avg: 32588     median: 32588 (27%)     max: 33268 Points
Octane V2 - Octane V2 Total Score
min: 18908     avg: 19022     median: 19021.5 (17%)     max: 19135 Points
AnTuTu v6 - AnTuTu v6 Total Score
min: 291772     avg: 292608     median: 292608 (100%)     max: 293444 Points
AnTuTu v7 - AnTuTu v7 MEM
min: 18280     avg: 18321     median: 18320.5 (56%)     max: 18361 Points
AnTuTu v7 - AnTuTu v7 GPU
min: 155432     avg: 155907     median: 155906 (48%)     max: 156381 Points
AnTuTu v7 - AnTuTu v7 CPU
min: 101869     avg: 102259     median: 102259 (63%)     max: 102649 Points
AnTuTu v7 - AnTuTu v7 Total Score
min: 347082     avg: 347156     median: 347156 (61%)     max: 347229 Points
- Range of benchmark values for this graphics card
- Average benchmark values for this graphics card
* Smaller numbers mean a higher performance

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