20.09.2010 08:54

Intel: Intel unveils yet another reference design for the Classmate PC

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By: Pallab Jyotee Hazarika

The latest Classmate PC comes in a new jazzy but tough look

Classmate PC now has a new look. The Classmate PC netbooks are mainly aimed at children and the semi-rugged case is a much needed feature. The last model by Classmate had indeed something more to offer: water resistance and anti-microbial protection.

The updated design features rubber protection all along the LCD and a rubber cage around the hard disk in order to minimize the damage from a fall. The other features that come with the updated design are crush zones and additional air cushions in and around the required designs.

Intel also confirms that the machine is using the latest Intel Atom processor to enhance the battery life. But, at this moment, it is still not clear which of the processors viz. N450, N455, N475 or N550 will be present under the hood.

The Classmate PC by Intel is actually a prototype. Intel has not manufactured it yet, but they are suggesting that netbook manufacturers can use their design as a reference to built student-friendly notebooks. Since the updated design is launched recently, there are no words on the pricing from third party consumer electronic sellers.

From the snaps which are sent by Intel, the new design does not look that new if compared to their previous models. 

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