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Packard Bell unveils three limited edition sparkling white

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By: Stefan Hinum

Packard Bell, one of the leading consumer electronics brands in Europe, today unveiled an exclusive sparkling white colour scheme for its notebooks. Three existing Packard Bell notebooks -- EasyNote BG, MB and SB -- will be available in sparkling white with intense colour highlights.

The new look was developed by Packard Bell’s Paris-based design studio to appeal to design-conscious, tech chic notebook users. Based in the world’s fashion capital and under the leadership of design manager Adrien Camp, the Packard Bell Studio was inspired by the Peclers Trend Books. Published by Peclers Paris, a world-renown trendspotting agency, these books are used as creative “fire-starters” by the fashion and design industries.
“Our research showed that white continues to be the colour of choice for ‘tech-chic’ buyers, but that they wanted to add a dash of personality using intense colour highlights. We’re seeing similar colour combinations on fashion show runways around the world,” says Adrien Camp, design manager, Packard Bell. “We picked lime green, sunny orange and dark chocolate as the highlights – three of this season’s hottest colours. And the white is no ordinary white: its sparkle gives it a striking visual texture.”
Packard Bell’s new notebooks clearly demonstrate the company’s belief that style and design are just as important as performance and features when choosing a notebook.

Packard Bell’s focus on design and innovation were rewarded recently when the company won two important prizes: the prestigious French Janus design award for 2007 and the European Plus X award for “most innovative brand” in the IT category.
The highlights are lime green for the 12-inch Easy Note BG series, sunny orange for the 15.4” MB series and dark chocolate for the 17-inch SB series. The three limited edition notebooks offer the same uncompromising set of features as their glossy black counterparts.
All three are powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processors and come with built-in Wi-Fi and webcams. The EasyNote MB and SB series are available with Blu-Ray optical drives, high end graphics (up to NVIDIA GeForce 8600 M GT with 512MB dedicated) for visually intensive applications like gaming, and the latest interfaces, including DVI, HDMI and eSATA.

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