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Motorola: Motorola’s Android supported Tablet coming soon

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By: Pallab Jyotee Hazarika

Android Tablet by Motorola to have Gingerbread as its Operating System with a neat and smart User Interface





It is in the air of speculation for some time now - Motorola is eagerly doing all the preparations to launch its Android tablet to the market in-between Christmas and New Year. It will be a genuine leap from mobile phones to tablets as far as Motorola is concerned. If you look at recent past of Motorola they are not all that new to the Google’s Android platform and possibly have all the skills regarding this platform. The launch of Droid by Motorola last year tells you everything about their success events with Android, which was followed by recent Droid X launch and casual conversations are on regarding the next Droid 2 launch.

The tablet is believed to have a 10.1-inch display with resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels or may be more. Everyone is expecting the tablet to be armed with at least a 1GHz CPU among other things, but this is after all just an estimate.

The tablet will be powered by Android’s upcoming Operating System, i.e. Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread. It is not much known right now though of what new features Gingerbread is expected to bring to the table. There were reports around mid June that Google is planning to focus on User Interface for Gingerbread release, therefore we might be able to see some interesting features including a web-based Android Market where you push the required app directly to your phone from any browser.

Since, all we did till now are the speculations, guessing and gossips, I think it would be proper if we wait till the launch of Gingerbread so that things become much clearer.

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