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Buffalo Mini SSD

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By: Matthias Bauer

Buffalo expands its product range by another external drive. This drive is the solid state drive MicroStation Portable.

Buffalo MicroStation Portable

Buffalo MicroStation Portable

The new Buffalo MicroStation Portable is an external solid state drive, which has the same size of a credit card. The device consists of a SSD with a maximum capacity of 100 GB.

The MicroStation Portable gets connected to the computer by using a USB port and it also gets its power from this connector. It does not need an additional external power pack.

At the beginning the solid state drive will be available with a capacity of 32 GB, 64 GB or 100 GB. Furthermore, the USB cable of the device can get wrapped around the case for transporting.

The MicroStation Portable costs € 160 (32 GB), € 310 (64 GB) or € 470 (100 GB).

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