27.08.2008 14:20

No product recall of defective Nvidia GPU’s

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By: Matthias Bauer

Nvidia accounts the notebook manufacturers to be responsible to their customers and won’t start a product recall of their graphic chips.

Nvidia co-founder Chris Malachowsky said in an interview that they won’t make further moves with reference to the defective notebook GPU’s. The manufacturer procured 200 million dollars to replace faulty products of laptop manufacturers. This does not only concern the GPU’s, because Nvidia replaces the whole notebook.

They won’t arrange a huge product recall, because this overheating problem won’t occur for sure. Furthermore, Malachowsky said that some forums say, that every G84 and G85 GPU is affected, but this is not true.

Nvidia already found the source of the fault, but they did not tell it so far. Rumors say, that the packaging is the problem.

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Author: Notebookcheck, 2005-09-20 (Update: 2011-05- 3)