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Dell plans tablets to counter the iPad

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By: Deepika gwalani

Says it will increase the Mini 5 family members

Critics say iPad’s only selling point is its price, starting at less than $500. It is also been said that the lack of total Flash support may prevent a lot of people from adopting it. Now other brands have started taking this feature as a selling point over the iPad. Dell is the latest player to criticize the iPad in order to make sense of its new tablets arriving shortly. Dell’s 5-inch MID – the Dell Mini 5 has already created a lot of ripples, in spite of being very expensive. It is yet to come out, but Dell already plans a plethora of Tablet computers in near future – reports CNN.

Dell’s General Manger of the Tablet division, Neeraj Choubey, tells that they want to scale up the size from mere 5-inch and this could result in a number of tablet models. This means the Dell Mini 5 could just be the first and smallest member of the un-named family, as he did not mention about going below 5-inch screen size.

The Dell Mini 5 has a tentative price-range of near $1000, which will actually put each of its tablets in the premium range. As I mentioned before, the iPad’s price starts at less than $500 and it has a huge and gorgeous 10-inch multi-touch capable capacitive screen. It’ll be really difficult for Dell to penetrate the mass market with the kind of price-bracket they have kept for the tablet range.

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