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The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds 2 may be causing widespread ear complications

The Galaxy Buds Pro may not be ear-friendly. (Source: Pocket-Lint)
The Galaxy Buds Pro may not be ear-friendly. (Source: Pocket-Lint)
Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds 2 may be some of the best TWS earbuds on the market but they both appear to pose health hazards. A new report, along with a host of similar complaints, indicates that Samsung's recent audio accessories could be causing ear complications.

While Samsung's latest TWS earbuds are widely regarded as some of the best in the business, it appears they're not ideal for users' ears. Pretty terrible, in fact, as there have now been multiple cases of ear-related issues caused by the Galaxy Buds Pro. 

As reported by Android Central, Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro looks to be causing widespread complications among users. Said complications seem to start off as irritation, before potentially spiraling off into full-blown infections. It doesn't appear to be a random issue either that could leave the cause of the ear complications in doubt—the author of the report empirically establishes that the Galaxy Buds Pro cause said issues, with each use of the $199 TWS earbuds directly leading to symptoms.

After another week of giving my ears a rest and some self-care to get them cleared up, everything was back to normal. Cautiously, I used only the left earbud from my Galaxy Buds Pro for a 45-minute video call. Unfortunately, the irritation struck again, but only in the ear that I had the earbud in.

- Chris Wedel, Android Central

It appears to be specific to Samsung's recent products as well, with the author reporting similar problems with the Galaxy Buds 2, but not with the first-gen Galaxy Buds, Google's Pixel Buds A, or 1More's ColorBuds 2. It remains unknown what exactly causes this, as changing tips doesn't solve the problem. At the moment, the most likely culprit appears to be the nickel on the charging contacts. Reputedly, Samsung also switched to acrylate from the acrylic it used on previous models. 

These issues look to be widespread and have been corroborated by users both on Reddit and on Samsung forums. The Korean company reportedly acknowledges that it's "...a common issue" as well. For what it's worth, Samsung appears to be issuing refunds and covering medical expenses for this particular issue. That doesn't mean the company won't have to deal with a class-action lawsuit, however. We'll keep you updated on this. 

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Ricci Rox, 2021-11-14 (Update: 2021-11-15)