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Overview of upcoming ThinkPad reviews for the next couple of weeks

New ThinkPads are arriving
New ThinkPads are arriving
We get questions about new ThinkPad models from Lenovo pretty much every day. This is an overview about the planned review units for the next couple of weeks. We start with the two new models X1 Carbon 8th Gen as well as X1 Yoga 5th Gen.

There will be plenty of new ThinkPad models over the next couple of weeks. Some models get big updates (like the T-series with the T14s) and the AMD models with Ryzen 4000 CPUs will be fully integrated into the standard line-up for the first time. However, Intel models will be available first, and the AMD SKU will follow a few weeks later. The following article lists the planned review devices for the next couple of weeks, even though there can be changes depending on the release dates and availability, respectively.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon & X1 Yoga: Only with Intel

ThinkPad X1 Carbon 8th Gen
ThinkPad X1 Carbon 8th Gen

Eagerly awaited, but basically just minor updates: Lenovo does not change the design of the two X1 models and only equips them with updated processor, even though they were also available for the previous generation since the beginning of 2020. Because of the vPro support, Lenovo uses Comet Lake-U CPUs from Intel and not the Ice Lake chips with faster iGPUs.

The availability is limited to SKUs with 1080p screens right now; we still have to wait a bit for the optional 4K models. Our test unit of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is equipped with a Core i5 CPU, iGPU, LowPower 1080p screen, 16 GB RAM, and 512 GB NVMe-SSD storage. Contrary to the other series, there seem to be no AMD versions of the X1 products.

ThinkPad X13 & X13 Yoga

ThinkPad X13 (Gen.1) also will be available with AMD Ryzen 4000
ThinkPad X13 (Gen.1) also will be available with AMD Ryzen 4000

The smaller ThinkPad X13 and X13 Yoga also keep the chassis design of the old X390 and only get updated processors. They are once again Intel Comet Lake CPUs, but the X13 will also be available with AMD Ryzen 4000 CPUs a couple of weeks later, which promise a significant performance advantage over the Intel counterpart in terms of CPU and GPU performance. Also interesting: Lenovo will offer the X13 with the 500-Nit ePrivacy screen, which offers an integrated privacy filter. Our first test unit of the X13 will be equipped with the Intel processor, the AMD version will follow about 2 weeks later. The X13 Yoga on the other hand is still limited to Intel processors, so this update is not that interesting.

ThinkPad T14, T14s & T15

ThinkPad T14s with Intel & AMD
ThinkPad T14s with Intel & AMD

The T-series products are probably the most interesting updates, because Lenovo offers the full bandwidth with Intel CPUs, Nvidia GPUs, as well as new Ryzen 4000 APUs from AMD. The Intel models are once again ahead in terms of availability. Our test units include the T14 with the Core i5, iGPU, and 1080p screen, as well as the T15 with i7 CPU, MX330 GPU, and 4K panel. The cases are identical to the old T490 and T590, respectively. We will once again have to wait for about two weeks for the AMD counterparts, which are limited to the integrated Vega GPUs. it will be interesting to see how AMD's new APU holds up against the combination Intel/Nvidia.

The T14s on the other hand gets a completely redesigned chassis and is once again a step closer to the X1 Carbon. In addition to the Intel models, there will also be AMD counterparts, which will probably be the most interesting models in the 2020 line-up. You can choose between a 1080p screen, the ePrivacy 1080p screen as well as a 4K panel. We will start with an Intel test unit, followed by the AMD model a couple of weeks later.

ThinkPad E14 & E15

The ThinkPad E15 Gen.2 with AMD CPU gets a more compact chassis.
The ThinkPad E15 Gen.2 with AMD CPU gets a more compact chassis.

The current ThinkPad E-series with Intel chips has already been available for a few months and we have already reviewed the devices. We are still missing the combination Intel/AMD for the smaller E14, but this is planned. The E14 & E15 Gen.2 will be available in the end of June. The case of the E14 as well as the display options are identical, but the case of the E15 Gen. 2 is a bit more compact according to the official specs. We will have to wait and see how noticeable the difference really is.

ThinkPad L14 & L15: New case

ThinkPad L15 with Intel & AMD
ThinkPad L15 with Intel & AMD

The ThinkPad L14 & L15 are currently still limited to Comet Lake CPUs, which we will review soon. Lenovo uses a completely new chassis design for its inexpensive work machine, which is a bit more compact compared to the previous L490 and L590 generation, respectively. The AMD SKUs will once again follow a couple of weeks later, and we will obviously test them as well.

ThinkPad P14s & P15s

The mobile workstations based on the T14 and T15 models only get a minor update with Comet Lake CPUs, the graphics card is still the Nvidia Quadro P520. There will be SKUs with hexa-core CPUs, but these models are not listed yet. AMD versions are not planned, so these updates are not that interesting and we will review them after we have reviewed all the new AMD models.

Our Impression: AMD advances in the business segment

The new AMD models should have a noticeable performance advantage over the Intel counterparts. Thanks to the full integration, there should not be any differences in terms of materials or features (which was the case for some older products) between the two chip manufacturers. If there are no other problems with the implementation of the AMD APUs (like power consumption), the AMD ThinkPads will probably be the better choice and really challenge Intel in the business segment.


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