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The new Toshiba JournE Touch 7 Tablet now available in Germany

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By: Pallab Jyotee Hazarika

The Toshiba JournE Touch 7 has a 7-inch screen, 2GB storage, runs Windows CE and runs by a 2200mAh battery. Not appetizing enough? You’re not alone.

This 7-inch Tablet from Toshiba was announced way back in September last year, but it kind of fell out of mind following the grand announcement of the iPad. Nonetheless, it took a long time to come out in Europe, but finally the Tablet is here. You can now pick up the JournE Touch 7 in Germany, for about 249 Euros (that’s equivalent to $308).

Although it is of the same display size as the Archos 7, but the JournE looks much bigger and fatter, mainly due to its digital photo frame looks that looks pretty bulky with the fat silver border. It runs a 533MHz ARM processor (slower than the Archos 7); Windows CE, 2GB storage space, a 2200mAh battery that Toshiba claims will run for 14 hrs, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g. Sadly there is no Bluetooth.

The display screen has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and does not support multi-touch. You can get this gadget with an optional small dock station that will also have HDMI out.

One thing for sure – Toshiba will find it very difficult to place this $300 Tablet against the superior Archos 7 and the much superior Apple iPad. The virtual keyboard looks pretty tidy but this thing is not as responsive to finger-touches, mainly because of the slower processor, and the OS. With a price lot cheaper than the iPad and being a smaller device, it might be able to claim some space in the value-for-money store, but then the 199 Euro ($246) Archos 7 looks more promising there.

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