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Oukitel ABEARL P5000 and P5000 Pro portable power stations launch via Kickstarter

The ABEARL series goes live on Kickstarter. (Source: Oukitel)
The ABEARL series goes live on Kickstarter. (Source: Oukitel)
Oukitel has announced the release of its latest portable generators of the new ABEARL line. Its P5000 Pro variant features "huge capacity" 5,120 watt-hour (Wh) LiFePO4 batteries, an output of up to 8,000W and high-speed charging options (solar included). It will be crowd-funded from February 3, 2023 with the potential for "unbelievable" early-bird offers.

With their up-to-date suitcase-style form-factor, Oukitel asserts that its latest power stations will be as portable as possible despite their 5,120Wh capacity. This much stored energy is delivered at up to 2,200W (allowing for a 4,000W surge) in the new vanilla ABEARL P5000, or up to 4,000W (surging to 8,000W) in the P5000 Pro. Their respective outputs can be split between the 15 ports found on either new station's "durable" exterior, 2 100W USB type-C ports and 5 pure sine-wave AC sockets included. Accordingly, the OEM touts the P5000 series as ideal companions on trips, during cook-outs or in the car.

Then again, as the Pro variant (US model only) upgrades to a split-phase power option that augments the typical, restricted 120V output mode with a 240V option, a user might just keep it around the house in case of a black-out: it might even keep your cooking equipment going in such conditions. On that note, the ABEARL P5000 and P5000 Pro are also rated for an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) feature, set at 1,400W and 1,600W respectively. Therefore, it is just as well that they also support "ultra-fast" inputs of up to 1,800W from the grid, and even 1,000W from compatible, MC4-port solar sources, thanks to "a 99% MPPT efficiency".

(Source: Oukitel)
(Source: Oukitel)

Combining these top speeds results in estimated minimum recharge times of as little as 1.8 hours (Pro model), 3 hours on AC alone or 5 hours on solar alone. This may be done up to 3,500 times (or an estimated 10 years of battery life) as Oukitel has chosen "EV-grade" LiFePO4 batteries for the P5000 line. Their reputation for reliability and stability may be augmented with the series' Texas Instruments chip-powered battery management system that includes voltage, current and temperature regulation.

The P5000 and P500O Pro will be available to early-bird adopters from February 3, 2023 on Kickstarter, starting at US$2,499 (for the first 100 units) and US$3,299 (for the first 150 units) respectively.

(Source: Oukitel)
(Source: Oukitel)




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