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By: Pallab Jyotee Hazarika

Toshiba: Overheating Worries force Toshiba to recall 41,000 Laptops

Toshiba recalls laptops with overheating problem and releases BIOS to solve the problem

All is not well with Toshiba! Yesterday, Toshiba announced that they are recalling some 40,000 of its T-series of Satellite laptops. They confirmed that the problem was due to faulty DC-In harnesses which were used to manufacture certain Satellites viz. T135, T135D and Satellite Pro T130 laptops. The worrying factor comes in where the faulty harness overheats the system to the extent of melting point near the AC adapter plug. Toshiba is serious about the above mentioned untoward event and said in a report that there are no reports of serious injury as of now due to the defect and warns users that the temperature can be hazardous to them.

At the time of the report, the Consumer Product Safety Commission confirms at least 129 such incidents of overheating of the notebook computers and melting of plastic casing around the AC adapter plug. There are also two minor incidents reported: two cases of minor burn injuries and another two cases of property damage. The initial solution provided by Toshiba is the BIOS revision release through which the customers can check whether their laptop is affected or not. If the BIOS detect any overheating then the external power will be disconnected immediately, so that it can eliminate the risks of any injury. If the problem persists, don’t forget to call Toshiba to provide the necessary warranty repair.

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