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Asus readies its first Optimus notebooks

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By: Deepika gwalani

These two notebooks will have switchable graphics option

NVIDIA’s Optimus technology was announced last month, and Asus has become the first OEM to adopt this wonderful technology, that enables you to switch between integrated and dedicated graphics. The rumor-mill has been running for quite some time now, and finally Asus unveiled the model names and specifications of the models.

Two models are revealed right now - the ASUS N61JV-X2 and N71JV-X1. The ASUS N61JV-X2 sports a 16-inches display panel and runs on the Intel Core i7-430M processor with a clocking speed of 2.53GHz. You’ll get a good 4GB of RAM (upgradable up to 8GB of DDR3 memory) and 500GB of hard drive storage space. The Core i7 is accompanied by NVIDIA’s GT 325M graphics card. Connectivity is taken care of by the 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Acer also throws in a Super Multi Optical Disk Drive.

The ASUS N71JV-X1 is the second Optimus machine on cards, running on the Intel Core i3 350M CPU that possesses a clocking speed of 2.26GHz, and has the same graphics card. You won’t find any difference in the memory and storage capabilities as well.

What Optimus will do to these two notebooks is – you can now have automatic graphics card switchable capabilities. Whenever the basic operations are happening like working with documents and internet, the integrated graphics will be used, which can automatically switch to a dedicated graphics platform as soon as a performance demanding work happends, such as playing games.

The 16-inch N61JV-X2 notebook and the 17-inch ASUS N71JV-X1 are available for order on Amazon, and Newegg respectively. Both devices carry the same price tag of $900 – as reported by Softpedia.

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