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Nintendo Switch 2: LCD screen shocker for launch, new 2024 release date, PixArt provides clarification

It has been rumored that the Nintendo Switch 2 could be launched in 2024 and sport an LCD screen. (Image source: Unsplash - edited)
It has been rumored that the Nintendo Switch 2 could be launched in 2024 and sport an LCD screen. (Image source: Unsplash - edited)
A new report about the Nintendo Switch 2 has been published suggesting the next-generation hybrid console could be launched sporting an LCD screen. In addition, another Switch 2 release date timeframe has been offered and PixArt Imaging has provided clarification that probably doesn’t involve Nintendo’s ninjas.

According to an article published by VGC, the next-generation console from Nintendo (commonly known as “Switch 2”) could arrive with an LCD screen instead of the widely expected OLED panel. The argument provided by the source via its “people in the know” is that Nintendo could save some money by launching the Switch 2 with an LCD. In addition, it would also leave the company the option to release a Switch 2 OLED Model either at the same time or later on down the road. While many prefer the deep blacks and bright colors provided by an OLED panel, Nintendo could probably still get away with pushing a Switch 2 out with an LCD thanks to strong brand loyalty.

While quite a few recent rumors have pointed to a first half 2024 launch for the NG Switch, sources talking to VGC reckon the Nintendo Switch 2 release date will more likely land in the second half of 2024. Interestingly, this timeframe has been corroborated by Eurogamer’s sources, with both outlets agreeing that the next-gen console will be a hybrid (portable/dockable) device like the current Nintendo Switch. There is also a reason added for this particular release date period, with the Big N supposedly wanting to make sure the release of the Switch 2 doesn’t face the same sort of stock issues that plagued the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X launches.

Last but not least, it appears PixArt Imaging has contacted MoneyDJ in regard to a recent report. The company had made it clear that it has not offered any information about the Switch 2 nor is there any mention of a “Japanese console” in its financial reports. While Notebookcheck is also mentioned in the statement (see machine translation below), our original item clearly states the details come from a “third-party” source (i.e., MoneyDJ), and it also indicates multiple times that it is MoneyDJ providing the information and not PixArt.

Unfortunately, some other outlets presumed the information came directly from PixArt’s own financial reports, which is obviously not accurate, and this has led to the company issuing this particular clarification. According to PixArt, the statement has also been made to “avoid misleading investors”, and it definitely won’t have anything to do with Nintendo’s ninjas making sure no Switch 2 leaks remain unpunished at all.

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VGC & Eurogamer & Reddit & MoneyDJ (in Chinese)

Teaser image (edited): 卡晨 & Behnam Norouzi on Unsplash

PixArt statement

Public Information Observatory Major Information Announcement

(3227) PixArt - Clarification Media and Website Reports

1. Date of occurrence: 112/08/01
2. Company name: PixArt Technology Co., Ltd. 3.
Relationship with the company (please enter the company or subsidiary): The company
4. Mutual shareholding ratio: not applicable
5. Communication media name: Money DJ, NOTEBOOKCHECK, METRO, My Nintendo News, gonintendo and other media and website reports.
6. Report content: (1) MoneyDJ 2023/7/24 News Report:

Pixian's new game console + AI sensor, the second half of the year is better than the first half of the year
... The supply chain pointed out that the Japanese game console will launch a new machine that has been out of service for many years early next year, and the game machine is also one of the key customers of Pixian, which is expected to drive the second half of the camp sports to add more momentum. ...
(2) NOTEBOOKCHECK 2023/7/26News ReportNintendo
Switch 2 release date area strongly hinted at in third-party financial forecast for PixArt Imaging
(3) Gonintendo reported on July 2023, 7:
Switch successor reveal imminent as manufacturer reveals an early 27 launch for a new console from a Japanese company
... In their latest financial report, PixArt confirmed that they are working on manufacturing parts for a “new console from a Japanese company” set to be released in early 2024....
(2024) My Nintendo News 4/2023/7News report:
Chinese manufacturer says it's preparing for a new Japanese games console launching early 27
... Today, Chinese manufacturer PixArt, which has provided the SoC powering the Nintendo Switch JoyCon’s along with parts for other Nintendo home consoles said in its latest financial report that they will be busy manufacturing components for a brand new console from a Japanese company that hasn’t launched a new system in years which is set to release in early 2024. ...
(2024) METRO.CO.UK website 5/2023/7 report:
Nintendo Switch 29 out in early 2 hints another Chinese manufacturer
... but now SoC (system on a chip) manufacturer PixArt has revealed they’re providing components for a new Japanese console due early next year. ...

2024. Cause of occurrence: The company hereby solemnly clarifies that the company has not provided any information to the above media and websites, nor has it been interviewed by the above media and websites, and the company's financial reports have not mentioned the information reported by the above media or websites, the above information is the media, the website is their own speculation, in order to avoid misleading investors, it is hereby clarified.
7. Response measures: release a statement of major information.
8. Other matters that should be specified: None.

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