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AMD: AMD will drop the ATI brand name

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By: Pallab Jyotee Hazarika

The cards will instead be known as their family name, like Radeon, Firepro etc.

ATI has really become a force to reckon since AMD acquired it, and to further integrate the brand under its umbrella, AMD might be planning to do away with the ATI brand name. Instead now the graphics cards that were under ATI umbrella will simply be called according to their family/sub-brand name, for example Radeon, Firepro, or Vision. This should happen as soon as by end of this year, and in fact going into next year, only the older cards are expected to retain their ATI logo with the new productions bearing the AMD logo instead. Even that might be removed after some time – as reported by The Inquirer.

The reason for dropping the ATI name is the result of a survey that reveals that most people know about the AMD brand behind ATI which gave the American chip manufacturing giant enough confidence to go ahead with the above decision. Note that AMD will also remove the CPU brand names like Athlon, Phenom and Turion to give them more non-chip related names such as Vision. This brand will include the fusion brand as well that combines the CPU and GPU units.

How this helps in competition

We have always seen AMD torn between the wars with two chip giants – Intel and NVIDIA. The company has performed as two completely separate business units while competing these two companies. With ATI becoming AMD, the company can portray itself much easier as a single entity in consumers’ perception. This helps as ATI was becoming a very powerful weapon for AMD.  

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