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Rivet Killer E3100 2.5 Gbps Ethernet controller will debut on upcoming Comet Lake-H Acer and MSI laptops

Rivet Killer E3100 2.5 Gbps Ethernet controller will debut on upcoming Comet Lake-H Acer and MSI laptops (Source: Rivet Networks)
Rivet Killer E3100 2.5 Gbps Ethernet controller will debut on upcoming Comet Lake-H Acer and MSI laptops (Source: Rivet Networks)
The new controller will come with the familiar Killer Control Center 2.0 software alongside all existing features like DoubleShot Pro, Killer Intelligence, and GameFast.

The 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port for laptops made its debut last year on high-end gaming notebooks ranging from the Dell Alienware m17 R2 to the MSI GT75. Powering the port was the Killer E3000 controller that introduced gamer-specific features like GameFast Technology and the Intelligence Engine.

For 2020, Rivet will be launching the Killer E3100 to succeed last year's E3000. The E3100 will inherit all the features of the E3000 but with the new Extreme Game Mode option which can automatically optimize and "reshape" your PC network traffic based on how congested the local network is. To us, this sounds like the software will help suck up and hog all the bandwidth from your roommate who's streaming 4K video on Netflix in order to reduce your latency when gaming, but we're not complaining.

The Killer E3100 controller will appear first on Acer and MSI laptops sporting Comet Lake-H CPUs that are set to launch by this Summer.

Austin, Texas - (April 2 nd , 2020) - Rivet Networks, makers of the award-winning Killer™ line of 

networking products, introduces its all-new Killer E3100 Ethernet controller designed for 

competitive gamers and performance-hungry users .  Delivering more performance while using 

less power, the E3100 is Killer’s second-generation Ethernet controller that achieves speeds up 

to 2.5 Gbps.   High-performance routers are rapidly moving to support 2.5 Gbps Ethernet, so 

the Killer E3100 is perfect for gamers who want to take advantage of faster speeds to win more 

and get the most out of their online experience.  The E3100 continues Rivet’s push to both 

prioritize critical PC network traffic AND to optimize traffic based on other parts of the network.  

The E3100 introduces Extreme Game Mode which automatically detects when the network is 

congested and optimizes the PC’s traffic accordingly to maintain a great gaming experience.   

The Killer E3100 is available on systems from industry leaders such as Acer and MSI. 

In addition to delivering up to 2.5 Gbps of throughput, the Killer E3100 delivers incredible 

speed, intelligence, and control that online gamers will love:  

Amazing Speed:    

•  The Killer E3100 gives gamers the edge with its Killer Prioritization Engine, which 

automatically detects game traffic and prioritizes it above less important traffic for 

incredibly fast, low-latency gameplay. Gamers can expect up to 3X better in-game latency 

performance during peak network usage periods.   Additionally, the Killer Prioritization 

Engine keeps streaming videos and communication fast and smooth, even while 

downloading game updates, movies, etc.  

•  The E3100 boosts gameplay experiences by freeing up to 10% of CPU cycles and 20% of PC 

memory with its powerful GameFast Technology. During gameplay, GameFast automatically 

pauses processes that are not needed when gaming, enabling the PC to devote more of its 

CPU and memory to the game.  

Advanced Intelligence: 

•  The E3100 features Killer’s all-new Extreme Game Mode which smartly detects when a 

gamer is using a congested network and automatically reshapes the PC’s network traffic to 

help ensure that game packets don’t get bogged down in your home network. 

•  The Killer E3100 utilizes the Killer Intelligence Engine to keep gamers competitive by 

automatically working to fix networking issues and alerting users when the networking 

equipment they are connected to is not providing maximum performance. 

Powerful Control: 

•  When combined with a Killer Wi-Fi product, the E3100 fully supports DoubleShot Pro 

Technology, which enables the use of both Killer Wi-Fi and the E3100 at the same time to 

deliver up to 4.9 Gbps of max theoretical throughput. DoubleShot Pro works automatically 

to ensure the highest priority traffic will always be put on the fastest and most reliable link.  

Users can leverage Killer Control Center 2.0 to determine which applications and websites 

go over Ethernet and which use Wireless.  

•  The Killer E3100’s Killer Control Center 2.0 gives users an intuitive and rich interface to 

monitor which applications and websites are using bandwidth and to optimize their PC’s 

networking performance. Users can adjust priorities and set bandwidth limits so that low 

priority traffic doesn’t interfere with multimedia applications or favorite websites.  

“The industry is accelerating the transition to 2.5 Gbps Ethernet,” said Rivet Networks’ CEO 

Michael Cubbage. “Gamers that demand the best need the Killer E3100 to achieve the lowest 

latency and incredible throughput.  With more and more routers and switches hitting the 

market supporting 2.5 Gbps Ethernet, it is the perfect time for gamers to upgrade.” 

“With MSI laptops featuring Killer E3100, not only do gamers get the benefit of faster gaming 

connections, enthusiasts and prosumers will also be able to enjoy accelerated connections for 

home multimedia steaming servers and network storage.” said Derek Chen, Sales & Marketing 

Director of MSI.” 

“Acer continues to integrate innovative new technologies to enhance the gaming experience on 

our Predator and Nitro devices,” said Vincent Lin, Associate Vice President, Product Marketing 

and Planning, Acer Inc. “Network performance is an essential part of online gaming, and the 

Killer E3100 ethernet controller can give gamers the network connection they need to compete.” 

Rivet Networks offers multiple versions of the Killer E3100.   For more information, check out 

If you would like to arrange an interview, a demo, or have questions for the Rivet Networks 

leadership team, email us at [email protected]

About Rivet Networks    

Rivet Networks is a technology and products company that focuses on creating the best 

possible networking experience. Rivet offers a mix of hardware, software and cloud-based 

technologies to deliver solutions that are both powerful and intuitive. Through their Killer™ line 

of networking products, Rivet Networks offers unprecedented speed, intelligence and control 

for gamers and performance users alike. For more information about the Killer brand of 

technologies, please visit 

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