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CES 2020 | Killer Networking AI will give gamers and Dell XPS owners stronger Wi-Fi connections

Acer, Dell, MSI, and Gigabyte laptops will use Killer Networking AI to give users stronger Wi-Fi connections (Source: Rivet Networks)
Acer, Dell, MSI, and Gigabyte laptops will use Killer Networking AI to give users stronger Wi-Fi connections (Source: Rivet Networks)
The company claims AI integration can "deliver better performance in almost all network environments" by scanning the area for access points and optimizing user settings automatically in the background. The technology will target gamers before inevitable making its way down to more mainstream laptops.

The seemingly endless applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence have been steadily creeping in on everyday electronics and even gaming as of late. Its latest application, however, could benefit gamers in a different way should it work as advertised. Rivet Networks has announced the Killer Intelligence Engine for PCs that incorporates AI to improve Wi-Fi quality.

According to the official press release, the Killer Intelligence Engine can:

  • Monitor all available access points and assign each one a score based on several wireless metrics. The software will then automatically connect the client PC to the highest scoring access point for better connectivity.
  • Automatically compare the wireless capabilities of the router and client to recommend network upgrades or settings that can increase network performance.
  • Boost the performance and speed of existing Killer networking technologies like DoubleShot Pro or the Prioritization Engine.

Of course, most home users will only have one access point anyway. In this case, the software can automatically choose the best bands for the user.

Killer will make the tech available to any laptop equipped with certain Killer WLAN modules like those found on most MSI, Dell XPS, Alienware, Acer, or Gigabyte laptops. The company has noted that existing owners of the Killer 1550 or 1650 will also be able to download Intelligence Engine at a future date.

Austin, Texas - (January 6, 2020) - Rivet Networks is incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into 

its Killer Intelligence Engine to help customers establish and maintain stronger and faster 

wireless connections.  Online experiences are often defined by the quality of the Wi-Fi 

connection, which can be challenging because unlike CPU or Graphics technology, the PC’s 

network performance is influenced by a large number of outside variables that change on a 

minute by minute basis.    By using AI to constantly monitor and score available Wi-Fi networks, 

the Killer Intelligence Engine is able to direct a user to the best available access point.  Moving a 

user to a better access point can reduce latency by up to 50% and increase throughput by over 

100%.  Below are three ways the Killer Intelligence Engine can significantly improve PC 

networking performance: 

1)  The Killer Intelligence Engine includes Smart Access Point Selection Technology that uses 

AI to monitor and score all available access points on several key wireless metrics.  If a 

higher scoring access point becomes available, the Killer Intelligence Engine will 

automatically switch the user to the better access point if it is on the same network.  If 

the better access point is on a different network, the Killer Intelligence Engine will 

provide a 1-click method to switch to the better access point.   

2)  Many users don’t realize that they are using previous generation networking 

equipment.  The Killer Intelligence Engine helps by comparing the networking 

capabilities or the PC to the capabilities of the network that it is connected to.  If the 

capabilities are different, the Killer Intelligence Engine will recommend network 

upgrades that will increase network performance.  

3)  The Killer Intelligence Engine leverages other Killer technologies to improve networking 

performance.  It works with Killer DoubleShot Pro by evaluating the health of each Killer 

interface and then making sure that critical traffic goes over the healthiest interface (either ethernet or WiFi).  It also feeds the Killer Prioritization Engine key information 

that helps better prioritize traffic.  For example, the Killer Intelligence Engine will alert 

the Killer Prioritization Engine of an unhealthy WiFi environment which leads to 

additional protection of game traffic. 

The Killer Intelligence Engine can deliver better performance in almost all network 

environments.  If a user only has access to a single access point, then the Killer Intelligence 

Engine will ensure the user is connected to the best band.  If the user has multiple access points 

available (which could be at home, at work, or in public places such as airports), then the Killer 

Intelligence Engine will evaluate all of the different access points and put the user on the best 

band of the best access point.   

“Having a bad WiFi connection is incredibly frustrating for all PC users and is especially painful 

for gamers and performance users that require a fast, stable connection.  Up until now, users 

have not had a good way to know they are on the best available connection,” said Rivet 

Networks’ CEO Michael Cubbage. “Using Artificial Intelligence, the Killer Intelligence Engine is 

able to significantly improve the users experience by ensuring the user is always connected to 

the best available access point.  

For more information or to download the Killer Intelligence Engine, please visit 

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