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PC Master Race: Doom Eternal can run at up to 1,000 FPS on high-end PC builds

Doom Eternal will be launched on March 20. (Image Source: id)
Doom Eternal will be launched on March 20. (Image Source: id)
Doom Eternal is clearly designed for PC systems, first and foremost. The 2016 Doom game was already well optimized, but the new idTech 7 engine takes optimization to new levels as the game now scales with existing high-end and even unreleased hardware to deliver 1,000 fps of superfluid gameplay. While current gen console will be capped at 60 fps most likely, the developers hint at some impressive features for the next gen models.

With the rise of high refresh-rate displays that has been happening in the past several years, competitive gamers clearly started favoring systems that can constantly push more than 60 fps, and this led to an even greater schism between console fans and PC master race supporters. Sometimes it almost feels like game developers are artificially limiting certain PC game versions due to the console limitations, as many games are now multi-platform titles. Doom Eternal will not have this kind of limitation, and, based on the improved scalability of the new idTech 7 engine highlighted in a recent IGN interview with Doom Eternal’s lead engine programmer Billy Khan, the difference between the PC and current gen console versions will be significant. However, the id team is hinting at great improvements for next gen consoles.

Khan explains that high-end GPUs and CPUs can greatly improve the performance of the new idTech 7 , making it a future proof engine that has the potential to scale even with unreleased hardware:   

Speed is one of the most important things when playing a DOOM game, so that takes a lot of effort from all departments. On the id Tech 6, we maxed out at 250 frames per second, but in DOOM Eternal with the right hardware you could hit a thousand frames per second, that's the max we have. There's really no upper limit, I've had some hardware here locally that we've built just for testing where we had scenes running in the 400 frames per second. People that have 144Hz or above monitors, even the new monitors that you'll see coming out going forward, DOOM Eternal will hold up for many years and it will give you really amazing opportunities to leverage that hardware. I'm really confident that you'll be happy. 

[...] We have made great strides on the CPU front. id Tech 6 was very parallel, all the cores on the CPU were used, but there were still troubles. There were still gaps of latency. We rewrote our jobs system and now we use all of the cores more efficiently. id Tech 7 will scale with the hardware that you have, all the way from very old hardware to the newest that may not even be in the market yet, which is exciting because it gives us future proofing of the engine.

This is exciting news for PC owners, but what about console gamers? Doom Eternal will certainly not run at ridiculous fps on the current gen consoles, yet 60 fps is still great, especially considering that many console games are capped at 30 fps. Additionally, the current gen consoles will benefit from higher resolution textures, HDR, increased draw distance, better anti-aliasing and post-processing effects. As for the next gen consoles, Khan is hinting at great things to come, probably referring to ray traced graphics which should also come on PC with a later patch.


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Bogdan Solca, 2020-03- 3 (Update: 2020-03- 3)