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Oppo Reno2: While the system performance pleases, the camera unfortunately does not

Could use more fine-tuning: The Oppo Reno2
Could use more fine-tuning: The Oppo Reno2
The Oppo Reno2 comes with similar drawbacks as the slightly cheaper Reno2 Z. The smartphone could have used more fine-tuning and other manufacturers have a considerably better handle on OLED panels.
Mike Wobker, Stefanie Voigt (translated by Marius S.), 🇩🇪

Technically, we could just copy and paste the list of the Oppo Reno2 Z's drawbacks, since it more or less includes everything that needs to be said. However, things are not quite as simple, since the Reno2 manages to set itself apart from its cheaper counterpart thanks to a better system performance that stems from its more powerful hardware.

In terms of the performance, it challenges competitors in the upper mid-range and at least here, Oppo is able to compete. While it cannot secure a clear advantage anywhere, the Reno2 does not perform worse than the average, either. As a result, prospective buyers are more likely to choose this model for the promised camera performance and the pop-up selfie cam feature.

Oppo Reno2's Camera Also Disappoints

Somewhat surprisingly, the front camera is able to capture excellent shots; meanwhile, the automatic mechanism reliably pops up and retracts the sensor. Even though we did not carry the phone in our pockets or a bag, it quickly collected small dust particles, which we had to remove before taking a picture. Those hoping for similarly good pictures from the main camera will unfortunately be disappointed. The quality is mediocre and in this case, four sensors just do not take better photos.

Moreover, the display is worth mentioning. Thanks to its OLED panel, the contrast and the black value is good, although it exhibits a green tint when viewed from an angle. Similarly, the brightness is outstanding and even allows users to view the screen content in direct sunlight. Unfortunately, Oppo uses a very low frequency to control the brightness. This will become immediately apparent to users with sensitive eyes and can be quite hard to ignore.

If Oppo invested a little more time into fine-tuning, the manufacturer could soon become a good alternative to established major smartphone manufacturers.


More details can be found in our Notebookcheck review of the Oppo Reno2

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Mike Wobker
Editor of the original article: Mike Wobker - Senior Tech Writer - 444 articles published on Notebookcheck since 2017
I carried out my first IT experiments with a 386-based system and a whole 4 MB RAM. This was followed by work on various PCs and laptops that I maintained and repaired for friends and acquaintances. After training to become a Telecommunications Systems Technician and gaining a few years of experience, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. Currently, I pursue my fascination for IT, technology, and mobile devices by writing reviews and articles for Notebookcheck. I have also worked for Gamestar, Netzwelt, and Golem, among others.
contact me via: @mornoc_mw, Xing
Marius Schell
Translator: Marius Schell - Tech Writer - 321 articles published on Notebookcheck since 2020
Even in my youth I was already very enthusiastic about technology, and as a result I started building PCs, optimizing them, and writing programs while I was still in school. When dealing with the inevitable hardware and software problems associated with computers, I was always relentless in my search for the necessary solutions. The compact forms of laptops and smartphones introduced further challenges in this regard. In my reviews for Notebookcheck I try to communicate as objectively as possible how well a device copes with these hurdles.
contact me via: LinkedIn
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Mike Wobker, 2020-03-25 (Update: 2020-03-22)