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Warframe's latest update introduces a swathe of new content for both veteran and new players. (Image source: Digital Extremes - edited)

Warframe Jade Shadows drops 4 game-changing updates Space Ninjas need to know about

CheckMag The Warframe Jade Shadows update has officially launched for Windows, Xbox, Switch, PlayStation, and iOS. Update 36 introduces a number of exciting new additions to the MMO looter shooter, including a new warframe, an exciting new...
Julian van der Merwe, 19 Jun 2024 00:52
Nikon has officially announced the Z6 III, and although it features a number of nifty updates, none of them are revolutionary. (Image source: Nikon)

Nikon Z6 III proves mirrorless camera breakthroughs a thing of the past — why that's okay

Nikon has officially launched the Z6 III, and, while it is certainly a marvellously capable middleweight camera with impressive features, the minor upgrades across the board are indicative of a problem. Digital cameras are no long...
Julian van der Merwe, 17 Jun 2024 22:53
Are current-generation handheld gaming PCs worth it? It depends. (Image source: Notebookcheck)

Gaming handhelds: better than ever but don't buy one now

CheckMag Between staunch discounts, plentiful competition, and the recent release of the Steam Deck OLED, there has never been a better time to buy a gaming handheld. However, imminent new releases for the Asus ROG Ally, Nintendo Switch, a...
Julian van der Merwe, 14 Jun 2024 20:08
The Sonos Ace and the Sony WH-1000XM5 can be folded flat. (Image source: Sonos and Sony - edited)

5 key differences between the Sonos Ace and the Sony WH-1000XM5

CheckMag The Sonos Ace headphones are already available for purchase and they have got some serious competition. One of them is the 2-year old Sony WH-1000XM5, a top choice in the premium headphones category. Here are some differences to n...
Habeeb Onawole, 10 Jun 2024 23:06
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 starts at $999, which is still expensive for a lot of people. (Image source: Samsung)

Where is Samsung’s budget Galaxy Z Flip smartphone?

CheckMag Samsung can make a budget Galaxy Z Flip smartphone, but it seems the company just doesn't want to, which is disappointing to say the least. Such a budget device would likely prove to be a huge success with smartphone lovers, as lo...
Habeeb Onawole, 10 Jun 2024 22:25
The heads of Intel and Asus laughing at the Computex keynote. (photo: Andreas Sebayang/

Analysis: Qualcomm puts Intel in panic mode and superstar Jensen lets Moore's Law die

Computex 2024 It was an eventful Computex Taipei indeed. Intel visibly on the defensive and a little stubborn, Qualcomm omnipresent and Nvidia's superstar Jensen was everywhere to begin with. Far-reaching changes are on the horizon and the buzzword AI may even really reach maturity.
Andreas Sebayang, 10 Jun 2024 16:13
This small adapter enables one of the best headsets on the market to work with PC (Source:

Thanks to the PlayStation VR2 PC adapter, one of the best PC VR headsets is also the cheapest

CheckMag The PlayStation VR2 PC adapter makes the PlayStation VR 2 headset compatible with PC and Steam VR. The hardware spec gives players an experience that is on par with the Valve Index and arguably better than the Meta Quest 3 for a s...
David Devey, 09 Jun 2024 19:59
The EU has a solid history of making decisions that actually make sense for consumers and the environment (Source: COE)

The EU's updated right to repair rules are the breath of fresh air consumers and the planet need

CheckMag The EU has a solid history of making decisions that actually benefit the consumer and the EU Right to Repair Directive (R2RD) may finally curb environmentally damaging and anti consumer practices employed by tech companies to keep...
David Devey, 09 Jun 2024 19:49
Chrome OS doesn't have as many features as rival desktop operating systems, but there are enough to make it a daily driver. (Image source: Google)

4 Chrome OS features that are super useful

CheckMag Chrome OS may still be the new kid on the block when it comes to desktop operating systems, but it has got some useful features that makes using it a breeze.
Habeeb Onawole, 05 Jun 2024 04:25
The Redmi Pad SE is a budget Android tablet that's great for streaming videos and reading. (Image source: Redmi)

4 best budget Android tablets

CheckMag Android tablets are available in diverse sizes and a wide price range. Fortunately, finding a quality tablet doesn't require you to break the bank. Even with a tight budget, there are suitable options.
Habeeb Onawole, 31 May 2024 15:44
Giving customers bigger chips using more expensive silicon for less money is nice, but Intel isn't a charity. (Image: Intel)

Can we stop pretending that Intel Arc is taking over the budget GPU market yet?

CheckMag Intel's Arc Alchemist graphics seems to have been an acquired taste amongst PC gamers. Aggressive pricing and driver fixes have helped its roughest edges, but voices in the community suggesting that Arc might suddenly displace AMD...
Matthew Lee, 30 May 2024 20:38
Shiny marketing images are cheap - a Claw 2 will need to deliver, and it'll need to find a niche to have a chance of succeeding. (Image: MSI)

MSI Claw 2: 4 things that need to be changed for the Claw successor

CheckMag The MSI Claw’s debut in the gaming handheld market has been underwhelming, to say the least. With a design that echoes its competitors and a user experience that fails to impress, it’s clear that MSI has significant ground to cove...
Matthew Lee, 30 May 2024 19:41
The Panasonic Lumix S9 has come under fire over the numerous corners cut to reach its $1,499 price and compact form factor. (Image source: Panasonic - edited)

4 underrated cameras that blow the flawed Panasonic Lumix S9 away

CheckMag It's quite obvious by now that the Panasonic Lumix S9 is a controversial camera. Fortunately, if you're after a small, powerful camera, there are some hidden gems out there that walk all over Panasonic's latest compact full-frame ...
Julian van der Merwe, 30 May 2024 19:36
Like the three other options, Logitech's Pop wireless mouse is available in several colors (Image source: on YouTube)

4 eye-catching wireless mice for every budget

CheckMag The Pop, G305 Lightspeed, Surface Arc Mouse and Viper V2 Pro PUBG Battlegrounds wireless mice will make your setup feel like new again at a discount, since all of those 4 are currently enjoying a price cut on Amazon.
Sergey Tarasov, 28 May 2024 22:22
Love it or hate it, the notch is definately polarising. (Source: Notebookcheck)

The M4 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are unlikely to fix Apple's ridiculous notch design

CheckMag The notch is a contentious issue. For some it becomes unobtrusive after time, for others it seriously messes with the feng shui of an otherwise gorgeous screen. While some form of notch might be required for a phone, Apple devices...
David Devey, 28 May 2024 18:30
Panasonic should have given us a premium Micro Four Thirds camera instead of the messy compromise of the Lumix S9. (Image source: Panasonic - edited)

Screw the Lumix S9 - the Micro Four Thirds Lumix GX10 is the camera we want

CheckMag Panasonic's new Lumix S9 is a feat of engineering and design, stuffing a full-frame sensor with IBIS into a body smaller than even many Micro Four Thirds cameras. That form factor comes with serious sacrifices, though. No EVF, no ...
Julian van der Merwe, 26 May 2024 19:40
The Pixel Tablet has a detachable speaker dock. (Image source: Google)

A price cut would have been better for the Google Pixel Tablet

CheckMag Google's decision to sell the Pixel Tablet without the dock is a good one, but it could have made it more enticing to prospective buyers if a price cut had been included in the mix.
Habeeb Onawole, 24 May 2024 17:11
Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: Top 3 key features to expect (Source: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: Can it last 6 days without charging? Top 3 key features to expect

CheckMag Samsung is gearing up to launch its next-generation smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 7 series. Although various leaks have circulated, detailed specifics are still under wraps. Here are the top three features we can look forward to ...
Triet Le, 23 May 2024 16:11
The new Panasonic Lumix S9 might challenge the existing camera landscape thanks to its impressive price and feature set. (Image source: Panasonic - edited)

Panasonic Lumix S9 - death knells for APS-C, Micro Four-Thirds or just a course correction for bloated camera pricing?

CheckMag Full-frame mirrorless cameras in a compact package are nothing new, but the brand-new Panasonic Lumix S9 looks like it might be a bit of a shake-up in the camera industry — it may even rival the likes of the Fujifilm X100VI for th...
Julian van der Merwe, 22 May 2024 21:22
Fujifilm X-T50: 3 reasons this "Digital film" camera isn't worth buying (Source: Fujifilm)

Fujifilm X-T50: 3 reasons this "Digital film" camera isn't worth buying

CheckMag The Fujifilm X-T50, positioned as the successor to the X-T30 II, introduces several notable updates. However, it may not fulfill the expectations for an entry-level replacement, given its price, build, and features. Below are thre...
Triet Le, 22 May 2024 17:01
Is the new iPad Pro worth the hype? (Source: Apple)

Is the new M4 iPad Pro worth the hype? 4 things you should know before buying one

CheckMag The iPad Pro is Apple's premium tablet, featuring the same powerful M-series chips found in Macs. But does it live up to the hype? Some new models might not be the upgrade you're expecting, and could even be considered a downgrade...
Triet Le, 22 May 2024 16:56
Pixel 9 Pro leaks suggest we might finally get a compact phone without the compromises (Source: Rozetked)

Pixel 9 Pro leaks suggest it could be the only compact phone on the market that doesn’t compromise on features

CheckMag The Pixel 9 series details are coming thick and fast, with everything from the display to the camera specs becoming public knowledge. If true, we might finally be able to buy a compact phone without making compromises.
David Devey, 21 May 2024 19:10
 Top 4 laptops that last over 15 hours on a single charge (Source: Unsplash)

Is the MacBook still worth buying in 2024? Check out these 4 laptops lasting over 15 hours on a single charge

CheckMag Battery life is a crucial factor when purchasing a laptop, as constantly searching for a power outlet can be frustrating, especially when on the go. Below are the top four laptops with exceptional battery performance, each lasting...
Triet Le, 21 May 2024 14:47
The Pixel 8a is the latest in the Pixel A series and the first model with 256 GB of storage. (Image source: Google)

The Google Pixel A series needs to continue to exist

CheckMag It has been five years since the first Pixel A series smartphones debuted, and despite unfounded rumors about its discontinuation, the importance of the Pixel A series’ existence can’t be overemphasized.
Habeeb Onawole, 21 May 2024 14:44
The Switch Safe is designed to prevent the owner of a Switch from taking it outside (Image source: Thingverse)

5 cool Nintendo Switch accessories including custom cases and awesome docks

CheckMag The Sports Accessories Bundle, the active cooling shell, the Switch Safe, the Crystal Dock and the Starry Forest Cat Sheep Case will help make one of the greatest consoles of all time even more versatile and cute - or limit its fu...
Sergey Tarasov, 17 May 2024 22:25
Revanced modifies the Android YouTube app to give you the full ad-free experience (Source: Revanced)

While Google continues to crack down on ad blockers, here's the best way to keep blocking YouTube ads on Android

CheckMag Some might argue that YouTube adverts are getting ridiculous. With 2 ads often up to 20 seconds each at the start of a video and another one slapped in your face if you try to scrub through a section, it's no surprise that ad bloc...
David Devey, 12 May 2024 23:24
The Google Pixel 8a turns the Pixel 7a's design on its head without changing all that much. (Image source: Google - edited)

Google Pixel 7a vs Pixel 8a - 3 reasons to skip the Pixel 8a and 1 reason the new Pixel is superior

Google has unveiled many of the details surrounding its new Pixel 8a mid-range smartphone. Unfortunately for those looking for an exciting upgrade from the Google Pixel 7a, this simply isn't it. That doesn't mean the Pixel 8a is d...
Julian van der Merwe, 12 May 2024 05:03
Would you buy a refreshed Nokia E7? (Image source: Nokia via Facebook)

Four classic Nokia smartphones HMD Global should have remade

CheckMag HMD Global has brought back a handful of classic Nokia feature phones, but what if it remade other smartphones from the old Nokia era? The Nokia E72 and the Nokia N95 could make very welcome returns.
Habeeb Onawole, 08 May 2024 05:07
The Fujifilm X-T50 will be a near-flagship device in many ways — including price. (Image source: Fujifilm - edited)

Fujifilm X-T50 leaked - 5 specs that make Fuji's latest APS-C camera a bit Marmite

Fujifilm has yet to announce the Fujifilm X-T50, but the rumours and leaks are in full swing. Between the flagship sensor and processor combo, the compact size, and the reimagined control scheme, the Fujifilm X-T50 launch on May 1...
Julian van der Merwe, 08 May 2024 05:04
Immich is the benchmark for self hosted photo solutions (Source: Immich)

Ditch Google Photos and embrace Immich: Here's why there is so much hype around hosting your own photo backup solution

CheckMag Whether its questionable privacy practices, incorrectly categorising images as child pornography, or using your data for its AI training models, storing your photos with Google continues to be a privacy nightmare. Thankfully a sel...
David Devey, 04 May 2024 19:54
The Asus ROG Ally is a very impressive device, but its hardware is far from perfect. There are a number of things Asus can and should fix when it launches the Asus ROG Ally 2 later this year. (Image source: Notebookcheck / Andreas Osthoff)

Asus ROG Ally 2 confirmed - 4 issues the next-gen handheld PC needs to address

The Asus ROG Ally 2 (or 2024) will apparently make an appearance at Computex 2024. While details on the new handheld device are still unclear, it could really use an update to the display, controls, and ports, as well as a proper ...
Julian van der Merwe, 04 May 2024 15:51
The Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 were among the first models released following the consolidation of Samsung's mid-range series. (Image source: Samsung)

Samsung is recreating its mid-range Galaxy smartphone mess

CheckMag In 2019, Samsung consolidated its budget and mid-range product lines by merging them. However, the company has since introduced new Galaxy smartphone lines, reversing the simplification.
Habeeb Onawole, 02 May 2024 18:45
The Steam Deck and Steam Deck OLED are fantastic machines, but the Linux-based SteamOS might be confusing to new users. (Image source: Valve)

4 tools Steam Deck and Linux gamers need to install

Gaming on Linux can be a little complicated, but the open-source community has put into the software surrounding the Linux gaming experience. Here is a pick of four of the best tools and software packages to make the most of your ...
Julian van der Merwe, 01 May 2024 04:38
It has been confirmed that a Legion Go 2 is in the works. Hopefully Lenovo can address some glaring issues with the current-gen model in the upcoming iteration. (Image source: Notebookcheck / Mark Herter)

Lenovo Legion Go 2 confirmed - 4 issues the new handheld gaming PC needs to fix

Lenovo has confirmed that it is working on a Legion Go 2. Lenovo's original gaming handheld is and was an impressive device, but the next iteration definitely needs a better screen, variable refresh rate, and a better controller e...
Julian van der Merwe, 30 Apr 2024 21:35
The Nintendo Switch Lite is a smaller and cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch. (Image source: Nintendo)

A Nintendo Switch 2 Lite with a better repairability score is what I want

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a nice little handheld gaming device but replacing the screen is a herculean task. If there's a successor such as a Switch 2 Lite, then Nintendo has to make repairing it much easier.
Habeeb Onawole, 26 Apr 2024 20:55
ProtonDB needs a clearer, more accurate rating system than its medals. (Image source: ProtonDB screenshot)

The Steam Deck and Linux gaming have a problem: ProtonDB sucks - let me explain

ProtonDB is the Linux gaming community's attempt at trying to fix Steam's lack of compatibility documentation surrounding Windows games on Linux. It is a fantastic tool for Linux gamers, but unfortunately, it only adds to the chao...
Julian van der Merwe, 25 Apr 2024 03:41
Which side of the scales are you on? (Source: Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash)

Social media: Does it cause more harm than good?

Debate It has been just over 20 years since Facebook first launched as a Harvard university project. In that time, a significant number of other platforms have launched including TikTok, Twitter (X), Snapchat, Instagram and more. But do ...
David Devey and Sergey Tarasov, 24 Apr 2024 23:20
The OnePlus Watch 2 ships with Wear OS. (Image source: OnePlus - edited)

Top 5 Wear OS Smartwatches including the OnePlus Watch 2

CheckMag If you've been mulling over buying a Wear OS smartwatch, now's the best time to do it! And guess what? We've got the hottest options on the market for you.
Habeeb Onawole, 22 Apr 2024 18:50
Top 5 EVs with over 400 miles per charge in 2024 (Source: Lucid Motors)

Tesla is no longer the longest-range EV you can buy: Top 5 electric cars with over 400 miles per charge in 2024

CheckMag In the past two years, the number of EVs in the US with a driving range of over 400 miles has nearly doubled. While many drivers might not need such a large range if their commutes are short, a longer range reduces the need for fr...
Triet Le, 22 Apr 2024 18:29
Fallout 76 has been experiencing a renaissance of late thanks to the TV show, but will people be liking it as a game, or just as "more Fallout"? (Image: Bethesda Game Studios)

Fallout proves that people don't enjoy Bethesda's games, they just enjoy its worlds

CheckMag It's undeniable that Bethesda Game Studios has been a powerhouse in the RPG genre. Its flagship franchises, including Fallout, have repeatedly proven their staying power over the years thanks to Bethesda's tried-and-true open worl...
Matthew Lee, 22 Apr 2024 18:23
You can use Steam Remote Play on pretty much anything with a screen these days (Source: Steam)

5 of the best devices to use with your game streaming server including the Raspberry Pi 5

CheckMag If you have a gaming PC, it’s never been easier to stream games to any device in your house. Steam streaming is probably one of the most accessible solutions to stream games from your gaming PC, Valve even released their own hardw...
David Devey, 20 Apr 2024 19:20
Parsec, Steam and Sunshine, all have clients that will let you stream your gaming PC to pretty much anything (Source: Gamepur)

AMD Link and Nvidia GameStream have bitten the dust: Here are the 3 best solutions for streaming your gaming PC to any device

CheckMag AMD Link ended support in January and Nvidia GameStream is being actively removed from Shield devices in favour of Geforce Now. Fortunately, a number of other open and closed source solutions offer flexible and arguably better ex...
David Devey, 20 Apr 2024 19:11
Top 5 tech myths you need to stop believing today (Source: Unsplash)

Does Apple really slow down older models to sell new ones? Top 5 tech myths you need to stop believing today

CheckMag Technology plays a huge role in our lives so it's no wonder that certain myths about how it works have become widespread. Does a 200-megapixel smartphone take better photos than a 20-megapixel camera? Does closing apps save your p...
Triet Le, 19 Apr 2024 19:16
Are high-end gaming laptops worth the hype? (Source: Lenovo)

Are high-end gaming laptops worth the hype? Top 4 premium models to consider in 2024

CheckMag Gaming laptops deliver impressive performance but often come with steep price tags. For gamers looking to level up their experience, it's crucial to determine which models justify their prices. Below are the top four high-end gami...
Triet Le, 19 Apr 2024 19:01
Tired of Tesla? Check out these 4 alternatives for your next EV (Source: Porsche)

Tired of Tesla? Check out these 4 alternatives for your next EV: From Lucid Air to Rivian R2

CheckMag While Tesla offers some impressive electric vehicles, it's not the only player in the EV market. A variety of high-quality EVs have recently entered the market. If your preferences have shifted away from Elon Musk's brand due to h...
Triet Le, 16 Apr 2024 05:04
Playing games with joysticks is so 1977. There's a reason the rest of the world moved to gamepads (Source: Atari)

The Atari Gamestation Pro is a shining example of why mini retro consoles are literally rubbish

CheckMag Not to miss the cash train, many original manufacturers have released “mini” consoles, including Sega, Nintendo, Commodore and Atari. However, of all the retro consoles, the latest Atari Gamestation Pro is a short lived nostalgia ...
David Devey, 15 Apr 2024 19:00
The James Webb Space Telescope is re-writing what we thought we knew about the universe. (Image: NASA GSFC/CIL/Adriana Manrique Gutierrez)

The James Webb Space Telescope is re-writing what we thought we knew about the universe

The James Webb Telescope is the gift that keeps on giving for scientists. Rather than confirming what we already thought we understood about the universe, it is challenging everything at the heart of what is known and accepted as ...
Sanjiv Sathiah, 14 Apr 2024 11:55
The butterfly keyboard was notorious for failing with even the slightest spec of dust (Source: Apple)

Apple's worst laptop keyboard - time is running out for service claims on affected MacBooks

At one point Apple was single mindedly pursuing the thinnest devices possible. In that quest for form over function they released one of the worst laptop keyboards in history. These keyboards were notorious for having almost no tr...
David Devey, 10 Apr 2024 15:19
2024's tech community April Fool's jokes went all-in on AI and kicking small phones while they're down. (Image source: MKBHD on X / Nothing on X)

Top 4 tech April Fool's gags: From secret studio robots to Razer's deadly gaming chair

Putting all the fandoms and silly internet arguments aside, the tech community can occasionally have some fun. Now that April Fool's is behind us, here are the best tech-related April Fool's gags from the biggest brands and creato...
Julian van der Merwe, 06 Apr 2024 01:26
The Galaxy Fit 3 is Samsung's latest fitness tracker, and a cheaper alternative to the Galaxy Watch smartwatch. (Image source: Samsung)

Samsung's refusal to launch the Galaxy Fit 3 in the US is a lost opportunity

CheckMag The Galaxy Fit 3 won't be officially available in multiple key markets, and Samsung may be leaving money on the table, particularly in the US, with this poor decision.
Habeeb Onawole, 04 Apr 2024 12:43
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