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CheckMag | Tesla is no longer the longest-range EV you can buy: Top 5 electric cars with over 400 miles per charge in 2024

Top 5 EVs with over 400 miles per charge in 2024 (Source: Lucid Motors)
Top 5 EVs with over 400 miles per charge in 2024 (Source: Lucid Motors)
In the past two years, the number of EVs in the US with a driving range of over 400 miles has nearly doubled. While many drivers might not need such a large range if their commutes are short, a longer range reduces the need for frequent charging and enables longer trips without stopping. Tesla's Model S no longer leads the list.

It's important to note that the advertised range of an EV can vary due to factors like driving speed, temperature and tire size. Below are the top 5 electric cars with the longest range in 2024, based on EPA or manufacturer estimates.

1. Lucid Air Grand Touring: 516 miles

Despite being a newcomer in the EV arena, Lucid Motors has rapidly established an impressive presence with its 2024 Lucid Air Grand Touring sedan. This model sets a new benchmark in EV range, achieving an extraordinary 516 miles on a single charge, outpacing its closest competitor from Tesla by almost 100 miles.

Equipped with an AC-powered Lucid Mobile Charging Cable, the Air Grand Touring enables a charging rate of 40 miles per hour. For those requiring quicker charge times, Lucid also offers the optional Connected Home Charging Station, which doubles the charging capability to 80 miles per hour. The vehicle’s high-voltage 900V+ architecture supports DC fast charging at up to 300 kW, allowing for a rapid 200-mile range addition in just 12 minutes.

The Lucid model range includes the high-performance 1234-hp Sapphire variant, capable of covering 427 miles on a single charge. At the more accessible end of the spectrum, the base Pure model is rated at 394 miles or 419 miles, depending on wheel size. Pricing varies significantly across the lineup, with the base Pure starting at $77,400 and the luxurious 1,234-horsepower Sapphire commanding up to $250,000. The Grand Touring model, priced starting at $125,600, offers the best range value.

2. 2024 Fisker Ocean Extreme: 440 miles

Fisker Automotive, the California-based electric vehicle manufacturer, is currently developing an exciting lineup of EVs, ranging from an SUV to a high-powered five-seat convertible GT equipped with over 1,000 horsepower.

The entry-level model in this lineup is the Ocean Sport, which offers a range of 273 miles, making it a practical option for daily commuting and moderate-distance travels. The next tier, the Ocean Ultra, extends this capability significantly, boasting a range of 379 miles on a single charge, catering to users with longer commute needs or preference for extensive road trips. For those seeking the ultimate in range and performance, Fisker presents the Ocean Extreme and the limited-edition Ocean One, each capable of traveling an impressive 440 miles without needing a recharge. This exceptional range is powered by a large 106.5kWh usable battery and is complemented by a dual-motor setup that produces 557 horsepower and provides all-wheel drive capability.

3. Porsche Taycan: 421 miles

Porsche's Taycan, their first all-electric car, has received a significant update for 2024. The refreshed Taycan now sports a larger battery with a gross capacity of 105kWh, up from the previous 93kWh. This upgrade enables the rear-drive model of the Taycan to deliver an increased range of up to 421 miles on a single charge, marking a substantial 35% improvement over its predecessor. This enhancement pushes the Taycan further into the territory of high-endurance electric vehicles.

Additionally, the updated Taycan features an improved charging capability, now offering up to 320kW—50kW more than before. This increase substantially cuts down the charging time required to replenish the battery from 10% to 80%, reducing it to just 18 minutes compared to 37 minutes in the earlier model. This improvement not only enhances convenience but also aligns with the growing demands for faster charging solutions in the EV sector.

4. Tesla Model S: 405 miles

Although no longer leading in range, the Tesla Model S remains an impressive contender in the EV market. It features an 85 kWh battery composed of 16 modules, each 5.3 kWh. This configuration enables the Model S to achieve a substantial range of 405 miles. A key contributor to its efficiency is its aerodynamic design, boasting a drag coefficient of just 0.208 Cd.

For home charging, the Model S is equipped with a wall connector that supports an 11.5 kW output from a wall-mounted AC charging station, which can add up to 44 miles of range for each hour of charging. Additionally, the Tesla Supercharger network facilitates rapid recharging on the go, allowing the battery to gain up to 200 miles in just 15 minutes with a peak charging rate of 250 kW. 

5. Rivian R1S Dual-Motor Max Pack: 400 miles

As a relatively new entrant in the EV market, Rivian's vehicles are becoming increasingly visible on the road. Rivian has announced that the Max Pack, compatible with the dual-motor powertrain, is now available for order. This battery configuration allows the electric SUV, the R1S, to achieve an impressive driving range of 400 miles on a single charge. It's important to note that the quad-motor setup, which provides a still substantial 352 miles of range, is only compatible with the Large Pack.

The R1S model, Rivian's entry into the electric SUV market, showcases a distinctive design and robust off-road capabilities. It supports DC fast charging over 200 kW, enabling it to quickly replenish up to 140 miles of range in just 20 minutes. Rivian is also expanding its charging network, planning to install over 3,500 Rivian Adventure Network DC fast chargers and more than 10,000 Rivian Waypoints Level 2 chargers, each with a capacity of 11.5 kW, similar to residential wall chargers.

From 2024 onwards, the R1S will also benefit from expanded charging options, as it gains access to over 12,000 Tesla Supercharger locations, significantly enhancing convenience for on-the-go charging.

For those considering an upgrade to an electric car in 2024, consider the EMPORIA EV Charger Level 2 for faster charging (currently available on Amazon).

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