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Casio announces limited-edition TRN-50 Casiotron watch celebrating 50th anniversary of watchmaking

Limited-edition TRN-50 Casiotron watch celebrates Casio's 50th anniversary of watch making (Source: Casio Japan)
Limited-edition TRN-50 Casiotron watch celebrates Casio's 50th anniversary of watch making (Source: Casio Japan)
Casio has announced the limited-edition, TRN-50 Casiotron watch celebrating its 50th anniversary of watchmaking. The TRN-50 is modeled on the Casiotron QW02 launched in November 1974, but expands upon the automatic and useful features of the original. A limited run of 4,000 pieces will be available.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of watchmaking, Casio has unveiled the Casiotron TRN-50 modeled after the original QW02 that was released in November 1974. The Casiotron QW02 was the first wristwatch with an automatic calendar function that accounted for varying days in a month.

The QW02 was not the world's first digital wristwatch - that distinction goes to the Hamilton Pulsar P1 released in 1972 which displayed the time on its red LED display. The QW02 added the ability to display month, day, and day of week on its black and white LCD display while auto-correcting for the different days in each month (with the exception of leap year February). 

The new Casiotron TRN-50 adds more automatic features for added convenience. A Tough Solar panel can power the watch and high-brightness, full-display Super Illuminator LED backlight indefinitely. To keep accurate time, the built-in radio receiver automatically synchronizes the TRN-50 to broadcasts from six worldwide radio time signal stations.

The TRN-50 can also operate with smartphones over Bluetooth. The app can synchronize cellular network time to the watch four times a day and can set reminder alarms for five upcoming events. A press of the watch button activates the app to record the current time, date, and location on a map. If necessary, the watch can be used to find the phone.

The watch is water resistant to 5 bar, has alarm, stopwatch and timer functions, and can display world times from 39 cities (300 can be selected from the app). The glass back is engraved with the limited edition number of the watch out of 4,000 copies available worldwide.

Pre-orders of the watch in Japan for 63,800 yen and in America for $500 have sold out, so interested buyers will have to wait until after the February 29, 2024 release date to buy one on the resell market. Readers who just want a durable watch today with GPS and even more features can look at buying a top-end Casio (like this Rangeman at Amazon).

The 50th anniversary Casiotron TRN-50 expands upon the original QW02 with additional automatic features. (Source: Casio USA)
The 50th anniversary Casiotron TRN-50 expands upon the original QW02 with additional automatic features. (Source: Casio USA)

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February 15, 2024

50th anniversary model of watch business

Limited edition watch that reissues the Company's first wristwatch "Casiotron

Reproducing the design of the time while evolving to today's specifications


To commemorate the 50th anniversary of its watch business, Casio will release on February 29 a limited edition of 4,000 pieces of the "TRN-50," a reissue of the Casiotron QW02, Casio's first wristwatch and the first digital watch in the world with an automatic calendar function.

In November 1974, Casio launched the "Casiotron" digital watch, which was developed based on the concept that "time is the addition of every second" and by developing the digital technology cultivated in the calculator business. Aiming to create a "fully automatic wristwatch" that accurately displayed not only the time, but also the month, date, and day of the week, Casiotron was equipped with an auto-calendar function that automatically detected the major and minor months and adjusted the date*. By eliminating the need to correct the date, this model overturned the common practice of the time.

*Except for February 29 in leap years.

The "TRN-50" presented here is a digital watch that reproduces the design of the "Casiotron QW02-10 series" while incorporating the latest functions such as radio wave reception, mobile link function, and solar drive, based on the 50-year history of evolution under the development concept of "fully automatic watches.

The exterior of the watch is based on a thorough verification of the design of the first model while conforming to current quality standards and reproducing it, including its size. The watch features the same high quality case and band, dark blue-colored face, and CASIOTRON logo as in the original design.

In terms of functionality, in addition to the highly visible STN LCD and Tough Solar, the watch is equipped with the ability to receive standard radio waves from six stations around the world and a mobile link function via Bluetooth®, enabling the user to obtain accurate time information via a smartphone. The development concept of the time is reflected in modern technology, such as automatic updating of time zone information and time differences around the world.

The back of the watch, decorated with the same motif as the first model, is engraved with a serial number, and the watch is packaged in a special eco-friendly paper package, making it a special limited edition model.

We will continue to provide new value by leveraging our strengths in creative product development and electronics technology.

Model No.

Suggested Retail Price

Release Date

Production Quantity


63,800 yen (tax included)

Feb. 29

4,000 units


Inspired by the first model

Dark blue-colored face

Top surface of the case with a ground finish as on the first model

and mirror-finished sides

Hairline and mirror-finished band

Screw-back caseback with the same motif as the first model

The image is not the final specification.

Evolved watch functions

Exclusive eco-friendly paper packaging

TRN-50" product site

Casio Watch 50th Anniversary Special Site

Main specifications of the TRN-50

Water resistance

5 atm waterproof

Radio reception

JJY (Japan): 40 kHz (Fukushima station) / 60 kHz (Kyushu station)

WWVB (USA): 60 kHz, MSF (UK): 60 kHz

DCF77 (Germany): 77.5 kHz, BPC (China): 68.5 kHz

Radio wave reception

Automatic reception (max. 6 times/day, max. 5 times/day for China only), manual reception

Automatic reception is performed when the environment is deemed suitable for reception.

Communication Specifications

Communication standard

Bluetooth® low energy

Communication distance

~Up to 2 m (varies depending on environment)

World Time

5 world times: 39 cities (39 time zones, with automatic daylight saving time setting function) + UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time display, with home time city switching function

May be updated in conjunction with a smart phone.


1/100 second (less than 1 hour) / 1 second (more than 1 hour), 24-hour counter, with split


Set unit: 1 second, maximum set time 24 hours, measured in 1-second increments


5 time alarms (only one with snooze function), time signal

Mobile link function*1 (functions linked via Bluetooth® communication with compatible cell phones)

Automatic time correction, easy clock setting, world time: approx. 300 cities + original points, time and place, reminder, cell phone search

Other functions

Battery charge warning function, power saving function, fully automatic calendar, 12/24-hour display switching, operation sound ON/OFF switching, date display (month/day switching), day of the week display (switching between 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian), LED backlight (fully automatic light, super illuminator, Fade-in/fade-out, afterglow function, afterglow time switching: 2 seconds/4 seconds)

Power source

Tough Solar (solar recharging system)

Continuous operating time

From full charge to functional use without solar power generation: approx. 11 months

In the case of power saving state: approx. 22 months


42.7 x 39.1 x 12.3 mm


Approx. 111 g

Made in Japan

1 The dedicated application "CASIO WATCHES" must be downloaded.

Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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