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Sharp unveils the Mebius NJ70A Netbook

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By: Raghav kapoor

The first Netbook in the world to have a LCD trackpad with Optical Sensors

Mebius NJ70A

Mebius NJ70A

Lcd touchpad with optical sensor

Lcd touchpad with optical sensor

Innovation to the next level that is what Sharp’s new Mebius NJ70A Netbook is all about. This new 10.1-inch Netbook from Sharp has a 4-inch LCD panel with optical sensors instead of the regular trackpad which allows it to display images as well as sense movement of fingers or pens placed on its surface. This revolutionary trackpad retains its brightness as it operates using the optical sensors which can sense upto four fingers at once instead of just two.

To activate the LCD, users just have to press an on-screen button and the small screen lights up to display a menu with items like web bookmarks, dictionary, e-books, photos and games. Here is how it - works suppose we tap on the web bookmarks icon it will display a list of the bookmarks on the small screen, now when we press on any web bookmark it will open up the website on the main screen.

The user can use a pen input to write a word on the small screen and then look it up in a dictionary. It accepts Basic English, Korean and Chinese characters and words. Moreover, it also has a support for multiple gestures like pinching and expanding fingers to scale content just like an Apple I-Phone does. An amazing fact is that the applications on the LCD sensor panel run on Linux and the computer runs on Windows.

The Mebius NJ70A will run on Windows Vista Home basic with the power of Intel N270 Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard disk storage, a Web cam, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Sharp initially plans to sell this model in Japan only, where it will be available by late May and would be priced at around ¥80,000 or US $808.


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