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MSI GT70-0NC-011US


MSI GT70-0NC-011US
MSI GT70-0NC-011US (GT70 Series)
Intel Core i7-3610QM 4 x 2.3 - 3.3 GHz (Intel Core i7)
Graphics adapter
17.30 inch 16:9, 1920 x 1080 pixel, glossy: no
3.9 kg ( = 137.57 oz / 8.6 pounds) ( = 0 oz / 0 pounds)
2000 Euro



Average Score: 81.67% - good
Average of 6 scores (from 8 reviews)

Reviews for the MSI GT70-0NC-011US

70% MSI GT70 review
Source: Techradar English version
Gaming is obviously core for the GT70 and, thanks to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M GPU, it has no worries when it comes to playing the latest titles. MSI has also added its Turbo Drive Engine technology, which means speed boosts for video decoding and encoding, as well as 3D gaming. Intel HD 4000 graphics are also on board for less demanding graphical tasks.
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 06/26/2012
Rating: Total score: 70%
80% MSI GT70 Gaming Laptop Review
Source: T Break English version
It’s clear that the new hardware in the GT70 is a significant improvement over last year’s GT780R models. While the graphics card may remain a generation old, the higher clock speeds most certainly help improve performance. Combine this with the new Ivy Bridge processor and SSDs in RAID, and you have a supremely capable gaming laptop. Heck, even Windows boots in 11 seconds flat! My only major complaint is that MSI have bundles this with so much unnecessary software that out of 111GB of the RAIDed SSDs, you’re only left with 58.8GB free. May as well just reinstall Windows 7
Single Review, online available, Short, Date: 05/21/2012
Rating: Total score: 80%
80% MSI GT70 review
Source: Tech Advisor English version
All in all, while the styling might be considered amateurish, and some minor idiosyncrasies exist, MSI has put together an all-around winning package in the MSI GT70. Its 5-hour-plus battery life sets it apart from other high-performance heavyweights.
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 05/17/2012
Rating: Total score: 80%
90% MSI GT70 Review and Ratings
Source: Computer Shopper English version
Gaming notebooks are tricky beasts to evaluate. The best of them balance the speediest current-day performance with the savviest design, but a perfect combination will cost you. The MSI GT70’s fun lighting features and runaway performance, combined with a reasonable price for the hardware, add up to one of the best-value laptops you can buy for serious gaming.
Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: 05/02/2012
Rating: Total score: 90%
80% MSI GT70 0NC-011US
Source: PC Mag English version
Overall, its few frames under 30 fps in high-quality tests are all that keep the MSI GT70 0NC-011US (Best Deal: $1,999.99 at Amazon) from unseating the more expensive GT783-625US as our under-$3,000 gaming laptop Editors' Choice. If you're willing to give up a little resolution or eye candy (as in Unigine's Heaven 3.0 benchmark, which posted 35.2 fps without anti-aliasing), the GT70 should run the toughest DX11 games, and its cutting-edge CPU and storage system make it an exceptional multimedia and productivity performer.
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 04/30/2012
Rating: Total score: 80%

Foreign Reviews

MSI GT70 Gaming Notebook
Source: German DE→EN version
Positive: very good performance Negative: high price; clodhopping body
Single Review, online available, Long, Date: 10/24/2012
MSI GT70 - Zweiter Anlauf mit GTX 680M
Source: HardwareLuxx German DE→EN version
Positive: excellent performance; outstanding keyboard and soundsystem Negative: high price
Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: 09/07/2012
90% Review af MSI GT70
Source: DA→EN version
Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: 07/07/2012
Rating: Total score: 90%


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M: Renamed GeForce GTX 570M with slightly higher core clock speeds

Modern games should be playable with these graphics cards at low settings and resolutions. Casual gamers may be happy with these cards.

» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Graphics Cards and the corresponding Benchmark List.

Intel Core i7: The Intel Core i7 for laptops is based on the LG1156 Core i5/i7 CPU for desktops. The base clock speed of the CPUs is relatively low, but because of a huge Turbo mode, the cores can dynamically overclock to up to 3.2 GHz (920XM). Therefore, the CPU can be as fast as high clocked dual-core CPUs (using single threaded applications) but still offer the advantage of 4 cores. Because of the large TDP of 45 W / 55 W, the CPU is only intended for large laptops.  


An Ivy Bridge-based quad-core processor clocked at 2.3 GHz with Turbo Boost support up to 3.3 GHz. Offers an integrated HD Graphics 4000 GPU running at 650-1100 MHz on a dual channel DDR3 memory controller.

» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Processsors.


This large display size is used for laptops which are mainly intended for an use on a desk.

Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. So, details like letters are bigger. On the other hand, the power consumption is lower with small screen diagonals and the devices are smaller, more lightweight and cheaper.

» To find out how fine a display is, see our DPI List.

3.9 kg:

In former years, this weight was representative for laptops with a 14-16 inch display-diagonal. Nowadays, 17 inch laptops weigh less than that.

MSI: Micro-Star International (MSI), is a Taiwan based computer hardware manufacturer since 1986 best known for desktop computer motherboards. MSI also designs and manufactures graphics cards, barebone PCs, notebook computers, networking products, servers, multimedia, consumer electronics, and storage devices. MSI, as most Taiwanese computer manufacturers, sells products on OEM/ODM basis. It also sells products worldwide based on its own brand name "MSI". The market share of laptops with the MSI brand is rather low.

MSI is not present in the smartphone market. As a laptop manufacturer, MSI has a medium market share and is not among the Top 10 global manufacturers. The ratings of MSI laptops are above average in the tests (as of 2016).

81.67%: This rating should be considered to be average. This is because the proportion of notebooks which have a higher rating is approximately equal to the proportion which have a lower rating.

» Further information can be found in our Notebook Purchase Guide.


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MSI GT70 0NC-017NL
GeForce GTX 670M
MSI GT70-0NC-048FR
GeForce GTX 670M
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GeForce GTX 670M
MSI GT70-0NC-015UK
GeForce GTX 670M
MSI GT70-i789BLW7H
GeForce GTX 670M
GeForce GTX 670M

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