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Xiaomi Mix 4: High-end import with a camera under the display

Its rounded AMOLED panel gives the Xiaomi Mix 4 a bezel-less design.
Its rounded AMOLED panel gives the Xiaomi Mix 4 a bezel-less design.
You can currently only get the Xiaomi Mix 4 via an importing detour. But this can be worthwhile, since two features distinguish the high-end smartphone from its competitors: a selfie camera hidden under the display and fast charging with 120 watts.
Manuel Masiero (translated by Mark Riege), 🇩🇪

In most smartphones, the selfie camera can be easily seen behind a little notch or round hole in the top edge of the display. This is even particularly large in Apple smartphones, since other sensors such as those for face recognition also have to fit in there.

However, the notch isn't particularly favored by users, since it is not always implemented well and also takes away some of the precious real estate of the display.

A hidden 20-MP selfie camera

In order to make the selfie camera as invisible as possible, some smartphones such as the Xiaomi Mi 9T used a pop-up webcam, which is hidden in a small tray on the top edge and can be raised out of the case when needed. Another approach was taken by the ZTE Axon 20 5G which had an under-display camera. Here the webcam is placed underneath the display, so it takes pictures through it. However, this feature was relatively useless in the ZTE smartphone due to its bad image quality.

While the Xiaomi Mix 4 also uses an under-display camera, its image quality turns out far better than that of the ZTE Axon 20 5G. As our test shows, the 20-MP camera of the Mix 4, which is almost invisible in everyday operation, is already able to come fairly close to the image quality of ordinary selfie cameras. However, perhaps it might need a few more product generations until all the limitations of the quality can be removed.

The second particular feature of the Xiaomi Mix 4 is its 120-Watt charger. This allows charging the smartphone in record times - with the corresponding battery setting, it takes only 25 minutes until the empty battery is completely recharged to 100%. The Mix 4 can also be recharged wirelessly with up to 50 watts.

You can find out more on the complete test of the Xiaomi Mix 4 here.

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Manuel Masiero
Editor of the original article: Manuel Masiero - Senior Tech Writer - 179 articles published on Notebookcheck since 2012
My fascination for computers started with the C64. Since then, I’ve put everything that comes my way in terms of hardware through its paces. From the C64 to the Amiga 500 and the first PC with an 8088 CPU, my list of projects has grown increasingly longer. For more than 20 years now I have also turned my hobby into my profession and have been active in the mobile section of Notebookcheck since 2021. Before that, I worked as a hardware editor for IDG Media ( and VNU Business Publications (PC professional), among others.
Mark Riege
Translator: Mark Riege - Translator - 316 articles published on Notebookcheck since 2018
Having worked as a programmer for 20 years (medical devices, AI, data management systems), I've been following the computer scene for many years and especially enjoy finding out about new technology advances. Originally from Germany but living in the US, I've been working as a translator more recently, with Notebookcheck allowing me to combine my interest in new devices and translation. Other interests include Buddhism, spending time in Tibetan monasteries, and translating ancient Tibetan texts.
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Manuel Masiero, 2021-12-10 (Update: 2021-12- 8)