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The best smartphones of spring 2024 - Comparison of 35 reviewed phones

We have reviewed many exciting smartphones over the past three months, including flagship devices from Samsung Xiaomi and Honor, popular mid-range phones, and rising stars in the outdoor phone segment. In this overview, we’ll also reveal some of our personal favourites.

In this article, we’ll only take into account phones that we have reviewed in the prior three months. You’ll find links to these in-depth reviews in the table at the bottom. Head on to the following best-of lists for more interesting recommendations and deals:

Our highest-rated devices: Here are the best smartphones right now

Every time a new Galaxy S Ultra model releases, it will usually occupy one of the top spots in our overall ratings. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (starting from €1,120 or US$1,150 from Amazon) once again demonstrates that the Korean company knows how to harness its decades of experience in manufacturing top-tier phones. Thanks to Samsung's promise to provide seven years of Android updates, you’ll be able to use the pricey device for a long time. The integrated S Pen opens up plenty of new ways to interact with the S24 Ultra.

The Magic6 Pro reiterates that Honor too is capable of building excellent smartphones. In terms of overall score, the device is just a fraction of a percent behind the current leader. With superb battery life, a great camera system, accurate GPS location and 3D face recognition, there are plenty to like about the phone. The Magic6 Pro is currently available on Amazon for roughly €1,140 (US$1,050).

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (91%)
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (91%)
Honor Magic6 Pro (91%)
Honor Magic6 Pro (91%)

Despite not being as high-profile in Europe since its patent dispute with Nokia, Oppo has still been building phones that deserve a spot on your list if you are a fan of unique devices. The Oppo Find X7 Ultra stands out with its fantastic specs, premium chassis, exceptional camera system and fast charging capability.

Those looking for a wieldy, first-rate Samsung phone should opt for the Galaxy S24, which shines with its compact and high-quality design. It is currently selling for around €700 (or US$800) on Amazon. The extremely long update support is similarly a great reason to purchase the Galaxy S24, as well as the good camera system and premium AMOLED display

Oppo Find X7 Ultra (91%)
Oppo Find X7 Ultra (91%)
Samsung Galaxy S24 (90%)
Samsung Galaxy S24 (90%)

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ (approx. €1,070 or US$1,000 on Amazon) is a slightly larger phone that finally offers more than just a larger screen size compared with its non-plus counterpart. It offers significantly better features, more storage, a higher-resolution display and longer battery life. The fact that it enjoys the same long update support makes a strong case for the phone.

Xiaomi naturally wouldn’t want to take a backseat in the high-end phone segment and delivered a superb overall package with the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, which will currently set you back about €1,190 (US$1,281). Beside having great cameras and quick charging capability, the device features a very bright and accurate display. That said, the lack of eSIM support is somewhat surprising in this price bracket.

Samsung Galaxy S24+ (90%)
Samsung Galaxy S24+ (90%)
Xiaomi 14 Ultra (89%)
Xiaomi 14 Ultra (89%)

The Honor Magic V2 is available in a standard and an RSR variant, which was developed in collaboration with Porsche Design. As a result, the RSR version features a more stylish chassis and also comes with the Honor Magic Pen. Despite being much pricier, it is identical to the standard Magic V2 in terms of specs. Both devices are premium foldable phones with innovative silicon-carbon batteries. The standard model is available for around €1,560 from in Germany. Readers in the US can purchase it from Amazon for roughly US$1,540.

The Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro is a smartphone aimed predominantly at gamers. Despite this, it may also be an attractive option for other kinds of users thanks to its understate design. The device offers a slim, lightweight glass body as well as impressive specs, featuring 1 TB of storage, long battery life and a very bright OLED display. The ROG Phone 8 Pro is retailing for approximately €1,200 (or US$1,200) on Amazon right now.

Honor Magic V2 (89%)
Honor Magic V2 (89%)
Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro (89%)
Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro (89%)

Even though it’s slightly more exotic, the Vivo X100 Pro is definitely available for purchase in Europe. The flagship phone features a camera system developed in partnership with Zeiss, boasting a dedicated image signal processor. Though the short update support may deter some potential buyers.

For years, the Asus Zenfone series was known for its compact design. However, the Zenfone 11 Ultra is a much larger device that wants to go head-to-head with other high-end phones. The series’ unique selling point has been lost in the process, even if the Zenfone 11 Ultra still retains an audio jack, an uncommon feature in this price range. Crucially, the cameras aren’t able to keep pace with those on similarly priced devices. Prices of the Zenfone 11 Ultra have already slipped below the €1,000 (US$900) mark at the time of writing.

Vivo X100 Pro (89%)
Vivo X100 Pro (89%)
Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra (88%)
Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra (88%)

Our favourites - Editors Choice Awards Spring 2024

Nothing Phone (2a)

So far, Nothing has mostly offered expensive phones that stood out from the competition with their Glyph light interface on the back.

The company now has a more affordable device in its lineup with the Nothing Phone (2a), which currently retails for around €320 (or US$430) on Amazon. The phone is packed with decent specs whilst capturing the unique look of Nothing. Featuring a bright 120Hz AMOLED display, three years of OS upgrades, a proper camera system and great battery life, the Phone (2a) doesn’t have to shy away from leading mid-range offerings like the Galaxy A series.

However, don’t expect to get features such as eSIM support or wireless charging, and the plastic cover could also be slightly sturdier. That said, The Phone (2a) is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a mid-ranger.

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The best smartphones of spring 2024

Notebookcheck rating
Model and its specs
Display size
Case thickness
Display technology
Pixel density
Low price
83.9 %Honor Magic6 Lite
SD 6 Gen 1, Adreno 710
Honor Magic6 Lite6.78"7.98 mm185 gAMOLED2652x1200429 PPI
86.8 %Nubia RedMagic 9 Pro
SD 8 Gen 3, Adreno 750
Nubia RedMagic 9 Pro6.80"8.9 mm229 gAMOLED2480x1116400 PPI
80.1 %Oukitel WP33 Pro 5G
Dimensity 6100+, Mali-G57 MP2
Oukitel WP33 Pro 5G6.60"27.2 mm577.5 gIPS2408x1080400 PPI
88.6 %Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro
SD 8 Gen 3, Adreno 750
Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro6.78"8.9 mm225 gOLED2400x1080388 PPI
82.5 %Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G
Helio G99, Mali-G57 MP2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G6.67"8 mm188 gAMOLED2400x1080395 PPI
80.2 %Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 4G
SD 685, Adreno 610
Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 4G6.67"8 mm188.5 gAMOLED2400x1080395 PPI
87.4 %Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G
Dimensity 7200, Mali-G610 MP4
Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G6.67"8.9 mm204.5 gAMOLED2712x1220446 PPI
86.8 %Nubia Z60 Ultra
SD 8 Gen 3, Adreno 750
Nubia Z60 Ultra6.80"8.78 mm246 gAMOLED2480x1116400 PPI
84.5 %Samsung Galaxy A25 5G
Exynos 1280, Mali-G68 MP4
Samsung Galaxy A25 5G6.50"8.3 mm197 gSuper AMOLED2340x1080396 PPI
86.3 %Oppo Find N3 Flip
Dimensity 9200, Immortalis-G715 MP11
Oppo Find N3 Flip6.80"7.8 mm201 gAMOLED2520x1080403 PPI
89 %Honor Magic V2
SD 8 Gen 2, Adreno 740
Honor Magic V27.92"4.7 mm231 gOLED2344x2156402 PPI
89.1 %Honor Magic V2 RSR
SD 8 Gen 2, Adreno 740
Honor Magic V2 RSR7.92"4.7 mm234 gOLED2344x2156402 PPI
81.2 %Tecno Spark 20 Pro+
Helio G99, Mali-G57 MP2
Tecno Spark 20 Pro+6.78"7.6 mm179 gAMOLED2436x1080393 PPI
91.1 %Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
SD 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy, Adreno 750
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra6.80"8.6 mm232 gDynamic AMOLED 2X3120x1440505 PPI
90 %Samsung Galaxy S24
Exynos 2400, Xclipse 940
Samsung Galaxy S246.20"7.6 mm167 gDynamic AMOLED 2X2340x1080416 PPI
89.8 %Samsung Galaxy S24+
Exynos 2400, Xclipse 940
Samsung Galaxy S24+6.70"7.7 mm196 gAMOLED3120x1440513 PPI
77.7 %Xiaomi Redmi 13C
Helio G85, Mali-G52 MP2
Xiaomi Redmi 13C6.74"8.1 mm192 gIPS1600x720260 PPI
81.5 %Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro
Helio G99, Mali-G57 MP2
Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro6.67"7.98 mm181 gAMOLED2400x1080395 PPI
85.5 %Samsung Galaxy S23 FE
Exynos 2200, Xclipse 920
Samsung Galaxy S23 FE6.40"8.2 mm209 gDynamic AMOLED x22340x1080403 PPI
81.9 %Motorola Moto G34
SD 695 5G, Adreno 619
Motorola Moto G346.50"8.2 mm179 gIPS1600x720270 PPI
90.6 %Honor Magic6 Pro
SD 8 Gen 3, Adreno 750
Honor Magic6 Pro6.80"8.9 mm229 gOLED2800x1280453 PPI
79.1 %Samsung Galaxy XCover 7
Dimensity 6100+, Mali-G57 MP2
Samsung Galaxy XCover 76.60"10.2 mm240 gPLS2408x1080400 PPI
89.2 %Xiaomi 14 Ultra
SD 8 Gen 3, Adreno 750
Xiaomi 14 Ultra6.73"9.2 mm219.8 gAMOLED3200x1440521 PPI
80 %Samsung Galaxy A15
Helio G99, Mali-G57 MP2
Samsung Galaxy A156.50"8.4 mm200 gSuper AMOLED2340x1080396 PPI
80.1 %Samsung Galaxy A15 5G
Dimensity 6100+, Mali-G57 MP2
Samsung Galaxy A15 5G6.50"8.4 mm200 gAMOLED2340x1080396 PPI
90.6 %Oppo Find X7 Ultra
SD 8 Gen 3, Adreno 750
Oppo Find X7 Ultra6.82"9.5 mm221 gAMOLED3168x1440510 PPI
88.5 %Vivo X100 Pro
Dimensity 9300, Immortalis-G720 MP12
Vivo X100 Pro6.78"9.05 mm221 gAMOLED2800x1260453 PPI
81.4 %Tecno Pova 6 Pro
Dimensity 6080, Mali-G57 MP2
Tecno Pova 6 Pro6.78"7.9 mm195 gAMOLED2436x1080393 PPI
87.2 %Xiaomi Redmi K70 Pro
SD 8 Gen 3, Adreno 750
Xiaomi Redmi K70 Pro6.67"8.21 mm209 gAMOLED3200x1440526 PPI
79.1 %Cubot KingKong AX
Helio G99, Mali-G57 MP2
Cubot KingKong AX6.58"12.7 mm296 gIPS2408x1080401 PPI
86.9 %Nothing Phone (2a)
Dimensity 7200, Mali-G610 MP4
Nothing Phone (2a)6.70"8.55 mm190 gAMOLED2412x1084394 PPI
79 %Motorola Moto G24 Power
Helio G85, Mali-G52 MP2
Motorola Moto G24 Power6.56"9 mm197 gIPS1612x720269 PPI
88.1 %Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra
SD 8 Gen 3, Adreno 750
Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra6.78"8.9 mm224 gAMOLED2400x1080388 PPI
77.7 %Motorola Moto G04
T606, Mali-G57 MP1
Motorola Moto G046.56"8 mm179 gIPS1612x720269 PPI

The table above shows all the smartphones we tested during the last three months including their overall and partial scores in our detailed reviews as well as a selection of important parameters and benchmarks. All results and details can be found in the linked reviews. 
The table can be sorted in each column - just click on the respective column title, for example "weight".

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