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The best smartphones winter 2024 - 16 reviewed phones compared

Companies generally avoid making significant announcements around Christmas. Nonetheless, we had the chance to test a number of interesting products from Google, Apple, Oppo, Xiaomi, and many more throughout the past quarter. Explore our thorough review to see our favorite choices.

In this article, we have only included the smartphones which we have tested in the last three months. Our detailed tests are linked in the table at the end of the article. Additionally, you'll find exciting recommendations and potential bargains in our previous top lists: 

Our reigning champions: These are currently the best smartphones!

Xiaomi makes a strong comeback with its flagship models. Priced at around $678, the Xiaomi 14 boasts a slightly more compact design compared to other top models, featuring a very bright 120 Hz display. The camera setup, equipped with three 50-megapixel lenses, delivers impressive results in various lighting conditions and is capable of shooting 4K video.

Within the same timeframe, we also tested the larger Apple iPhone 15 Plus (priced from around $730), which has secured a top spot on our list. With robust performance, a vibrant and accurate display, and a meticulously crafted body with IP68 certification, the iPhone 15 Plus continues to impress.

Xiaomi 14 (90%)
Xiaomi 14 (90%)
Apple iPhone 15 Plus (90%)
Apple iPhone 15 Plus (90%)

Xiaomi secures the third position once again with the 14 Pro, priced at around $810. This model stands out, particularly for its camera features, including variable aperture control and exceptional light sensitivity. Despite delivering excellent battery life, the USB port's speed could be improved within this price range.

Google has also introduced new smartphones, and the Pixel 8 Pro, starting at around $799, excels in the software department with extended updates and innovative features, with a focus on the trending topic of AI. Notably, the keyboard now offers proofreading capabilities, audio recordings can have noise eliminated, and AI-enhanced image editing provides a more streamlined and comprehensive experience.

Xiaomi 14 Pro (89%)
Xiaomi 14 Pro (89%)
Google Pixel 8 Pro (89%)
Google Pixel 8 Pro (89%)

Its counterpart, the Google Pixel 8, starting at around $550, also enjoys 7 years of updates and boasts a vibrant OLED display. However, some phones offer much faster charging, and the SoC (System on Chip) is slightly less powerful compared to other high-end mobile phones. Nevertheless, the Pixel 8 stands out as a fantastic smartphone with a commendable camera and various advantages.

The Oppo Find N3 Fold, priced at around $1,480, shares a striking resemblance to the OnePlus Open and successfully conceals the fold, making it nearly imperceptible. This smartphone offers impressive runtimes and a plethora of features, although users must contend with a somewhat modest camera.

Google Pixel 8 (89%)
Google Pixel 8 (89%)
Oppo Find N3 Fold (88%)
Oppo Find N3 Fold (88%)

The Xiaomi 13T, though moderately priced, still earned a "very good" rating in our tests. Priced at approximately $467 on Amazon, this upper-class smartphone from Xiaomi offers a premium build, ample power for daily tasks, and a commendable camera system.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3, starting from around $1,424, stands out as a highly sophisticated foldable device boasting modern features like WiFi 7 and a powerful camera setup. However, as the smartphone is currently only available in Europe as a Chinese import, users need to be aware of a few limitations.

Xiaomi 13T (88%)
Xiaomi 13T (88%)
Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 (88%)
Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 (88%)

Our favorites - Editors Choice Awards Autumn 2023

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G

After a one-year hiatus, Samsung is introducing new models in the Galaxy M series, targeting the mid-range segment, which has previously been somewhat overshadowed by the main Galaxy A series.

The Galaxy M34 5G represents Samsung's latest offering in this category, priced below $300. The device has undergone modernization in various aspects, boasting a large battery for extended endurance, a remarkably bright OLED display, a quality speaker, and IP-certified casing.

While the plastic case is prone to fingerprints, the absence of a power supply in the package and Samsung's non-committal stance on update promises, the Galaxy M34 5G provides a remarkable value for the money overall. Interested buyers can find the smartphone on for approximately $331.

Fairphone 5

If you enjoy repairing your mobile phone yourself and prioritize a lengthy warranty and update support, the Fairphone 5 is the ideal choice. Equipped with modern features such as an eSIM and USB 3.2 port, this smartphone comes at a price of $700, making it a bit on the higher side. 

However, the producer places great emphasis on transparently documented, humane working conditions in the supply chain and environmentally friendly sourcing of raw materials. This commitment justifies the higher cost compared to conventional smartphones.

While there is room for improvement in terms of battery life and speakers, we are still impressed by the sustainable and modular concept of the Fairphone 5.

You can find the Fairphone 5 for around $700, for example, via the onlineshop.

Note: The commercial use of the award graphics may necessitate obtaining a license. Further details.

The best smartphones of winter 2024

Overall rating
Price from
Case rating
Weight rating
Display rating
Display type
Pixel density
Aspect ratio
Screen brightness
DeltaE color checker
Refresh rate
Camera rating
DeltaE color checker lowlight
DeltaE color checker daylight
Application performance rating
Gaming performance rating
3DMark for A. Sling Shot Ext. (ES 3.1) Un.
GFXBench Aztec Ruins H.T. Onscreen
PUBG Mobile HD
Battery life rating
Runtimes WiFi 150 cd/m²
Temperature rating
Top idle
Top under load
Audio rating
Max. audio output (dB)
Touchscreen input rating
Connectivity rating
83.4 %Oukitel WP30 Pro
Dimensity 8050, Mali-G77 MP9
Oukitel WP30 Pro
85.3 %6.78"19 mm84.5 %414 g82.9 %IPS2460x1080396 PPI20.5:975 %417 cd/m²5.93120 Hz62.5 %46.3210.5582.7 %53.3 %2895.1 %1502 min88.1 %23.3 °C48.8 °C64 %84.8 dB93.3 %49.2 %
89.7 %Apple iPhone 15 Plus
A16, A16 GPU 5-Core
Apple iPhone 15 Plus
88.6 %6.70"7.8 mm88 %201 g93.9 %OLED2796x1290460 PPI19.5:988 %1040 cd/m²1.2060 Hz76 %15.59.0791.1 %68.6 %5492.9 %1102 min90.1 %30.5 °C38.4 °C80 %90.6 dB93.9 %66.7 %
87.5 %Xiaomi Mix Fold 3
SD 8 Gen 2, Adreno 740
Xiaomi Mix Fold 3
83.9 %8.03"5.3 mm87 %259 g93.4 %AMOLED2160x1916360 PPI10.15:989 %1308 cd/m²1120 Hz80.8 %35.716.0395.9 %73.3 %151826391.6 %923 min78.9 %26 °C49.4 °C82.6 %87 dB88.9 %53 %
76.5 %Blackview N6000
Helio G99, Mali-G57 MP2
Blackview N6000
80.6 %4.30"18.4 mm87.9 %208 g83.4 %IPS1200x540306 PPI20:952 %661 cd/m²5.6060 Hz46 %38.174.2465 %21 %26492891.4 %1014 min92.5 %26.5 °C37.5 °C56 %83.4 dB88.9 %44.3 %
89 %Google Pixel 8 Pro
Tensor G3, Mali-G715 MP7
Google Pixel 8 Pro
91.9 %6.70"8.8 mm87.8 %213 g93.5 %OLED2992x1344490 PPI20:987 %1467 cd/m²1.1120 Hz82.6 %29.15.1885.2 %68.6 %99356390.2 %760 min87.2 %28.3 °C43 °C74.2 %89.4 dB93.3 %57 %
88.9 %Google Pixel 8
Tensor G3, Mali-G715 MP7
Google Pixel 8
89.9 %6.20"8.9 mm89.1 %187 g92.5 %OLED2400x1080424 PPI20:987 %1410 cd/m²1.1120 Hz79.6 %30.425.384 %64.6 %98135691.1 %814 min87.5 %29.9 °C42.7 °C83.2 %89 dB92.8 %52.7 %
83.2 %Fairphone 5
QCM6490, Adreno 643
Fairphone 5
82.7 %6.46"9.6 mm87.8 %212 g88 %OLED2700x1224459 PPI19.9:983 %617 cd/m²3.4090 Hz58.2 %33.494.8580 %58.2 %6499214088 %575 min82.6 %28.8 °C48.2 °C72 %87.1 dB90.6 %55.4 %
76.6 %Cubot P80
Helio MT8788, Mali-G72 MP3
Cubot P80
82.6 %6.58"9.8 mm87.7 %217 g83.3 %IPS2408x1080401 PPI20:988 %533 cd/m²7.1060 Hz50.8 %44.777.9459 %15.2 %12764.491.5 %1036 min88.6 %22.5 °C44.8 °C66 %78.5 dB86.7 %49.4 %
87.7 %Xiaomi 13T
Dimensity 8200-Ultra, Mali-G610 MP6
Xiaomi 13T
86.7 %6.67"8.49 mm88.3 %197 g93.9 %AMOLED2712x1220446 PPI20:987 %1250 cd/m²0.8144 Hz76.2 %25.479.9986.3 %61 %8769305990.9 %1026 min89.4 %24.1 °C41.9 °C79 %91.4 dB91.7 %51 %
88.3 %Oppo Find N3
SD 8 Gen 2, Adreno 740
Oppo Find N3
88 %7.82"5.9 mm87.4 %239 g93.1 %OLED2440x2268426 PPI1.08:190 %1290 cd/m²1.5120 Hz73.2 %42.583.8396.2 %60 %148924390.2 %861 min79.4 %27.4 °C45 °C87.4 %82.8 dB93.9 %67.5 %
89.4 %Xiaomi 14 Pro
SD 8 Gen 3, Adreno 750
Xiaomi 14 Pro
91.1 %6.73"8.49 mm87.6 %223 g93.4 %AMOLED3200x1440521 PPI20:990 %1046 cd/m²1.1120 Hz78.4 %12.917.687.5 %71 %766091.7 %897 min76 %27.8 °C44.6 °C78.6 %90.5 dB94.4 %70 %
87.4 %Xiaomi Poco F5 Pro
SD 8+ Gen 1, Adreno 730
Xiaomi Poco F5 Pro
84.4 %6.67"8.59 mm87.9 %204 g94.2 %AMOLED3200x1440526 PPI20:987 %1004 cd/m²0.8120 Hz65.8 %47.0310.8391.2 %68.3 %10033636090.9 %960 min88 %26.4 °C43.3 °C76.8 %89.4 dB96.1 %54.4 %
84.9 %Realme GT5
SD 8 Gen 2, Adreno 740
Realme GT5
85 %6.74"8.9 mm87.9 %205 g88.8 %AMOLED2772x1240451 PPI20:989 %1084 cd/m²5144 Hz73.4 %42.424.9485 %69.5 %6090.8 %939 min46.8 %30.7 °C44.7 °C73.6 %89.9 dB91.1 %53.3 %
85.8 %Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G
SD 7s Gen 2, Adreno 710
Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G
85.3 %6.67"8 mm89.1 %187 g92.7 %AMOLED2712x1220446 PPI20:991 %1177 cd/m²1.51120 Hz74.6 %107.6278 %49.3 %4993154091.2 %1002 min88.2 %25.5 °C43.4 °C69.2 %78.2 dB93.3 %52 %
89.8 %Xiaomi 14
SD 8 Gen 3, Adreno 750
Xiaomi 14
91 %6.36"8.2 mm88.6 %193 g93.6 %OLED2670x1200460 PPI20:989 %1052 cd/m²1.1120 Hz78 %10.987.1296.1 %72.2 %191879393.2 %1092 min76.9 %27.4 °C44.2 °C79.8 %92.6 dB94.4 %67.9 %
83.7 %Samsung Galaxy M34 5G
Exynos 1280, Mali-G68 MP4
Samsung Galaxy M34 5G
84.4 %6.50"8.8 mm87.9 %208 g92.2 %Super AMOLED2340x1080396 PPI19.5:981 %888 cd/m²1.76120 Hz63.6 %43.285.0572 %41.1 %3856163091.6 %1064 min88.3 %26 °C43.8 °C75.2 %83.8 dB93.9 %51.9 %

The table above shows all the smartphones we tested during the last three months including their overall and partial scores in our detailed reviews as well as a selection of important parameters and benchmarks. All results and details can be found in the linked reviews. 
The table can be sorted in each column - just click on the respective column title, for example "weight".

Further interesting phones of winter 2024

After Nokia and realme's parent company, BBK, recently struck a patent deal, the Chinese the producer's brands will soon be fully available for purchase again.

Realme should benefit from this as well, as the realme GT5 may no longer be available just as an import device. The smartphone, which only costs about $540  and nevertheless makes a excellent impression, is truly outstanding considering its dazzling 144 Hz display, extreme charging performance, and reasonable battery.

realme GT5
realme GT5
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