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CES 2019 | The Zotac mini PC brochure is actually quite handy

The Zotac mini PC brochure is actually quite handy (Source: Zotac)
The Zotac mini PC brochure is actually quite handy (Source: Zotac)
With dozens of configurations to choose from across the whole lineup, Zotac has provided a useful table comparing and contrasting some of the major features between all the latest SKUs. It makes for an excellent starting point for users considering a mini PC.

You can always count on these three things when attending any major convention: lots of walking, throngs of lost people, and brochures littered in every direction. While most of these printed ads are all show with few details, some can be filled with concise and invaluable info for those who want to learn more about the brand.

One of these handy brochures is from Zotac as it contains an easy-to-read table comparing all the latest ZBox mini PCs as of 2019. We've scanned this useful table below along with our brief summary of each family to help readers understand what the broad ZBox brand includes.

  • ZBox VR Series: A portable desktop designed to be worn like a backpack for optimal VR gaming and development. These are enthusiast-class systems with LED lighting and the latest Nvidia GPUs.
  • ZBox E Series: These are very powerful (or "Extreme") mini PCs equipped with GeForce GTX-level graphics to potentially replace a full-size gaming PC. The higher-end SKUs may require two AC adapters in order to run at maximum performance.
  • ZBox Q Series: Standing for "Quadro", the Q Series models borrow heavily from the above E Series but with the GeForce GPU swapped out for a Quadro equivalent. The QK7P5000 in particular is one of the most powerful mini workstations in the market per unit volume since it carries the uncommon Quadro P5000.
  • ZBox M Series: Standing for "Multi-functional", the M Series utilizes 15 W ULV Intel CPUs and no discrete GPUs for an overall performance level similar to that of a modern Ultrabook. These models come in at least two different designs and sizes for office, home, and multimedia scenarios.
  • ZBox C Series: These models are all fanless while carrying the same 15 W CPU options as the above M Series. Users who want a truly silent HTPC without resorting to slow <7 W Atom CPUs will find the C Series appealing.
  • ZBox P Series: Standing for "Pico", the P Series consists of tiny credit card-sized mini PCs with onboard storage and RAM. These silent systems can be easily hidden from view to blend into any conference room or other undemanding conditions.
  • ZBoc B Series: These are the bottom-of-the-barrel mini PCs that maximize value above all else. Users on tighter budgets may find the B Series attractive for simple tasks like browsing, 1080p streaming, or word processing.
Zotac ZBox CES 2019 table
Zotac ZBox CES 2019 table



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Allen Ngo, 2019-01-11 (Update: 2019-01-11)