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The Proscenic A9 is a smart air purifier with Amazon Alexa and Google Home integrations

The Proscenic A9 does its job well, but it is big and expensive. (Image source: Proscenic)
The Proscenic A9 does its job well, but it is big and expensive. (Image source: Proscenic)
Proscenic already sells several smart home appliances, of which the A9 air purifier is the latest. The Proscenic A9 packs plenty of functionality, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home integrations. Sadly, it suffers from some drawbacks, such as its US$219 retail price.

The Proscenic A9 is a large air purifier with smart home integrations. Proscenic sells numerous other smart home gadgets, mostly robot vacuums, and other devices like the S1 handheld vacuum. The Proscenic A9 is expensive at US$219 before any discounts, but we wondered if it could reduce hay fever symptoms over the summer and autumn with its huge H13 HEPA filter, which fills most of the device.

Please note that Proscenic supplied us with a test sample for free. This did not affect our views, nor did Proscenic have any say on the content herein.

According to Proscenic, the A9 is ideal for a room that is between 55 ㎡ and 90 ㎡. It can also purify up to 460m³ per hour via a 4-stage filtration system. The Proscenic A9 then tells you how clean your air is according to the PM2.5 Air Index, which it ranks from 0-200. You can view your room's PM2.5 score on the built-in display or through the Proscenic app.

(Image source: Proscenic)

Proscenic's Amazon Alexa and Google Home integrations are rather basic, in our opinion. As it stands, you can only power cycle the Proscenic A9; you cannot adjust the fan speed, set a timer or enable sleep mode as you can within the Proscenic app.

The Prosenic A9's included filter should last you a long time, at any rate. After months of testing, our A9's filter still has nearly 2,450 hours of life left. In other words, it will be good until the end of the year if we ran it 24/7. Proscenic also sells numerous replacement filters, which are available through Amazon and its website. These start at US$49.99 for the H13 high-efficiency filter and rise to US$54.99 for the various HEPA filters that the company sells.

The A9 works well in our experience and runs quiet enough to use when working or sleeping. The large display is informative too, although we wish that we could adjust its brightness. Supposedly, the A9 consumes up to 50 W from the wall, but its maximum fan speed still helps keep a room cool in hot weather.

The Proscenic A9's Google Home integration is lacking. (Image source: NotebookCheck)
The Proscenic A9's Google Home integration is lacking. (Image source: NotebookCheck)

Unfortunately, we have four gripes with the Proscenic A9. The device is huge at 52 cm tall and 26 cm round, so large that it commands a space in a room. However, Prosenic has equipped the A9 with a 6-foot and non-replaceable power cable. Sadly, that means that you can only really place the A9 a few feet from a plug socket without an extension lead.

Additionally, Proscenic could improve the versatility of its front panel. Thankfully, you can switch off the front panel, should you wish to keep the A9 running when you are asleep. To that end, Proscenic has included a Sleep mode that minimises fan noise. The A9 displays a large and bright off message whenever you switch it off, though.

While this may seem minor, it means that the A9 floods a dark room with light when it is switched off. Unplugging the device resolves this, but it then prevents you from using any advanced functionality, such as the A9's timer feature. Proscenic also includes a tiny LED above the power button to denote if the machine is on or off. Hence, we do not see the need for this obnoxious 'OFF' notification at all.

Then there is the price, which comes in at US$219 by default. Currently, Proscenic is offering a US$50 coupon when ordering through Amazon, but US$169 remains a lot of money compared to the Proscenic A8, which costs US$69. The A8 is also smaller than the A9 and still supports Proscenic's app, Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Overall, the Proscenic A8 is probably the better purchase than its bigger sibling, even if the A9 purifies more air per hour than the A8.

Purchase the Proscenic A8 on Amazon

(Image source: NotebookCheck)
(Image source: NotebookCheck)
(Image source: NotebookCheck)


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