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MSI announces GX780 gaming notebook

New 17.3-inch notebook optimized for keyboard usability in games

If the recently announced MSI GT680 or GX680 powerhouses aren’t up to your standards then consider the upcoming GX780, a notebook designed specifically for optimal gaming.

Unlike the other gaming notebooks, the 17.3-inch GX780 will be built around its rearranged full-color backlit keyboard layout designed by SteelSeries, a professional gaming peripherals manufacturer. The Windows key, for example, has been moved to the right side to prevent accidental presses, while at the same time the Ctrl and Shift keys have been enlarged. MSI calls this key arrangement the “Golden Triangle” for gamers, as it should allow for the most efficient access to the commonly used WASD-based keys.

Of course, a simple key rearrangement for improved ergonomics won’t cut it, but thankfully MSI has included other gamer-centric features as well. The GX780 keyboard will feature improved tactile feedback and support for up to 10 simultaneously-pressed keys. This guarantees that the notebook can handle those quick gamer hands necessary in some PC games, particularly in Starcraft 2.  Additionally, there will be a dedicated button for disabling the touchpad, so no unintentional clicks or cursor movements can be made during those intense gaming sessions.

Internally, the GX780 will run on the same Core i7-2630QM processor as the GX680 and GT680, but will upgrade its discrete graphics to the Nvidia GeForce GT 555. The massive size of the laptop will also allow for dual SATA hard drive options, with up to 1.5TB of space available. Otherwise, expect the 3.9kg (8.6lbs) laptop to come with Blu-Ray, VGA, HDMI, and USB 3.0. Oddly enough, the amount of RAM is unlisted in the official specifications page, but for a laptop of this caliber, it may be safe to assume that at least 4GB will be the standard.

Official prices and launch dates for the GX780 remain unknown, but with the laptop already listed on the official MSI website, it will likely be available online within the coming months, and this time without any Sandy Bridge delays.


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Allen Ngo, 2011-04-28 (Update: 2012-05-26)