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Laughably, Apple's fancy titanium credit card can get discolored if left in a leather wallet

Keeping your Apple Card looking this good won't be easy. (Source: Apple)
Keeping your Apple Card looking this good won't be easy. (Source: Apple)
In yet another episode that will go down in the list of embarrassments for Apple, its new-fangled titanium Apple Card credit card can apparently become permanently discolored if it makes contact with fabrics like leather and denim. Given that many users will keep the card in a leather wallet or even slip it into a jeans pocket, the revelation appears to beggar belief that it could be so impractical to carry.
Sanjiv Sathiah,

Apple has had its fair share of embarrassments in recent times. The most prominent have been ‘own goals’ like the spectacular demise of the AirPower charging mat or the ongoing woes with its in-house designed butterfly keyboard mechanism. The latest is yet another own goal by the company which, in a published guide on how to protect the Apple Card from damage, has revealed that the titanium laser etched card is susceptible to permanent discoloration from contact with “some fabrics” including leather and jeans.

Apple users are notoriously pedantic about keeping their gear in tip top shape so the revelation that its latest marquee product isn’t especially practical hasn’t gone down well even with its fan base as we have noted on social media. As most people are likely to store their Apple Card in a leather wallet or occasionally pocket it in pair of jeans, it seems astonishing that Apple’s fancy credit card could become so easily and permanently damaged by what would otherwise be considered completely normal everyday use.

This latest episode is reminiscent of the launch of the Apple HomePod. Although ostensibly designed to be placed on furniture made from materials including wood, early adopters were horrified to discover that their brand new speaker left circle-shaped marks when placed on wooden surfaces. Although apparently temporary in this instance with the marks eventually disappearing after a few days, Apple Card holders will be seeking what might be relatively costly replacement cards should they become permanently marked.

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Sanjiv Sathiah, 2019-08-22 (Update: 2019-08-22)