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Diablo IV endgame activities and systems revealed

Endgame looks more diversified (Image Source: YouTube)
Endgame looks more diversified (Image Source: YouTube)
The endgame loop will include a World Tier progressive difficulty system, a modified Paragon skill system, the Aspects of Power that can be applied to weapons, modifiable Nightmare dungeons with affixes, Helltide zones with hard monsters and big rewards, a Tree of Whispers bounty system plus PvP-enabled Fields of Hatred areas.

After trying out the open beta for Diablo IV, many players were wondering what the endgame loop would look like, since this is the most important aspect that can either make or break the game from a meaningful progression standpoint. Blizzard has heard the concerns and recently posted a video presenting the various activities and systems that will greet players upon completing the campaign after launch.

As they finish the campaign, players will need to complete a special Capstone Dungeon that unlocks the World Tier system, which essentially increases the game difficulty along with the rewards. As such, the first World Tier is labeled “Adventurer,” which is meant for novices. The next tier is Veteran, which increases monster difficulty and gives 20% more experience per monster plus 15% more gold. This tier is followed by Nightmare and Torment, which supposedly unlock more powerful items and increased gold drops.

Just like in Diablo III, players will be able to access the Paragon System for skills after they are done with the skill tree. However, unlike previous iterations, the Diablo IV Paragon System allows players to rotate the board and start on whichever side in order to add certain boons or glyphs.

Another endgame system that was already previewed in the open beta is the Aspects of Power. Final bosses in dungeons will have a chance to drop one aspect and players can use it to make items more powerful and turn them to legendary rarity,

Additionally, players can turn each of the 120+ dungeons encountered throughout the world into a Nightmare dungeon with the aid of a special sigil that alters the playstyle and intensity of the dungeon. Just like in Path of Exile, certain affixes can modify the Nightmare dungeons to increase the difficulty. One affix for example is called Hell Gate and adds random portals through which monsters that are not native to the region can appear.

Other endgame activities include clearing the Helltide zones under Lilith’s influence and a bounty system offered through the Tree of Whispers. The Helltide areas have a particular look with a reddish tint given by the rivers of blood running through them. The monsters here are more difficult and players need to watch out for meteors falling from the sky. Some powerful monsters drop shards that can open big caches of rewards littered throughout the Helltide areas. On the other hand, the Tree of Whispers will instruct players to bring certain items and rewards back to it in exchange for useful items like collections of each gear piece.

PvP will also be enabled in certain areas called Fields of Hatred. To make things more dynamic, players will be able to collect a type of shard that first needs to be purified in order to be taken back to a town. The purification process will alert other players around that can try to claim the shards by engaging in PvP battles. Once a player claims purified shards, these can be exchanged in towns for cosmetics and rewards.

The developers promise to add more systems with the planned expansions.


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Bogdan Solca, 2023-04- 6 (Update: 2023-04- 6)