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Dell to finally fix hinge issues on m11x netbooks

Coming up this march, Dell will replace the broken hinges regardless of warranty end date

If you are a proud owner of last year’s Alienware m11x R1 (this author included), you may be well aware of the notorious hinge issues that were flooding the Dell forums shortly after the release of the laptop.

In summary, the hinge issues stem from the connectors that attach the base of the laptop to the monitor portion of the laptop. As the user routinely opens and shuts the laptop, the hinges would begin to unexpectedly protrude outward, dislocate and may eventually crack or snap out. The immediate successor to the m11x R1, the m11x R2, would also face the same defective hardware problems and customers not under warranty would be most out of luck.

Fortunately for all current owners of the m11x R1 or R2 netbook, Dell has recently announced on their official forums that an upcoming program will begin this march in order to fix the hinges. The statement continues with the much welcomed phrase: “When it does begin, all who have the hinge defect will get it repaired regardless of the warranty end date.”

The 11.6-inch Dell Alienware m11x R1 laptop is part of a series of netbooks designed primarily for gaming on the move and is distinguished by its flashy chassis, and the discrete Nvidia GT 335M graphics card. Other features in the laptop include an ULV Core 2 Duo CPU, HDMI-out, Displayport, and up to 4GB of RAM.


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Allen Ngo, 2011-01-27 (Update: 2012-05-26)