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Steam sales deliver 4 heavily discounted action games offering endless replayable fun

Don't let Eldest Souls's pixel graphics fool you. This is no kid's game. (Image source: Steam)
Don't let Eldest Souls's pixel graphics fool you. This is no kid's game. (Image source: Steam)
While Steam seasonal sales often offer the best discounts on games, publisher sales and regular old promotions often bring equally spectacular bargains on some heavy-hitting titles. For the middle of April, Steam's discounts include two roguelites, an RPG, and a tactical first-person shooter.

1. Hunt: Showdown - 60% off

Hunt: Showdown is a tense survival horror game wherein players set out into the Louisiana Bayou to hunt down ghoulish monsters in order to collect the bounty. The only catch is that there are other players on the map working towards the same goal. Even if you complete the bounty successfully, you now have to defend yourself from every other hunter you stumble onto while you make your way to extraction.

In Hunt, you have a number of character slots available, and as you complete missions, your character progresses. If that character dies, however, all of that progression is lost for good, and you will need to start anew with a fresh hunter. This unique permadeath-based progression system serves to keep the game interesting and forces players to try different approaches to garner success.

Hunt: Showdown is on sale on Steam for US$15.99 until April 21, 2023. 

2. West of Dead - 75% off

West of Dead is a gritty, western-inspired twin-stick shooter roguelike that takes place in 1888, in the zombie- and monster-infested world of Purgatory. Players take control of a dead man named William Mason, voiced by Ron Perlman, as he ventures out into the strange world with basically no recollection of how he ended up there and only vengeance on his mind.

West of Dead stands out for its dark, stylised graphics and broody atmosphere, while the tactical twin-stick shooter and roguelike mechanics provide an engaging and easily repeatable gameplay loop.

West of Dead is just US$4.99 on Steam, as part of the Raw Fury Games publisher sale, until May 1, 2023.

Twin-stick shooters are best played with a controller, like the 8BitDo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller, available on Amazon.

3. Eldest Souls - 75% off

By now, it's easy to assume any game with the word "Souls" in the title is at least partially inspired by the incredible Dark Souls games. Eldest Souls is no different, except instead of the dark, gritty, realism of the Souls franchise, Eldest Souls opts to tell its story using bright, but still atmospheric, pixel graphics and an isometric view.

This brutal hack-and-slash, roguelike action-RPG follows the story of humanity's last warrior fighting against the wrath of the Old Gods as he delves into the darkness swinging his colossal Obsydian greatsword at anything that gets in his way. Among Eldest Souls's strengths are its challenging bosses, satisfying, fast-paced combat, and rewarding progression system.

As part of the CI Games publisher sale, Eldest Souls is just US$4.99 on Steam until May 1, 2023.

4. Monster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak DLC bundle - 29% off

The Monster Hunter franchise is a gaming staple in countries like Japan but only recently made a significant impression on the rest of the world thanks to the release of Monster Hunter: World and the subsequent Monster Hunter: Rise. As you may have guessed, the main objective of Monster Hunter: Rise is hunting monsters. Exceptional combat mechanics mean you have plenty of tools at your disposal, and as you go on more and more expeditions, defeating ever more monsters, you'll craft and upgrade weapons, giving you even more power and freedom in your epic battles against the creatures that roam the breathtaking wilderness.

There are few games with as much thought put into enemy encounters as Monster Hunter: Rise. Attacks are telegraphed appropriately, and a monster's visual design gives you subtle hints at what to expect when facing off against it, all while maintaining a satisfactory level of difficulty in each encounter.

Sunbreak is a DLC for Monster Hunter: Rise that introduces a new island full of both familiar and unknown terrors for players to conquer. In addition to new threats, Sunbreak introduces powerful new abilities that players can use to get the upper hand on their opponents.

The Monster Hunter: Rise + Sunbreak DLC bundle is on sale on Steam for US$49.69 until April 26, 2023.


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