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CheckMag | Pre-ordering Apple Vision Pro? 5 things you should know beforehand

5 must-knows before pre-ordering Apple Vision Pro (Source: Apple)
5 must-knows before pre-ordering Apple Vision Pro (Source: Apple)
The Apple Vision Pro, priced at a substantial $3,499, represents one of the most significant tech releases of the year. If you're thinking about making a purchase, it's crucial to have a solid grasp of what to expect from this headset. Below are 5 key considerations to keep in mind when placing your pre-order.

1. Vision Pro is a “spatial computing” device

Apple's Vision Pro, stepping into the wearable tech scene, is more than your typical VR headset. Apple prefers to call it a "spatial computing" device, blending Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) into a mixed reality headset.

Different from usual AR found in special headsets or smartphone apps, the Vision Pro boasts top-notch cameras, outperforming those in the Meta Quest series. It includes Apple's own TrueDepth camera and a LiDAR sensor, essential for detailed mapping of your surroundings.

This setup allows users to smoothly combine digital elements with their real-world environment. Whether it's adding a virtual layer to your living room or turning it into a movie theater, the Vision Pro makes the blend between digital and real seamless, offering an exciting mixed reality experience.

Vision Pro is a “spatial computing” device (Source: Apple)
Vision Pro is a “spatial computing” device (Source: Apple)

2. It will launch without dedicated Netflix, YouTube or Spotify apps

A recent survey by MacStories on 46 popular App Store apps revealed that none will have native Vision Pro versions at launch, and only about a third will be accessible in compatibility mode.

Netflix, a major player in the streaming landscape, has reportedly decided against developing a specific app for Apple's new headset. Furthermore, there are no plans to adapt its existing iPad app for compatibility with the Vision Pro platform. This means Netflix users will need to use a web browser on the Vision Pro, potentially leading to a less immersive experience and hindering offline viewing capabilities.

Similarly, other major applications, including YouTube and Spotify, have decided against integrating support for the Vision Pro. YouTube has clarified that Vision Pro users can access its content through Safari at launch, while Spotify has made no immediate commitments regarding support for the headset.

Limited support for the Vision Pro is also seen among top social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and TikTok, as of now, have not made their apps compatible with the Vision Pro. This common decision by well-known app developers indicates they are taking a cautious, wait-and-see attitude towards Apple's new venture in virtual reality technology.

46 popular App Store apps revealed that none will have native Vision Pro versions at launch (Source: Apple)
46 popular App Store apps revealed that none will have native Vision Pro versions at launch (Source: Apple)

3. Hand gestures replace controllers

Apple's Vision Pro headset breaks new ground in VR technology, discarding traditional physical controllers in favor of advanced hand gesture recognition. Unlike conventional VR headsets that rely on motion-sensing wands or touchpads, the Vision Pro uses sophisticated cameras and sensors to track hand and eye movements. This allows users to interact with their virtual environment using just their hands and eyes, effectively replacing the need for a mouse, keyboard, or gamepad.

However, the headset does include one physical element: a digital crown similar to that on the Apple Watch, enabling users to scroll and adjust settings. While it embraces a controller-free experience, the Vision Pro also supports the connection of external devices like keyboards and other accessories, offering versatility for different user preferences.

4. It is ready for 3D movies

Upon wearing the Vision Pro, users will instantly gain access to the Apple TV app, offering a unique viewing experience. This app allows users to watch movies and TV shows in a virtual theater setting or on a large, floating screen within their own living room. The content range is extensive, including everything available on Apple TV+ and any videos purchased through Apple. The Vision Pro also integrates with a variety of streaming services such as ESPN, NBA, MLB, PGA Tour, HBO Max, Discovery+, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Peacock, Pluto TV, Tubi, Fubo, Crunchyroll, Red Bull TV, IMAX, TikTok, and Mubi.

Furthermore, the headset brings an added dimension to movie watching with its support for 3D films, offering an experience similar to watching with 3D glasses in a movie theater. Both the Apple TV and Disney+ apps will feature 3D movie support, with a considerable selection available at launch. Notably, for users who already own a movie through Apple that has a 3D version, this version will be accessible at no additional cost. However, users should note the headset's battery life, which lasts just over two hours, necessitating a power cable connection for extended viewing sessions. This advanced functionality of the Vision Pro represents a significant leap in personal entertainment technology, combining the convenience of home streaming with the immersive experience of a movie theater.

Apple Vision Pro is ready for 3D movies (Source: Apple)
Apple Vision Pro is ready for 3D movies (Source: Apple)

5. Wearing eyeglasses with Apple Vision Pro is not possible

Apple has joined forces with ZEISS to produce custom corrective lenses tailored specifically for the Vision Pro headset, as the device cannot be used simultaneously with regular eyeglasses. These optical inserts conveniently attach to the headset magnetically and are easily replaceable. It's important to note that ordering these optical inserts necessitates a valid prescription.

The ZEISS optical inserts are priced at $149, offering a tailored vision solution for Vision Pro users. Apple and ZEISS also offer standard reader optical inserts at a more affordable cost of $99. Users have the option to have their lenses engraved with their name, adding a personalized touch to their Vision Pro experience.

To delve deeper into the impressive features and controversies surrounding the Apple Vision Pro, consider reading the book “Apple's Vision Pro: A bold step into virtual reality” (available on Amazon).


Source: Apple

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