Lenovo Legion Y920


Lenovo Legion Y920
Lenovo Legion Y920 (Legion Y920 Series)
Intel Core i7-7820HK 4 x 2.9 - 3.9 GHz, Kaby Lake
49152 MB 
17.30 inch 16:9, 1920 x 1080 pixel 127 PPI, IPS, glossy: yes
1024 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD
4 USB 3.0 / 3.1 Gen1, 1 Thunderbolt, 1 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5), Bluetooth 4.1
height x width x depth (in mm): 36 x 425 x 315 ( = 1.42 x 16.73 x 12.4 in)
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
Additional features
Keyboard Light: yes
4.6 kg ( = 162.26 oz / 10.14 pounds) ( = 0 oz / 0 pounds)



Average Score: 76.67% - good
Average of 3 scores (from 6 reviews)

Reviews for the Lenovo Legion Y920

70% Lenovo Legion Y920 review: A hefty gaming laptop with buttery graphics and a mechanical keyboard
Source: PC World English
The Lenovo Legion Y920's true mechanical keyboard is a nice bonus on a laptop that also boasts solid gaming firepower, one-touch overclocking and Dolby sound. It is big and heavy, though, and its 7th-gen CPU is starting to look old.
Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: 09/21/2018
Rating: Total score: 70%
80% Lenovo Legion Y920 review – high-end 17-inch gaming laptop
Source: Ultrabook Review English
The Lenovo Yoga Y920 is one of the most complete full-size big-screen gaming laptops available out there. It's well made, it looks exquisite, it gets a great IPS panel with GSync support and a mechanical keyboard that makes it stand out of the crowd. It also squeezes solid performance out of the powerful hardware inside, yet there's room for further tweaking both the performance and temperatures. You'll find more about these and all the other aspects of this notebook from the detailed review below.
Single Review, online available, Long, Date: 07/20/2017
Rating: Total score: 80%
80% Lenovo Legion Y920 Review
Source: Laptop Mag English
After years of being an also-ran, Lenovo is finally putting its best foot forward when it comes to gaming. The $2,299 Lenovo Legion Y920 is a revelation, delivering win after win with its overclockable CPU and GPU, excellent keyboard, radiant display and triumphant speakers. My only gripes are the weight and the lack of a GTX 1080 GPU option.
Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: 07/15/2017
Rating: Total score: 80%

Foreign Reviews

Source: PC zh-CN→EN
Positive: Nice performance; comfortable keyboard; great built quality; decent hardware.
Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: 07/20/2017
Lenovo Legion Y920: gaming fără limite cu preţ pe măsură [REVIEW]
Source: →EN
Positive: High performance; solid workmanship; decent speakers; good ergonomy; comfortable keyboard. Negative: Poor display.
Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: 06/26/2017
Lenovo anunţă Legion Y920, cel mai puternic laptop de gaming din portofoliul său
Source: →EN
Positive: Impressive design; excellent display; powerful hardware; high gaming performance. Negative: High price.
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 05/19/2017


Model: Usually the Lenovo branding is synonymous with the Think lineup of business notebooks from the bygone days of IBM when it was first produced. However, Lenovo has recently tried to penetrate the consumer gaming notebook market with its Y series. The prelude to this is the design Lenovo has decided to go with. It is a sleek business-esque design of Lenovo's Thinkpad series of notebooks which retains the gamery feel and look of most notebooks of its class. In terms of chassis and material the Legion Y920 is mainly a mix of both plastic and metal. Lid and undercarriage are made out of brushed aluminium, in which most of us have gotten used to. This allows the notebook to maintain a reasonable amount of rigidity without being too heavy due to its large size of 17-inch. Overall the chassis is well constructed with no flex. Naturally all this means nothing if it isn’t packing power. The Legion Y920 is powered by an Intel Core i7-7820HK processor with 48 GB of RAM, which is whoppingly plentiful by all regards, a 1 TB SSD, an additional 1 TB hard disk for storage, and last but not least the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070, which provides the needed graphics horsepower to run games if not media creation software. While Nvidia has recently touted the Max-Q design for even slimmer gaming notebooks, it seems that Lenovo has not decided to go down that route. It is a 17-inch model, which means it straddles in between being somewhat portable and still powerful enough to deliver without compromising. However, it should be noted that a notebook of a similar class in the 15.6-inch category can already deliver this performance without adding unnecessary weight.

Regarding connectivity, the Legion 920 has 4 USB 3 ports, 1 USB type C Thunderbolt port, a single HDMI and lastly a full sized DisplayPort. While the IO is certainly impressive it is somewhat lackluster for its size in view of the fact that some competitors are actually offer 2 instead of only one USB-C port and even more so for a notebook of this size. This is not to say it is bad but just somewhat stingy on Lenovo’s end. Regardless, it is still better than not having any USB type C ports. Going over to user inputs Lenovo has actually made a point to differentiate itself from its competitors by providing a mechanical based keyboard and a low profile version, which reduces its thickness significantly when compared to what MSI or even Gigabyte are offering in similarly sized notebooks. According to Lenovo the included low profile mechanical switches are of the Cherry MX designs although this leaves a little bit of skepticism as Cherry MX doesn’t have a low profile mechanical switch for its normal lineup of keyboard. Perhaps this is a custom design made specifically for the Legion Y920. The typing experience is somewhat indifferent as the keys feel a little hard to push and as if one has to bottom out the keys to actually register an input, which is definitely different from your standard mechanical switches. Nonetheless, users can type reasonably fast due to the nature of mechanical switches in general. Obviously, as this is still a mechanical switch, typing can be a little noisy, but at the end of the day it won’t leave you frustrated when compared to a membrane keyboard. In addition to the standard keyboard layout the Legion Y920 also has four customizable macro keys. Although it should be a given, it should be mentioned that the keyboard is also RGB backlit enabled with customization done through the Lenovo Sense app. Next in line would be the clickpad. While it feels nice to glide on the quality feels a little plasticky. It is also reasonably smooth and clicks provide a good amount of feedback.

As with most gaming notebooks, it is the display that makes or breaks the experience. In this case, it somewhat straddles in between both. The included 17.3-inch IPS panel is only FHD. This should still be usable, although this leaves 4K a little more desired on a notebook of this size. The display features a 75 Hz refresh rate and is G-Sync certified, which makes it a great pairing with the Geforce graphics card. One significant gripe is the anti-glare finish of the display, which is a little too reflective when used in a bright room setting. However, this this shouldn’t be a significant issue. While not necessary for a notebook of this class, battery life is about where users should expect it with the Legion Y920 clocking in at 3 hours 40 minutes on Wi-Fi and 1 hour 40 minutes when gaming. If you are looking for a gaming notebook which doesn’t put out too much flair, but still delivers the expected performance the Legion Y920 might be worthwhile consideration.

Hands-on article by Jagadisa Rajarathnam

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Mobile: Pascal based high-end mobile graphics card based on a cut down GP104 (like the GTX 1080) and GDDR5 graphics memory. Successor to the GTX 980M with a 10 Watts higher TDP. Similar to the desktop GTX 1070 performance wise, but with more shaders and lower clock speeds.

With these GPUs you are able to play modern and demanding games fluently at medium detail settings and HD resolution.

» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Graphics Cards and the corresponding Benchmark List.

i7-7820HK: Quad-core notebook processor based on the Kaby Lake architecture running at 2.9 - 3.9 GHz. It is the second fastest model of the consumer H-series in the beginning of 2017. The chip also integrates the HD Graphics 630 GPU clocked at 350 - 1100 MHz and is manufactured in a 14 nm process (improved compared to Skylake). Compared to the Core i7-7820HQ, the 7820HK lacks business features like vPro or TXT support.» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Processsors.


This large display size is used for laptops which are mainly intended for an use on a desk.

Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. So, details like letters are bigger. On the other hand, the power consumption is lower with small screen diagonals and the devices are smaller, more lightweight and cheaper.

» To find out how fine a display is, see our DPI List.

4.6 kg:

This weight is representative for typical laptops with a 14-16 inch display-diagonal.

Lenovo: Lenovo ( "Le" as in the English word legend and "novo" (Latin) for new) was founded in 1984 as a Chinese computer trading company. From 2004, the company has been the largest laptop manufacturer in China and got the fourth largest manufacturer worldwide after the acquisition of IBM's PC division in 2005. In addition to desktops and notebooks, the company also produces monitors, projectors, servers, etc.

In 2011, Lenovo acquired the majority of Medion AG, a European computer hardware manufacturer. In 2014, Lenovo took over Motorola Mobility, which gave them a boost in the smartphone market.

From 2014 to 2016 Lenovo's market share in the global notebook market was 20-21%, ranking second behind HP. However, the distance decreased gradually. In the smartphone market, Lenovo did not belong to the Top 5 global manufacturers in 2016.

76.67%: This rating is not convincing. The laptop is evaluated below average, this is not really a recommendation for purchase.

» Further information can be found in our Notebook Purchase Guide.


Lenovo Legion Y920-80YW001DGE
GeForce GTX 1070 Mobile
Lenovo Legion Y920-17IKB
GeForce GTX 1070 Mobile

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