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Last in line: Anthropic rolls out Claude mobile app for iOS

Better late than never? (Source: Anthropic)
Better late than never? (Source: Anthropic)
Anthropic finally makes its mobile debut with the release of the Claude iOS app. This comes after competing AI apps have already firmly established their position on mobile platforms, leaving the San Francisco company rather late to the party.

Anthropic, the AI company backed by Google and Amazon, has launched a mobile app for its Claude AI assistant. The app offers free and paid subscribers access to the Claude chatbot which can process text and interpret images. The blog post also mentions that the app syncs seamlessly with the website so users can simply “pick up where they left off”. There's just one catch: they have to use an iPhone. is not a new service – Anthropic first released the chatbot early last year for businesses, only to roll out Claude 2 shortly after which had more than 350,000 people on its waitlist. Now in the third generation, Claude is a 'family' of three multimodal AI models, all of which have been accessible via, Anthropic's API and third-party platforms like Hugging Face, Azure and Amazon Bedrock. 

Claude 3 models are serious competition to GPT-4 and Gemini Ultra. (Source: Anthropic)
Claude 3 models are serious competition to GPT-4 and Gemini Ultra. (Source: Anthropic)

Benchmark results on Anthropic's website show Claude 3 Opus, the most powerful of the three, outperforming GPT-4 and Gemini Ultra in graduate-level reasoning (MMLU), coding (HumanEval) and grade-school math (GSM 8K) tests, with Claude 3 Sonnet and Haiku not falling far behind. All this paints a clear picture: Anthropic expects Claude to be a serious contender to Open AI’s chatbot.

Yet, compared to literally every other major player in AI, the Claude AI app is way behind schedule. Chat GPT, Google Gemini, Microsoft’s Copilot, and even Perplexity AI and Inflection's Pi have had their apps around for quite some time already on both iOS and Android. However, the Claude app is only available for mobile via the iOS client, at least for now although Scott White, product manager at Anthropic promises an Android app “soon”. 

If you use an Android, you have no choice but to wait. Or buy an iPhone – check out this killer deal for the iPhone 14 Plus on Amazon.

Collaborative AI: the next frontier? (Source: Anthropic)
Collaborative AI: the next frontier? (Source: Anthropic)

Anthropic has also announced a new Teams plan for enterprise subscribers – think: remote working types who spend long hours at a home office chair. The free plan only grants access to Claude Sonnet, while Opus and Haiku are only accessible via the Pro subscription which costs $20 a month in the US or £18 in the UK (Claude is unavailable in most parts of Europe). Pro subscribers also get priority access to Claude when the bot is overloaded with traffic, and are guaranteed a number of chat queries regardless of the traffic.

With the new Teams plan, this number is supposed to be larger - although Anthropic doesn't say how much. Teams users can also ask the Claude chatbot to parse much longer chat queries that include long documents and even information-dense research papers that might be challenging for even GPT-4, thanks to a much wider context window. However, these expanded features do not come cheap: Claude for Teams costs $30 per user and requires a minimum of five users in a group. 

There are administrative perks too, although these might appeal more to employers and managers. Thankfully, members on a Teams plan can switch to Claude Pro at will, in case they have to do tasks that do not require undue administrative oversight.


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