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FUELL launches Flluid-2 & 3 e-bikes with up to 225-mile range

FUELL Flluid-2 e-bike (Source: FUELL)
FUELL Flluid-2 e-bike (Source: FUELL)
Powered using Valeo Cyclee mid-drive motors coupled with a 7-speed automatic gearbox that features predictive shifting, the Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 e-bikes can reach up to 225/110 miles on a full charge. The first 50 units will sell for US$3999 and US$3699 (Flluid-2 and Flluid-3). Shipments will start in June/July (USA/EU).

The FUELL team is back with two new e-bikes that were designed under the leadership of Erik Buell. Assembled in the US, Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 "provide a unique riding experience setting them clearly ahead in the crowded e-bike industry" and, according to Buell, "are true and viable alternatives to cars."

The main difference between the two e-bikes mentioned above lays in the range, which is 225 miles (350 kilometers) for the Flluid-2 (featuring two batteries) and 110 miles (180 kilometers) for the Flluid-3 (which sports a single 1000 W, 51.8 V battery). The list of common specs and features includes a Valeo 750 W / 130 Nm mid-drive motor, a 7-speed integrated automatic gearbox with a ratio of 450%, strong aluminum frames ideal for riders between 5'1'' to 6'5'' (1.55 to 1.95 meters), as well as Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and a maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive Belt.

Unsurprisingly, these e-bikes also work with a smart companion app. This piece of code is known as FUELL Rider and can be used to receive warnings for unusual movements of the e-bike, locate it, remotely lock/unlock it, as well as to access usage data and statistics.

The maximum speeds are limited to 20 mph / 25 kmh for the Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 and 28 mph / 45 kmh for the 2S and 3S versions. The S-versions are the same bikes but the motor power and maximum speed are unlocked. However, they might require registration, insurance, and a helmet depending on local laws.

Available in dark red, dark blue, and silver colors, these bikes can be acquired for US$3,999 and US$3,699 (Flluid-2/2S and Flluid-3/3S). These prices are only available for the first 50 units. Shipments will start in June/July (US/EU).

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FUELL (via email, Indiegogo project page)

FUELL Flluid-2 & 3: World's Longest Range E-bikes

Flluid-2 & 3 are taking another step towards making e-bikes a true car replacement – a spectacular range coupled with the all-new Valeo motor and its fully automatic and predictive gear shifting.

Designed by the FUELL team under the leadership of their renowned CTO Erik Buell of Buell Motorcycles fame, and assembled in the US, Flluid-2 and 3 provide a unique riding experience setting them clearly ahead in the crowded e-bike industry

“We used the knowledge gained from our initial foray into the electric bike market with Flluid-1 to develop a superior urban transportation solution, making sure that Flluid-2 & 3 are true and viable alternatives to cars.” - Erik Buell.

FUELL Flluid has brought to fruition an e-bike line that caters to the needs of EV enthusiasts, individuals who seek modern e-mobility solutions, as well as premium urban commuters grappling with traffic and long commutes. These e-bikes offer a unique blend of exceptional performance, comfort, and style, enabling riders to embark on long-distance journeys without any compromise.

The Longest Range e-Bikes in the World

Flluid-2 is the ultra-long-range powerhouse with 2 removable battery packs for a total of 2kWh of power, doubling down on the first-generation Flluid, and enables an impressive range of up to 225mi (350km) on a single charge. Flluid-3 is the step-through option with a single 1kWh battery and a still remarkable 110mi (180km) range.

Seamless gear shifts

No more bothering with manual gear changes and limited power on steep hills! Powered by Valeo's all-new 750W / 130 Nm mid-drive motor, the integrated automatic gearbox (450% ratio) gives you smooth power no matter how challenging the terrain is. The smart algorithms adjust assistance, cranking frequency and pace, so that you get exactly the type of ride you need. Prefer shifting manually? No problem — with Flluid-2 & 3, you choose how you ride! 

Premium Design

Stand out from the crowd and make a statement with the sleek and modern design of Flluid-2 & Flluid-3. From their strong aluminum frames to clutter-free components — these e-bikes are geometrically optimized to provide stable, confident, yet incredibly nimble steering and handling. Moreover, their size is the perfect fit for riders between 5'1'' to 6'5'' (1.55m to 1.95m). 

Push the Throttle and Enjoy the Ride

Press down on the throttle and allow yourself to enjoy life without having to worry about pedaling – the throttle assist will be available up to 20 mph (32 km/h)

(For EU versions: throttle assist will be limited to 6 km/h, due to legal limitations).

Carefully Selected Components

Quality components make up the heart of the Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 e-bikes. Equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power, a Gates Carbon belt drive that won't need maintenance or lubrication, and a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy frame — these e-bikes offer an unforgettable riding experience.

Total Control, Wherever You Are, Thanks to the FUELL Rider App

Be in full control over your e-bike and ensure it’s safe and sound, even when you're away — thanks to the embedded connectivity system located hidden inside the frame. Use the FUELL Rider smartphone app to locate and remotely lock/unlock your e-bike, be warned about unusual movements, access data and statistics about usage, and more.

Choose Your Ride

With Flluid-2 you get an ultra-long range e-bike with an unprecedented range of 225mi (350km), while the Flluid-3 offers a long range of 110mi (180km) and a step-through frame. Equally robust, the Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 are each available in two versions: Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 with a max speed of 20mph (25km/h in the EU), and Flluid-2S and Flluid-3S with a max speed of 28mph (45km/h in the EU).




Motor Nominal



Speed max



Battery Type

Battery Capacity

Battery Voltage

Battery Charger


Time Home

Frame Material

Rider Size


Mid-Drive Valeo

750W (US)

250W/1000W (EU)


Flluid-2: 20mph (US) / 25kmh (EU)

Flluid-2S: 28mph (US) / 45kmh (EU)


Up to 225 miles / 350 km

2 Removable Batteries

2000 W


3 Amp Fast Charger

80% Charge in 4 hrs,

100% in 6 hrs

Aluminum Alloy

1m55 to 1m95

5'1" to 6'5"


Mid-Drive Valeo

750W (US)

250W/1000W (EU)


Flluid-3: 20mph (US) / 25kmh (EU)

Flluid-3S: 28mph (US) / 45kmh (EU)


Up to 110 miles / 180 km

1 Removable Battery

1000 W


3 Amp Fast Charger

80% Charge in 4 hrs,

100% in 6 hrs

Aluminum Alloy

1m55 to 1m95

5'1" to 6'5"

The Brainchild of Two-Wheeled Vehicles Legend 

Erik Buell

Engineered by the FUELL team under the guidance of legendary Erik Buell, a founder, former Chairman, and CTO of the Buell Motorcycle Company Buell has created some of the most innovative and usable motorcycles. With the first-generation FUELL Flluid, he proved equally capable in creating an e-bike that exceeds expectations. His unparalleled expertise in two-wheeler engineering allows for the Flluid range to shine in the saturated world of e-bikes.

“The creation of the FUELL Flluid-2 & 3 e-bikes was a complex and demanding journey that took many years of research and development. We faced a lot of challenges on our way such as creating e-bikes that comfortably fit customers from 5’ tall all the way to 6’4” tall, packing 2,000 W of battery into the frame without getting it too massive, providing a “just right” balance of agility and confident handling to the riding experience, etc. I am proud to announce that we have successfully overcome all these challenges, developing e-bikes that meet the needs of today's urban commuters,” says Erik Buell, CTO and co-founder of FUELL.

“Many e-bike customers are coming from driving a car or motorcycle and are not current bicyclists.  This customer is looking for an e-bike that is simple and easy to use as their motor vehicle with a similar range.

The Flluid-2 and 3 were designed to fulfill this desire.  The combination of Valeo Cyclee’s internal gearbox with automatic shifting, the Gates Carbon Drive belt, huge battery capacity, and internal cable routing deliver this.  They do not need to worry about shifting or being in the right gear to pull away from a stop.  No need to lubricate or service a chain and derailleur, and no worry about getting dirt or grease from the chain on their clothes.  Enough battery range is not a concern, and a throttle to get them up a big hill or complete a ride for that occasion they need a little additional help.  An e-bike the rider gets on and just rides.” adds F-X Terny, CEO and co-founder of FUELL.


The first 50 units of Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 will be sold at a price of $3999 and $3699 respectively. As we exceed our targets, prices will be subject to change. To stay up-to-date with any potential price drops or special offers, please follow our official Indiegogo page.

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