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Discord hack steals Solana crypto from Fractal's in-game NFT channel subscribers

Twitch's co-founder Justin Kan apologized for the Discord hack (image: Fractal/Twitter)
Twitch's co-founder Justin Kan apologized for the Discord hack (image: Fractal/Twitter)
Using Discord's webhooks interface, hackers gained access to the official channel of the new Fractal marketplace for in-game NFT trading, established by Twitch's co-founder Justin Kan. Instead of a link to a promised NFT Airdrop giveaway, Fractal's Discord channel subscribers got a malicious one that was used to grant access to their Solana crypto wallets. Ultimately, 373 Discord subs clicked on it and connected their wallets to the anonymous scam account only to see their SOL holdings emptied in record time. Fractal promised to compensate their losses and thanked the hackers for the free publicity.

The official Discord channel of the new Fractal marketplace for game item NFTs got hacked to empty subscribers of Solana crypto holdings worth about US$150,000. Fractal's Discord server subs got sent a malicious link on Tuesday morning claiming to lead to a previously teased special NFT Airdrop giveaway. About 0.3% of the channel's 100,000 subscribers clicked on it and connected their wallets only to witness their Solana (SOL) cryptocurrency holdings transferred to the scammers' account. According to Tim Cotten on Medium, the exact value of the stolen crypto amounted to 862 SOL, or roughly US$154,590.

Last month, Discord Nitro subscribers started cancelling their accounts en masse when hints about potential deeper Discord integration with crypto payment and NFTs emerged. It seems that the Discord-goes-crypto backlash has been for a good reason, judging from yesterday's Fractal channel hacking news. According to the Grape Protocol, one of its "setup admin" accounts was taken over about a week ago, allowing the scammers to hack Discord's webhooks connections and gain access to channels like those of Fractal. Established by Twitch's co-founder Justin Kan, the new NFT marketplace aimed to become a hub for selling and trading in-game assets. Mr. Kan already apologized about the hack, while Fractal promised to compensate the scam victims and ultimately emerge stronger from the Discord hack ordeal.

  1. Fractal is planning to fully compensate these 373 victims. We will need a few days to work it out. Please be patient with us. To the victims: We already have the list of Solana wallets that sent funds to the hacker and so we do not need anything from you at this moment.
  2. Do not delete your wallet, as we have no way to verify who the wallet owners are outside of returning funds to the wallets that were drained.
  3. Any information related to our airdrop will be communicated through our Twitter and accompanied by a video from Justin. #ProofOfJustin
  4. We are in touch with Discord Trust and Safety team to do a full security audit of our Discord. It seems like there may be other Discord communities hacked around the same time as we and we are working with them to compare notes and track down the hacker. There are traces everywhere ser. NGMI.

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Daniel Zlatev, 2021-12-22 (Update: 2021-12-22)