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AerSale’s AerAware mixed reality system for Boeing 737NG pilots granted FAA authorization enhancing safety in poor flight conditions

The AerAware system gives pilots a clearer view through a mixed reality headset with a multispectral video feed. (Source: AerSale)
AerAware system gives pilots a better view ahead in poor flying conditions. (Source: AerSale)
The AerAware wearable heads-up display system from AerSale has been approved for use on Boeing 737NG jets by the FAA. A multispectral camera generates an enhanced view through clouds and darkness. This mixed reality headset allows pilots to fly and land with greater confidence and safety in poor conditions.

Pilots can now fly Boeing 737NG jets wearing a mixed reality headset as part of the AerAware system approved by the FAA. A multispectral camera that can see beyond the visible light range provides the enhanced video feed. This combination provides a heads-up view that is superior to natural vision in poor flying conditions.

Poor visibility is a major cause of flying accidents. One example is the 2020 helicopter crash killing basketball star Kobe Bryant due to thick clouds and heavy fog. While there are radar landing systems that work in zero visibility conditions, the ILS CAT IIIc system costs millions to install and operate.

The AerAware system consists of an EVS-5000 camera mounted on the front of the airplane. The EVS-5000 can see in low visibility flying conditions using 4 cameras and 6 sensors in the visible and infrared light range. The pilot sees a mixed reality view in the SkyLens Head Wearable Display covering a complete 180 degrees from side to side.

While the system cannot assist in the worst zero visibility flying conditions, AerAware gives the pilots a better view ahead during poor flight conditions. This allows pilots to safely land rather than bypass an airport and continue flying rather than cancelling or delaying flights.

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A SkyLens Head Wearable Display gives pilots a 180 degree mixed reality view. (Source: AerSale)
A SkyLens Head Wearable Display gives pilots a 180 degree mixed reality view. (Source: AerSale)
The EVS-5000 multispectral camera sees beyond visible light into the infrared. (Source: AerSale)
The EVS-5000 multispectral camera sees beyond visible light into the infrared. (Source: AerSale)

ECEMBER 6, 2023

AerSale® Receives Boeing 737NG Supplemental Type Certificate For Its Enhanced Flight Vision System "AerAware™"

Coral Gables, Florida - December 6, 2023 -- AerSale Corporation (NASDAQ: ASLE) (“AerSale”, the "Company"), a leading provider of aviation products and services, announced today that the FAA has issued AerSale a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for “AerAware™”, the Company’s revolutionary Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) for the Boeing B737NG product line[1]. This achievement marks the world's first commercial EFVS system[2] to achieve a 50% visual advantage (over unaided natural vision) and the first large transport aircraft to be certified with a complete dual-pilot EFVS solution featuring a Head-Wearable Display. AerSale developed the AerAware certification program under license with The Boeing Company, which included access to necessary technical services, maintenance, and engineering data.

The certification of AerAware is the result of a collaboration with Universal Avionics, an Elbit Systems company, which features the integration of ClearVisionTM technology developed by their team, including dual SkyLensTM Head-Wearable Displays and a state-of-the-art EVS-5000 multispectral camera providing heads-up capability to overcome low visibility – both day and night. AerAware incorporates Synthetic Vision and Enhanced Vision Systems along with Primary Flight Display symbology, resulting in a user-controlled Combined Vision System that substantially increases situational awareness during all phases of flight including low visibility operations.

Nicolas Finazzo, AerSale’s Chief Executive Officer, stated, "Today marks a milestone achievement for AerSale as we proudly announce the FAA’s issuance of a Supplemental Type Certificate for AerAware™. I am proud of our team and grateful to our partners and the FAA for their tireless effort to complete a comprehensive and robust certification process and bring AerAware to its commercialization phase.”

Finazzo added, “This achievement not only establishes AerAware as the world's first commercial EFVS system with a remarkable 50% visual advantage, but also puts the Company in a leadership position to provide this advanced technology to airlines operating the Boeing 737NG family of aircraft. The proposition to customers is compelling, as enhanced safety combined with improved efficiency lowers airline operating costs, while reducing system bottlenecks and advancing environmental initiatives.”

AerAware’s benefits include enhanced safety, reduced operating costs, better airline efficiency and environmental advantages. The system's core capability is its capacity to enhance safety and situational awareness during all phases of flight, and not just limited to low visibility weather conditions. Moreover, the AerAware EFVS system aligns with the FAA’s Next Generation Air Transportation System project as an operational improvement initiative related to improved approaches and low-visibility operations[1]. It is a key strategic aspect of the FAA’s Human Systems Integration Roadmap envisioned to achieve the transformation of the National Airspace System.

Key Features and Benefits of AerAware:

Enhanced Safety: With a 50% visual advantage, the AerAware EFVS substantially improves crew resource management and cockpit coordination, reducing the risk of accidents, runway incursions, tail strikes and hard landings in all conditions (not just those where visibility is limited) during all phases of flight. Additionally, AerAware greatly enhances flight crew situational awareness, which results in improved energy management during critical phases of flight.

Improved Efficiency: Pilots can confidently take off and land in limited visibility conditions, leading to fewer delays and cancellations - ultimately saving time and resources. Furthermore, the AerAware system provides dispatch and landing approach priority, as well as low visibility landing capability, regardless of the destination airport's infrastructure, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

Reduced Costs: AerAware minimizes the potential for delays, diversions, and cancellations, reducing the need for expensive alternate transportation/hotel arrangements and aircraft repositioning costs, ultimately benefiting both airlines and passengers. Additionally, a reduction in fuel burn is achieved when flights can avoid holding patterns while waiting for improved visibility to land.

Reduced Environmental Impact: Enhanced route efficiency during adverse weather contributes to lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions, aligning with the aviation industry's commitment to sustainability and ESG.

The newly certified AerAware system is available exclusively through AerSale and its business partner Universal Avionics, an Elbit Systems company. For more information on the AerAware system, please visit, email [email protected], or call 305-764-3200 to speak with an AerAware specialist.

View AerAware video:

About AerSale®

AerSale serves airlines operating large jets manufactured by Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas, Bombardier and Embraer. It is dedicated to providing integrated aftermarket services and products designed to help aircraft owners and operators realize significant savings in operating, maintaining, and monetizing their aircraft, engines, and components. AerSale's offerings include Aircraft & Component MRO, Aircraft and Engine Sales and Leasing, Used Serviceable Material Sales, and internally developed 'Engineered Solutions' to comply with regulatory mandates and to enhance aircraft performance and operating economics (e.g., AerSafe®, AerTrak®, and now AerAware™).

[1] FAA Supplemental Type Certificate, No. STC04576AT

[2] See FAA Operational Suitability Report (OSR) Revision 5, Appendix 4, dated October 19, 2023, applicable to the Elbit/Universal Avionics EFVS-5000 camera and the pending AerSale STC for the Boeing 737NG, at

[3] See National Airspace System Enterprise Architecture, Infrastructure Roadmaps, Human Systems Integration V17.0, dated February 2023 at

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