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Acer Aspire 5830TG-6402


Acer Aspire 5830TG-6402
Acer Aspire 5830TG-6402 (Aspire 5830 Series)
Intel Core i5-2410M 2 x 2.3 - 2.9 GHz, Sandy Bridge
Graphics adapter
15.60 inch 16:9, 1366 x 768 pixel, glossy: yes
2.5 kg ( = 88.19 oz / 5.51 pounds) ( = 0 oz / 0 pounds)
800 Euro



Average Score: 72% - average
Average of 5 scores (from 7 reviews)

Reviews for the Acer Aspire 5830TG-6402

Acer TimelineX AS5830 review
Source: Gadgetmix English version
Acer’s first generation Timeline notebooks appeared in 2009 heralded as inexpensive thin laptops with long battery lives. Thin, light, good battery life, middle-of-the-road performance, anyone who is taken by the sharp lines of the Acer TimelineX AS5830 could do worse.
Single Review, online available, Long, Date: 09/01/2011
60% Acer TimelineX AS5830TG-6402 review
Source: Engadget English version
We can't promise whether you'll love or loathe the TimelineX series' industrial, color-blocked design, but we'll say this much: this mid-range 15-inch laptop grew on us. We're finicky about our laptops (aren't we all?), and yet we quickly grew comfy with it nonetheless. It might not be the prettiest notebook on the shelf at Best Buy, but the sturdy keyboard and reliable trackpad alone make this a sensible choice.
Single Review, online available, Long, Date: 08/22/2011
Rating: Total score: 60%
70% Acer Aspire TimelineX AS5830TG-6402
Source: Techreview Source English version
The Acer Aspire TimelineX 5830TG-6402 combines an Intel Core i5 processor, Nvidia switchable graphics, and all day battery-life to make it a smart buy for any budget.
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 08/10/2011
Rating: Total score: 70%
70% Acer Aspire TimelineX 5830TG-6402
Source: PC Mag English version
With its $800 price tag and a combination of beauty and brains, the Acer Aspire TimelineX 5830TG-6402 is a smart buy for any budget. Its powerful processor, switchable graphics, and nearly 10-hour battery life are significant pluses, helping compensate for the absence of features like WiDi 2.0 and wireless broadband. If those features are deal breakers for you, try the Editors' Choice Lenovo IdeaPad V570-1066A9U.
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 08/08/2011
Rating: Total score: 70%
80% Acer Aspire TimelineX AS5830TG-6402 Review
Source: Laptop Mag English version
From its strong performance to its robust audio, the Acer Aspire TimelineX 5830TG is a great multimedia laptop that won't break the bank. We just wish this $799 notebook had a better touchpad and larger touchpad buttons. We slightly prefer the HP Pavilion dv6t, which costs $30 less, offers better graphics performance, and has a fingerprint reader. However, if you're looking for speed and powerful audio in a stylish package, the 5830T is well worth the money.
Single Review, online available, Long, Date: 08/01/2011
Rating: Total score: 80%
80% Acer Aspire TimelineX 5830TG
Source: PC World English version
Although the first boot experience is a software melee, the Acer TimelineX 5830TG-6402 is a looker that will cover just about anyone's performance needs. The overall result is top-notch, for less than top dollar. Users who don't game might opt for the $600 5830TG-6862, which is Core i3-based and lacks the Nvidia GPU. Performance enthusiasts, however, get no Core i7 option.
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 07/06/2011
Rating: Total score: 80%
Acer TimelineX AS5830TG-640 Review
Source: Slashgear English version
The TimelineX AS5830TG-640 may not be the fastest desktop replacement around, but as a combination of usable size – both of the decent display and well-proportioned keyboard – and portability it’s keenly priced. Acer’s motherlode of bloatware is an early blip, but get past that (with some judicious use of Windows 7's Remove Programs dialog) and you’ve a solid notebook at an affordable price.
Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: 06/30/2011


NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M: Entry level graphics card based on the new GF119 chip with a 64 Bit memory bus or on the GF108 with 128 Bit memory bus but lower clock rates. 

Non demanding games should be playable with these graphics cards.

» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Graphics Cards and the corresponding Benchmark List.


Dual-core processor based on the Sandy Bridge architecture with an integrated graphics card and dual-channel DDR3 memory controller. The CPU is clocked at 2.3 GHz (Turbo Boost 2.6-2.9 GHz) and the GPU at 650 (1200 MHz Turbo).

» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Processsors.


15-inch display variants are the standard and are used for more than half of all laptops.

The reason for the popularity of mid-sized displays is that this size is reasonably easy on the eyes, often allows high resolutions and thus offers rich details on the screen, yet does not consume too much power and the devices can still be reasonably compact - simply the standard compromise.

» To find out how fine a display is, see our DPI List.

Acer: In 1976, the company was founded in Taiwan under the name Multitech and was renamed Acer or Acer Group in 1987. The product range includes, for example, laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktops, monitors, TVs and computer peripherals. Since 2007, the group has merged with Gateway Inc. and Packard Bell, which also market their own laptop product lines.

Acer computers are designed for a variety of purposes, including ultrabooks for mobile use, gaming laptops for gamers, affordable options for everyday tasks, and 2-in-1 convertible laptops for versatility. Acer's product portfolio also includes tablets that offer portable computing and multimedia capabilities.

72%: This rating is poor. More than three quarters of the models are rated better. That is rather not a purchase recommendation. Even if verbal ratings in this area do not sound that bad ("sufficient" or "satisfactory"), they are usually euphemisms that disguise a classification as a below-average laptop.

» Further information can be found in our Notebook Purchase Guide.


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