Infant version of Cyanogen Mod ported to TouchPad

Infant version of Cyanogen Mod ported to TouchPad
Infant version of Cyanogen Mod ported to TouchPad
Cyanogen Mod installed on TouchPad; still in its preliminary stages
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The saga of HP’s TouchPad has been well documented, and at just $99 it currently resides on almost everyone’s wish list. Obviously the next step in returning the tablet to relevance is porting over Android, and thanks to the Cyanogen team we’re now one step closer.

In a video released by the group of developers, a TouchPad is shown off running an early build of Cyanogen’s Android ROM. The ROM, which is based on Gingerbread 2.3.5, is still in the earliest stages of development and currently lacks touchscreen support. Nonetheless, this is definitely a notable step in Android TouchPad development and the developer’s efforts are much appreciated and applauded.

The video was released in an attempt to generate publicity for the project, as the Cyanogen team is in need of TouchPad tablets in order to keep the project moving. Due to the sudden rush in demand for the tablet, the group has been unable to acquire the necessary devices and is hoping that do-gooders out there will come to the rescue.

Furthermore, porting Android over webOS seems to be a special undertaking, as the team is taking their time and plans to add multi-boot support for the ROM; all without chasing after any bounty. If this indeed occurs, then users may be able to boot into webOS, Android, and possibly even iOS or other environments.

Though the ROM is still in its Alpha stages, the stuff we’re hearing about Cyanogen Mod and webOS is very exciting and we sure hope they manage to get their hands on the necessary supplies of tablets. So if you’re one of those fellas that grabbed up 5 or 10 tablets and put them on eBay, then donating 1 probably won’t hurt and it might allow for easier sleeping at night.

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Omar Qudsi, 2011-08-30 (Update: 2012-05-26)