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CM7 TouchPad efforts progressing

Cyanogen Mod on TouchPad now has working Wi-Fi and accelerometer support

Slowly but surely, efforts to port Android over to HP’s TouchPad seem to be coming to a satisfactory conclusion. The Cyanogen Team got things started with their original port, and after the TouchDroid project sorted out some non-functioning touchscreen drivers, the team is back at it with another update.

In a YouTube video posted by the developers, CM7 is seen running smoothly on the TouchPad, and functioning Wi-Fi, sound and accelerometer support are all displayed. Google’s Android Market is also seen working, but it does appear distorted on the 9.7” display. Unfortunately, the YouTube Android app doesn't seem to be playing nice, but the browser manages to make up for it by running videos quite smoothly.

While much progress has been made with the latest update, there still remains a good amount of work to be done before any public release. One of the issues was that sound was only working on a single-core, but that appears to have been remedied according to a subsequent Twitter update. However, the biggest problem is probably overall smoothness, as the ROM manages just a 2100 Quadrant benchmark score, which is pretty low compared to other dual-core tablets.

In any case, any progress is a good sign and we have high hopes for the future of Android on the TouchPad. In addition, a tip of the hat is definitely deserved by the Cyanogen team, as they announced that any bounties received would be donated to charity. 


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Omar Qudsi, 2011-09-18 (Update: 2021-05-18)