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Cyanogen brings ICS to the Touchpad

Ice Cream Sandwich is now released for the HP touchpad by the CyanogenMod team, however doesn’t support video acceleration and camera

The HP TouchPad which was earlier shipped with the WebOS has now been transformed into Ice Cream Sandwich device with the help of some Hackers. Until now Android 2.3 Gingerbread was available for the tablet.

This latest Android 4.0 update is released by CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 for the TouchPad. This update includes Google’s new user interface which is optimized for the tablet without any physical button. It is even a good fit for the tablet as it doesn’t have the home back and menu buttons.

Along with it also has got some drawbacks installing it to the tablet as the camera doesn’t work and it may never work. There’s no hardware video acceleration, which means HD YouTube videos won’t play and neither will Netflix work. The microphone doesn’t work and the audio is also a bit glitchy.

The titanium back up also doesn’t work and many applications are not shown on the Android market.

With all those problems if you are ready to install the Ice Cream Sandwich to your tablet then you need to follow the following steps. These steps are only for those devices which have only the WebOS as their OS.

ü  Download the latest Java version to your PC and install.

ü  Download the code of the Palm Novacom driver on your computer and then install.

ü  Download the files for

§  ACMEInstaller2,

§  Update-cm-9.0.0-RC0-alpha0-Touchpad-fullofbugs. zip,

§, and

§ which are available in RootzWiki forum

§  Also download gApps for CyanogenMod 9 which is available at this link.

ü  Copy the ACMEInstaller2 to the same directory as your Novacom files.

ü  Connect the HP TouchPad to the computer and enable USB mass storage mode.

ü  Open the file explorer on your computer and navigate to your TouchPad. Create a folder named “cminstall” without quotes, and copy the following without unzipping.




§  gApps 4.0.3

ü  Reboot your TouchPad

§  Tap home which brings up a list of applications.

§  Navigate to the settings.

§  Choose device info.

§  Select red Reset Options button.

§  Then tap restart option.

ü  Press and hold the volume button when the screen goes dark and press it until you see a big USB icon on your screen.  The installation process will start wait till it ends.

ü  After the installation process follow the instructions below

o   Go to start menu on your PC.

o   Type cmd in the search box

o   In the command prompt type cd: \ this will let you enter the root directory.

o   Navigate to the Novacom directory.

ü  Run the installer by entering novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2

After this you should be able to see lines of text run across your screen. After everything is done you should boot into Moboot. Now you can choose to reboot to webOS by using up and down volume keys to navigate.


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2012-01-21 (Update: 2012-05-26)