Asus C90S


Asus C90SNotebook: Asus C90S
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (Desktop) E6600
Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT 512 MB
Display: 15.4 inch, 16:10, 1680x1050 pixels, glossy: yes
Weight: 3.16kg
Price: 1400 euro
Average Score: 83.33% - good
Average of 3 scores (from 8 reviews)
price: 80%, performance: 72%, features: 83%, display: 81% mobility: 38%, workmanship: 70%, ergonomy: 43%, emissions: 50%

Reviews for the Asus C90S

Review Asus C90S (AK001C) Power-Notebook | Notebookcheck
The Asus C90S is a portable 15.4" high performance notebook with desktop CPU, overclocking functionality and a fair price tag. To find out more about the downsides, consult our comprehensive test.
Asus C90S Laptop Barebones review
Source: Techspot English
The Asus C90S is an impressive laptop and a very interesting concept with a number of unique features that could have made for a formidable contender. Unfortunately, despite the very nature of the C90S being a barebones or "whitebook" system, it will hardly accommodate every need as a desktop replacement notebook. Depending on how you plan to use the C90S, business oriented users will enjoy the option of extreme processing power when paired with a high-end Core 2 Duo processor.
Ausstattung gut, Preis gut, Leistung gut
Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: 05/16/2008
Rating: price: 80% performance: 80% features: 80%
ASUS C90S Whitebook
Source: Hot Hardware English
First and foremost, the LCD screen that comes with the C90S is one of the strongest features of this laptop, with a clear, glassy look that is simply a pleasure to work with.  The keyboard has a nice fit with plenty of room to rest your hands, while the touch pad is positioned so that your thumbs don't accidentally touch the pad while typing.  Unfortunately, one issue that caused some discomfort was a fair amount of heat build up under the left hand area, stemming from the hard drive.  At times, it got downright hot, which also seeped over to the touch pad area as well.  The finger print reader was a useful feature that worked as promised with simple configuration options, which brings us to the speakers.  Even at full volume, the speakers were difficult to hear, lacking in power while their positioning doesn't direct the sound to the listener's ears.
Display ausgezeichnet, Ausstattung gut, Emissionen mangelhaft, Leistung mangelhaft
Single Review, online available, Long, Date: 12/04/2007
Rating: performance: 50% features: 80% display: 95% emissions: 50%
70% Asus C90S
Source: Laptop Mag English
This versatile gaming notebook is user-upgradable and can be easily over-clocked for added performance.
Part of the Asus family of customizable notebooks, the C90S can hardly be considered a bare-bones system. This full-featured gaming laptop lets users easily upgrade vital hardware such as the CPU and graphics card, as well as other components. The idea behind Asus' Barebone notebook line is to enable users to update components that were previously considered non-upgradable. Our configuration didn't provide much in the way of 3D muscle, but we were generally pleased with its performance and liked the concept behind this system. Priced at $1,499, our C90S review unit arrived in a piano-black chassis sporting an embedded wave-type pattern, similar to HP's latest designs. The system measures 14.4 x 10.6 x 1.4 inches and weighs in at a hefty 7.9 pounds. Protruding from the rear of the notebook is an enclosure housing four fans, two USB ports, and a power jack.
3.5 von 5, Leistung mangelhaft, Display gut, Mobilität schlecht
Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: 10/09/2007
Rating: Total score: 70% performance: 50% display: 80% mobility: 40%

Foreign Reviews

ASUS C90S AK037C E6600
Source: Notebookjournal German DE→EN
Single Review, , Length Unknown, Date: 04/23/2008
Rating: price: 80% performance: 80% features: 100% display: 80% mobility: 40% workmanship: 80% ergonomy: 60% emissions: 40%
Test Asus C90S (AK001C) Power-Notebook
Source: Notebookcheck German DE→EN
Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: 12/29/2007
Rating: performance: 60% display: 80% mobility: 40% ergonomy: 40% emissions: 30%
Desktop-Ersatz mit Desktop-Prozessor
Source: Notebook / Organizer / Handy - 1-2/08 German
Single Review, , Length Unknown, Date: 12/12/2007
Rating: price: 80% performance: 95% mobility: 40% emissions: 90%
90% Asus C90S-AK001C - 8600M-GT
Source: Notebookjournal German DE→EN
Single Review, online available, Long, Date: 08/24/2007
Rating: Total score: 90% performance: 70% features: 70% display: 70% mobility: 30% workmanship: 60% ergonomy: 30% emissions: 40%
90% Recensione Asus C90S (overcloccabile)
Source: Notebook Italia Italian IT→EN
User Review, online available, Medium, Date: 10/05/2007
Rating: Total score: 90% performance: 90%


NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT: The NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT is the DirectX 10 capable successor of the GeForce Go 7600 GT GPU for laptops. Depending on the used graphic memory and the clock speed,  the performance is between the 7600 GT and 7900 GS video card.

Non demanding games should be playable with these graphics cards.

» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Graphics Cards and the corresponding Benchmark List.

E6600: » Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Processsors.

15.4": 15 inch display-variants are the standard and are used for more than the half of all notebooks. 15.4 inch display with 16:10 are the standard for notebook displays. Nowadays, more and more 16:9 displays with 15.6 inch appear. The reason why so many people like displays with medium size is, that this size is not exhausting for the eyes, does not need too much energy and the laptops can be kept quite compact.» To find out how fine a display is, see our DPI List.

3.16 kg: This weight is average for notebooks. Therefore the numerous mass of laptops with 15 inch display fits in this class of weight.

Asus: ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated, a Taiwanese multinational company, produces motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives, PDAs, computer monitors, notebook computers, servers, networking products, mobile phones, computer cases, computer components, and computer cooling systems. The company's 2007 revenues reached US$6.9 billion. ASUS also produces components for other manufacturers. The Eee PC initiated the netbook boom in 2008.

Asus reviews

83.33%: This rating should be considered to be average. This is because the proportion of notebooks which have a higher rating is approximately equal to the proportion which have a lower rating.

» Further information can be found in our Notebook Purchase Guide.

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» Dell Vostro 1700
Core 2 Duo T7100, 17.1", 3.5 kg


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Asus C90S
Asus C90S
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